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Why Do I Love You?

By Crystallinee

Sweet Sin

A/N: Well, this is probably the dirtiest fic I've ever written. xD *hides blushing*Lots of smut but also angsty, lovingly, actually having a plot. Enjoy!

Pairings: ItaSasu

Warnings: boyxboy, incest, graphic things, SMUT - You have been warned! xD

We always used to be so close. Just you and me, together forever.I don't really know what happened, brother, but all I know that we're so far apart now.

I thought it always would be the two of us. But something happened...

3 Months Before

Closed eyes and heavy breathing… moans and gasps, mixed together in a heavenly symphony of sounds.

"Make me scream."

A smirk. Sasuke was flipped over and he rocked his hips forward, tried to impale himself even further on that stiff member. He rocked their bodies close together, bent down to lick at his brother's lips, connecting them with strings of saliva.

Hands wandering down his body, digging into his slit and gripping his ass cheeks, and he shut his eyes tightly as he came, moaning and screaming loudly.


"Move, Sasuke…" Sasuke did as told, blinded by the sensations of his repeatedly abused prostate. "Mhmmm…"

Itachi kept his grip around his ass and made him move even faster. Sasuke loved the feeling of his dick, deeper, deeper into him. The pleasure made them delirious.

When they were finished, he collapsed on top of Itachi but didn't slide off his cock.

"Get out from here, fuckers, I'm going to…" Hidan opened the door and shoved them aside from the big bed, dragging some random guy with him. Probably a guy, Sasuke didn't see anything in the darkness of the room.

He felt Itachi's strong arms lift him from the bed and they began put on their clothes again. He gripped his brother's still huge erection as they did it, not satisfied yet.

Itachi groaned and gripped his body tightly, grounded their groins together. "Sasuke..."The younger teen wrapped his arms around the elder's neck and moaned into his mouth. Itachi spun them around and pinned Sasuke against the wall as he thrust into him again, enjoying the feeling of his cock being swallowed completely into that tight heat.

Mhmm, Nii-san is making me and only me feel good. No one else.

Itachi pounded his brother against the solid wall, gripping his hips hardly enough to leave bruises, ignoring the moans and whimpers from the bed in the same room.

"Nii-sahhnnnn…" Sasuke moaned loudly and let himself be completed in the sweetest of ways. Itachi was sweaty, the hardness between his legs trobbing, he couldn't get enough. He reached one hand in front of his brother, gripping Sasuke's strained cock and pumped frantically, made the younger cry out in pleasure and trash his hips forward.

Itachi milked his brother of his seed, licking it of his fingers greedily as he continued to thrust into Sasuke, hitting the spot that made the both of them go crazy. Finally, with a loud grunt, he cummed in Sasuke's ass and rested his body against him, panting.


Sasuke made his way up from the cellar into the heated bar room. All visitors, of both genders, was staring at him yearningly. Three girls advanced on him. "Hey, hottie. Wanna come with us?" They tried their best to blow his mind with their daring clothes. He didn't care about them right now, he walked past them as fast as he could with his sore bottom.

The Uchiha made his way over to the desk, catching the bartender's eye and ordered the most alcohol-filled drink he could think of. While he waited, he could hear some men whisper:

"Look at that ass….I'm sure he's good…"

"He's a really naughty boy, they say", some girls giggled, examining him.

The sixteen-year-old boy knew how attractive he was. Sasuke knew that he was the main part in everybody's wet dreams, in their screwing fantasies. Including his nii-san's...

Althoug, it was only Itachi's body he craved for. Only Itachi he really enjoyed being with.

When he got his drink, he poured it into his mouth thirstily, noticing the hungry stares from the people around him. He knew that even heterosexual men wanted him. Everybody wanted him, but he only wanted his brother.

Where was Itachi? He said that he would be right back…

Sasuke ordered another drink and felt how his head slowly began to spin as he emptied the bottles whole. But it was only his second drink tonight….or was it his third?

