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3 Princes. 1 knight. “Indeed. Sword fighting is his area of expertise and I haven’t seen anyone who can compete with him as equals.” Vengeance based off Snow White With The Red Hair The Third Prince of Clarines , Taehyung is in need of an assistant to guide him till Tanbarun for a 'peace negotiation' and with his two close aides in training for their winter mission, he decides to watch a match to select an accomplice. However due to an unexpected turn of events , a relatively young woman enters the bout and reigns supreme, and needless to say , Taehyung is charmed.

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1 : Masked Warrior

“Yes, brother. I have decided to go to Tanbarun and mediate peace”

“oh, is that so? I suppose I cannot possibly stop my beloved brother from doing so now, can I?”

The Royal Family of Clarines has three Princes;

The First Prince, Seokjin

The Second Prince, Namjoon

and The Third Prince, Taehyung.

“That being said, it would be safer to have a guard sent to protect you en route. I’ve heard that there are a group of mysterious men harming the aristocrats and those of a noble or a royal lineage.” The Second Prince, Kim Namjoon added, his expression as if to tease his younger brother. Prince Taehyung’s expression stiffened.

Prince Namjoon got off the couch and headed towards Prince Taehyung and looked him in the eye, a smirk dancing on his lips “I suppose that is the reason why you’re going to Tanbarun.”


“So we’ve been found out huh? As expected from Prince Namjoon.” One of Prince Taehyungs close aides, Hoseok said on the way to the office.

“But well, it isn’t like we ever fooled him- thats a wrong way to put it,, it isn’t like we have ever gotten Prince Namjoon to take our lies.” He continued.

“But even so, the Prince allowed us to go.” Another one of Prince Taehyungs close aides, Jimin added.

“Yes. However, haven’t the two of you got training for your winter mission in Lyrias soon?” He asked. The two nodded. “Does that mean we can’t accompany you to your secret mission en route Tanbarun?” Jimin asked and Taehyung nodded. “Yes. So I’ll be asking another Knight to escort me.”

“Thats great, I have overheard some guards talking about a match that is going to be held at afternoon today, how about you choose your pick from there?” Hoseok suggested and Taehyung made a face as if taking his suggestion into consideration.

“I guess I have no problems in doing so.”


“Baron Mendel, Prince Taehyung has decided to pick an assistant from the bout today.”

Baron Mendel sighed, “Does that mean Prince Namjoon is already aware of Prince Taehyung’s plans to fight the bandits?” He questioned the messenger and the messenger replied, “I suppose so, Your Lordship. Prince Taehyung has also added that you join him and accompany him while he observes the bout.”

“hm. alright.”


“Baron Mendel,” Prince Taehyung called out as soon as he had caught sight of the said person. “Good afternoon Your Highness. May fortune and prosperity always shine upon the Kingdom of Clarines ” Baron Mendel greeted with his right hand over his left chest with his torso bending a little, His head bowing and performing the standard way of greeting to the royals.

“Thank you. Why are you lingering about over here? The match is going to start soon. Hoseok and Jimin are going to be the last opponents.” Prince Taehyung said, gesturing for Baron Mendel to follow him towards the middle of the observation area.

“Hoseok and Jimin? I thought they had a mission in Lyrias while you were going to head to Tanbarun.”

“Yes, they are going to have a sparring battle with the potential assistants. However they aren’t going to participate.” He said as he took a seat on the prepared couch. “Oh is that so? Hoseok and Jimin are very strong Knights, perhaps the strongest Knights I know, they won’t lose easily.” Baron Mendel said with a hint of triumph, “afterall, it is I who trained them.” he added. Prince Taehyung chuckled. “They’re great Knights and I think I know that the best.”

The match had started and several knights were put up against eachother while Hoseok and Jimin watched from the sidelines.

Baron Mendel noticed that most of the contestants were being eliminated and Prince Taehyung still hadn’t seemed to have any person on his mind.

“Prince T-” The Lord had stopped talking, stumbling over his words. “Where did the Prince go?!” He questioned partly surprised and partly worried. Prince Taehyung always does the most surprising things.

“My Lord, The Prince jumped down the observation area to the commoner area.” A knight reported, his fingers pointing down towards the sea of people.

“The Prince?! In that pla-”

The Knight warily told the Baron to keep quiet, putting a finger on his lips. “The Prince told us to stay quiet, he went down in a disguise.”

Baron Mendel fell back on his seat, a huff of breath escaping his mouth. “I’ve watched the Prince from such a young age and he grow up to be such a mischievous young lad.” Although it was supposed to sound worried, anybody who heard could have easily made out the doting tone underneath.


“psst. Hoseok, Jimin!” The Prince whisper-shouted.

Hoseok was too immersed in the game that he hadn’t noticed the silhouette lurking behind him but Jimin certainly did.

“Tae?! why are you here?” Jimin replied in the same manner.

“I need you two to come with me.” He said, being careful so that no one hears him. He heads inside the room, Jimin sighing and following suit but not before smacking Hoseok on the arms asking him to do the same.

“what is this? why are you here? Lord Mendel is going to tell us off.” Hoseok said and Prince Taehyung giggled. “Can I go out instead of one of you. You can just say my name is the ‘masked warrior’ and put in an excuse that one of you has fallen ill.”

“who would believe such a lie-”


“...” Hoseok stared at Taehyung before sighing, “fine, but just this once, okay?”

a/n -This story is one i’ve been thinking of for a long time now ever since i watched akagami no shirayuki hime (i recommend it uwu)

just for further clarification.

Clarines is the country where the princes live. Lyrias is a Northern city in the Clarines. In the anime its stated that its a place where many scholars study/train/work but in this story its a place where many respected soldiers/knights are trained by an academy of many skilled trainers. (of course it also has learned scholars too but i’m putting more emphasis on the combat training part)

Tanbarun is a different country~

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