Heartbeat of Absolute

Chapter 9

Jack closed the book he was reading and exhaled in disappointment when his vision was greeted by Reid's closed eyelids.

'I am sure, Uncle Spencer would have loved it and that was his favorite book." Morgan said as he walked in with Hotch closely beside him.

However, Hotch realized the discomfort in Jack's face. "What's wrong, buddy?"

Jack hesitated for a moment before he opened his mouth. "Uncle Spencer didn't move even an inch the whole time I was reading to him."

"Buddy," Hotch spoke in a soft voice. "Uncle Spencer is a little hurt and his body is taking all the rest it can so that he can recover quickly."

"What if he doesn't wake up at all?" The little boy asked, with his face down.

Hotch opened his mouth to say something, however, he kept quiet. He was still unable to grasp the real impact of Reid's condition on Jack.

"Come here, Jack." Morgan stretched his hands to Jack.

Hotch raised his eyebrows in confusion not knowing what was his fellow agent was up to, however, he remained silent as he has strong faith in Morgan.

Morgan quickly took the boy around his hip and walked to the other side of Reid's bed. Morgan dropped Jack carefully beside Reid. Still holding Jack safely around his left arm, Morgan with his right hand, gently pulled down Reid's hospital gown from the neck, revealing his chest, half pale and half bandaged. Carefully, Morgan guided Jack to lie as Jack's ear on Reid's chest.

"Tell me what you hear." Morgan said.

With his ear to Reid's chest, Jack looked at Morgan. "Heartbeat." The boy answered.

"Is it a strong one?" Morgan asked again.

Jack continued to hear Reid's heartbeat for another one moment before he replied. "It is."

"Then, I'm that Uncle Spencer is going to be just fine."

"Wake up soon, Uncle Spencer." Jack said before he bend down and kissed Reid's cheek.

Hotch's heart almost melted watching the scene in front of him. Deep down, Hotch knew Jack has a long way to go before he can bounce back to his normal life. Hotch also knew somehow Reid's condition brought back Jack's worst nightmare, Haley's death.

Morgan picked the boy up and lowered him down to the ground. He looked back to his boss. "I grew up with three women in my life. I know a couple of things."

"Thanks, Morgan." Hotch said genuinely.

"And I thought I was early."

Both Hotch and Morgan turned around saw Rossi standing at the door.

"Hi, Uncle Dave." Jack waved, standing beside his father.

"Hi, tough guy." Rossi smiled before he tossed the paper bag he was holding to Morgan.

Morgan caught it in time and by the smell he knew. "Breakfast." Morgan mumbled. "You're the best, Rossi."

"Tell me something I didn't know."

Morgan chuckled before he went backwards and crashed lazily on the couch before he took a bite of the homemade sandwich.

"I just realized that I didn't thank you for what you did." Hotch said, looking at Rossi.

Rossi asked. "What for?"

"You took the lead of the situation, handled it better …"

Rossi stopped before Hotch could continue. "We all have our tough moments, Aaron. God knows how it would have been if it was my daughter there. So, let's just hope everything just turns up well."

"Yeah." Hotch whispered. "We're going to head out. Jack hasn't had his breakfast yet."

"Oh, there's a good Italian restaurant opposite the street." Rossi suggested.

Jack gripped his father's hand. "I don't want to go any shop."

"It's okay, Buddy." Hotch reassured his son. "We're going to just go home, okay? Jessica said she is going to cook your favorites."

Hotch nodded towards his team members before he walked out the room.

Rossi exhaled. "It's going to take some time for Jack. How's our kid doing?" Rossi asked as he walked closer to Reid's bed.

"He's breathing on his own, his vitals are strong. He's going to be okay."

"He better be." Rossi said before he looked at Reid. "Hey, kiddo." Rossi whispered as he gently touched Reid's hand.

"How come the room doesn't have Garcia's touch, yet?"

Morgan chuckled again. "She's shopping."

"Still?" Rossi asked, surprised.

"You don't want to know that."

Reid blinked his eyes a few times to avoid the blurry vision. He didn't know if he should be happy about owning eidetic memory. All that had happened flooded his memory and inch by inch he remembered everything.

"Babygirl." Morgan's voice brought Reid's out his thoughts.

Reid moved his head slightly and looked at the best friends. Both were standing with their back facing Reid.

"We already have too much balloons on the wall, one more and I pretty sure the management is going to sue us." Morgan continued as he stood on a chair.

Reid rolled his eyes around the room and it hardly looked like a hospital room. If it isn't for the machines and nurses passing by outside, Reid would have thought he's been in some fancy room.

His lips curved in a smile when he thought about the care and love his friends showering on him.

"Well, I don't care, and besides…" Garcia turned and dropped all the decorative items she was having in her arms when she saw Reid's brown eyes staring at her.

"Reid!" Garcia squeaked in high pitch.

Reid smiled when he saw Morgan almost tripped of the chair by Garcia's sudden outburst.

Before even Reid could register anything, Garcia was right beside him, holding his hand.

Reid tried to gather all the energy possible to open his mouth, to address his friends, but he felt as if he had swallowed sand.

"Take it easy, Kid." Morgan gently touched Reid's shoulders. "That includes talking as well, they just took out the ventilator today, so don't force yourself."

"Here, take a few sips." Garcia said as she brought the glass of water with straw near his mouth.

Reid took few sips and moaned in relief as the cold water chilled his dried throat.

"It's going to take some time, but you're going to be okay, Reid." Garcia smiled in relief as tears of joy rolled her cheeks.

Gathering all the strength available to him, Reid raised his unharmed hand and wiped her tears off.

Garcia quickly held Reid's hand, afraid if Reid had any energy left to bring his hand back down beside him. She placed his hand back on the bed before she pulled the blanket up to his chest.

Pressing a kiss to Reid's forehead, Garcia whispered softly, "We will always be there for you."

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