When somebody touched his ass, he didn't slap that person in his face as he used to do. Instead he pushed further, moaned needily and began to grind his hips against a eager, clothed erection.

He didn't even saw the people around him anymore. He reached out for his drink when a strong arm suddenly pulled him away from the one molesting him.

"Sasuke!" a familiar voice hissed. "Your little whore, what are you doing? Are you drunk?"

"Nii-saan…" Sasuke pressed himself to Itachi, ground their erections tightly together.

The elder suppressed a moan, stopped him. "I said, what are you doing?"

Sasuke slurred something that he himself wasn't even able to hear. Everything was just a blur, he couldn't see straight. He heard Itachi growl to the person who had molested him.

"…And if you dare to touch my brother again, I'll kill you!"

"Nii-saaan *hic*…"

Somebody laughed. "Look at that boy! It just makes me want to fuck him senseless…"

Itachi dragged his younger brother into a corner, away from the others.

"Sasuke", he growled. "Why…"

"Nii-san.." Sasuke attached himself to his older brother, humping his leg and whining needily.

"I'm horny…Itachi… take me!"

He knew it would be enough. Itachi crushed their lips together, kissed him as he held him against him possessively.

"Nnggh…Itachi…come on, fuck me right now! Touch me!"

The elder slapped Sasuke's face lightly and looked at him. "Stop being a slut, I mean it. I just care about you, Sasuke. "

And Itachi attacked his brother's throat, began lapping and biting and sucking, accompanied by Sasuke's moans. Itachi pulled him to the floor, ignoring that the people around stared at them. It only made them more horny, they loved to fuck in public. He straddled his little brother and mumbled:

"You make me go crazy, Sasuke."

He pulled up the younger's shirt and began sucking on his hardened nipples, earning eager whimpers from his brother. After a while, he slid his hand under the fabric in Sasuke's pants and wrapped his hand around something hard and wet. The younger teen was soon turned into a puddle of moaning and whimpering.

"Don't be impatient", Itachi told him. He began to pull firmly on his aroused penis, made Sasuke arch his back and shut his eyes close. Soon he felt his brother's hot tongue lick it, slip into the slit a couple of times, and tease the head with swirling motions.

Sasuke moaned loudly, felt his whole body tense and he let out a shaky moan. He released his seed in Itachi's hand, receiving a pleasured smirk from his brother. Itachi licked his softening member clean, swallowing all of his juices.

He looked at Sasuke's face. His face, flushed and heated with pleasure, was so beautiful. It made Itachi want to fuck him breathless… again. He would go mad if he didn't get to feel his brother's walls clenching around him again soon… The thought was making his dick throb with eagerness.

He placed his hands on each side of his brother's cheeks, kissing his mouth over and over again. Sasuke tasted salty cum and sour alcohol. Itachi was so horny now that it felt like his cock was going to explode.

Sasuke was barely conscious by now, sleepy from the orgasm and moreover, dead-drunk. Probably he wouldn't even feel this… Itachi zipped up his trousers, freed his erection from his clothes and entered Sasuke. He grunted and began to thrust into his brother, setting up a fast and hard rhythm.

Sasuke's head moved from side and he whimpered from pleasure. Itachi bent down and hugged him tightly, kissed the sleeping body as he continued to make love to him.

"I love you so much. You're mine. Only mine." And he bit down on Sasuke's already bruised neck and marked him again.


Sasuke woke up slowly, with aching head and infected mouth. It took a great deal of effort to open his eyes, and he realized that he was lying on their messy bed sheets, only dressed in a large shirt, probably Itachi's. Their room looked like always – messy and dark.

He slowly sat up, the world spinning in his head. A strong hand supported his back and a low voice hissed: "Are you trying to get yourself killed before you even are a major? How many liters did you drink?"

"I don't... know", Sasuke muttred, clutching his head in his hands, hungover to the extent that he thought he would die. His stomach suddenly turned inside out and he leaned over, vomiting all over the bed.

He heard Itachi growl. "Sasuke..."

