🧸 The Bad Boy’s Gift 🧸


Jungkook meets Taehyung finding out his life is worse than his own. Can Jungkook be the one person he can count on or will he push him away? Jeon Jungkook has never been worried about other people's lives because he has his own problems at home. That is until he meets Kim Taehyung an anorexic teen who goes to his school and has the same problems. ⚠Warning⚠ Top⬆Kook Bottom⬇Tae Boyxboy Depression Anorexia Self harm

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

"Aish jungkook when are we going to smoke I'm tired of being in this stupid ass school" yoongi whined. "Will you shut up already you know damn well were waiting for hobi" jungkook stays annoyed at the older. "He usually doesn't take this long" yoongi turns around to see a certain purple haired boy walking towards them. "Sorry I took so long, ready to go?" Hoseok says standing next to a silent jungkook. "Its fine let's go".

They went in front of the school clearly not caring if they were caught. They were quietly smoking until yoongi spoke up. "Woah kook look at that boy, he's so, small" yoongi says staring at a very slim white haired boy. Jungkook, for once in his life looked at the boy and felt something inside him tingle.

He just ignored it thinking he might be hungry. "Holy shi-". "Do you ever have a clean mouth" hoseok argued. "Uh..no, jungkook how are you not fazed by it look how small he is, he's like a twig" yoongi exclaimed. "Why do I care it's not my body or problem," jungkook says walking with the two to eat lunch.

"Taehyung I know your nervous but at least try to cheer up, why don't you spend the night at mines tonight" jimin brightly smiled. "Thanks jiminie I needed some motivation and I will gladly take that offer, it been a lot rougher at home lately," taehyung says forcing a smile.

"Tae why don't you just call the police or run away you know ill hide you" jimin frowns. "I don't want you all in my family's big mess it's just a little complicated" taehyung sighs. "I was in your family mess since I decided to be your friend, you don't need to be there, especially in your body state" jimin almost cries looking at his best friends body.

"I love you jiminie I really do for looking after me but I'm fine, l-lets just go e-eat l-lunch" the young horribly stuttering trying not to cry knowing jimin is right.

Jungkook, yoongi, and hoseok sat at their normal table during lunch, a circular table near one of the many windows.

Jungkook got up to get water. Jimin and taehyung quickly grabbed their lunch and went to sit down only for a brown haired girl to trip the younger making him fall right into the older making the water spill all over his jacket.

The girl laughed and all the commotion made the whole cafeteria turn their way. The young boy had fallen into jungkook's chest instantly flushing pink.

"I-im s-so s-sorry I d-didn't mean t-to" taehyung stuttered backing away from jungkook who was fazed by the younger beauty. "Its fine it wasn't your fault" the older turns to the girl and grabs her by her hair pulling her to the ground. "A-ah jungkook oppa! What are you doing that hurts!" the girl yells. The cafeteria was silent minus the little whispers about the girl and how small the boy was.

"You should know by now that I'm not afraid to hit girls" jungkook snarled still holding her hair. "Why are you punishing me Oppa I thought it would make you laugh like usually, I mean look at him it's not like he eats anyway" the girl whined looking at taehyung who looked down embarrassed.

"Bitch you don't know what people have going on and anything you've ever done to try to make me laugh was annoying just like you why don't you just go sleep with the football team like you usually do" jungkook growled. With that being said the girl was now crying with the whole school laughing at her.

She ran away from the cafeteria with her two friends following. Jungkook turned around to face the young boy who's big doe eyes put him in a trance.

"I-im sorry" taehyung stuttered. "Its fine stop apologizing" the older smiled. "T-thank you" before he could reply the younger had left with his friend closely behind.

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