The younger Uchiha was just lying there in the mess, having migraine and being unable to move. Although Itachi was angry he lifted his brother up in his arms and carried his limp body to the bathroom.

He stripped Sasuke of the shirt and put him carefully down in the bathtub, pouring water to a bath. Sasuke's head fell back against the edge of the bathtub, on the verge of passing out.

Itachi kneeled beside him, his voice was softer now. "How do you feel Sasuke? Are you thirsty?"

The teen nodded. Itachi got him a glass of water and Sasuke gratefully sipped at the cold liquid. He perked up a bit, noticing the red and purple bite-marks all over his pale arms, chest and neck. Itachi had marked him as his.

The sour, disgusting smell of his vomit was over his whole body but the elder didn't say anything as he cleaned his little brother. Sasuke felt that his presence was comforting. When Itachi helped him up from the bathtub, he collapsed in his brother's arms.

Itachi gripped his arms to support him and helped him to stand up. He held Sasuke some inches away from himself and examined him.

"Sasuke", he said, looking at his messy brother displeased. "You can't keep this behavior up."

"What? You used to do the same", the younger complained, his forehead wrinkled from his heavy headache.

"Stay in bed the next days", Itachi ordered. "I didn't take you out drinking with my friends just so you would end up like this."

"Hey, they're my friends too!" Sasuke protested, but placed a hand over his mouth when the nausea became to much again. Itachi let go of him and he leaned over the toilet, throwing up his insides.


This was really boring. Sasuke yawned and made his way over to the kitchen to find something to eat. He had been banished to this messy apartment ever since his 'drunk night' and wasn't allowed to leave for a while. Only God knew where Itachi was. The elder was probably out with his or working undercover.

And here was Sasuke, the sixteen-year-old who dropped off school years ago and moved with his brother to this outskirt of town. Sometimes Sasuke really hated this life.

Itachi had told him one day, three or four years ago, that he was going to escape from their parents. He had said that Sasuke could come with him if he wanted to. But the younger would have to choose – follow Itachi and leave their parents behind or stay with them without his brother. Sasuke never asked why Itachi wanted to escape from them but chose to leave them as well and come with his brother. He didn't want a life without Itachi.

And now he was here, wondering what his life was leading to, what it would end up like. He couldn't go back.

When Itachi entered their apartment, the first thing he heard was a moan. Curious, he made his way over to their room and looked in through the open door.

Sasuke was lying on their bed, only wearing an unbuttoned shirt that was about to slide off his shoulders. He was moaning and gasping, grabbing his erect member firmly. It stood proudly, and he hissed as he pumped it faster and faster, his back arching from the bed.

"Mhhhh...ahh..Itachi..I'm-I'm coming-" he gasped.

Itachi smirked, turned on by this. He reached down and unzipped his pants.

"Oh..mhh..yeah...Itachi!" Sasuke's mouth opened, his eyes shut close as he reached completion, calling the name of his lover. The cum spurted from his member, splattered on his stomach and chin. Itachi found this to be so erotic. A second later, he was over his panting little brother, taking of his own clothes.

"Itachi?" Sasuke opened his eyes, shocked. Itachi caressed his brother's skin, which now was healed and flawless again. Begging to be marked by his teeth and no one elses...

He soon was pinned down at the sheets, filled with the heat from his brother. Itachi groaned as he sat up, letting Sasuke sit in his lap as the younger bounced up and down.


"Mhh..Itaachi." Sasuke gripped his own cock, rubbing it fast in time with the own slams from his brother.


"Sasuke, ahh..." Itachi thrust his hips upwards hard and fast, holding Sasuke's hips still.


Itachi pounded even harder, giving his brother a earthshaking good orgasm that made Sasuke's scream echo through the walls.


"Mhhh!" Itachi grunted loud and filled Sasuke's passage with his seed. They panted heavily, resting their sweaty foreheads together.


To Be Continued

Well... what do you think?

If you like it, let me know. Thank you for reading!

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