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The stories that I made on my laptop


This is what is on my own laptop which I am ready to release to the world. Start off a new decade with release of my old stuff.

Adventure / Other
Chloe Godden
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Supernatural 1

A destroyed motel room.

8 month pregnancy bump.

Hunters tattoo on his chest. Sitting down on the messed up bed and started crying before having kicks hit his skin.

“I’m sorry baby. I’ve failed you” He spoke, sniffling.

I kicked him, trying to make him feel better, before there was a knock on the door. He hid away from the windows.

“You said Dean would be here?” A voice spoke.

“He is here. There's a second heartbeat” A mono toned voice spoke.

“What do you mean Cas?” The first voice spoke.

“The real reason he left the bunker was that he became pregnant because of the witch that cursed him. He wanted to keep the baby but also wanted to hunt. He chose to have the baby. However, the witch wants the baby and would raid the bunker at anytime.” Cas spoke.

Dean started to feel pain around his stomach and he held it while trying to keep quiet but failed. He came out of hiding and unlocked the door. They came in and Castiel came over. Dean hugged him, but failed because of me.

“Please come back” Sam spoke.

“I can’t. I can’t risk it” Dean spoke, rubbing his bump.

“Dean, you’ve got to. For us to keep you and baby safe” Cas spoke.

Dean agreed and Sam got Dean’s bag before we got to the impala. Dean got more pain and hunched forward as Sam drove back to the bunker.

“Dean? DEAN!” Sam yelled, stopping the car.

“This kid wants out. Just drive Sam” Dean groaned.

Sam kept driving to the bunker while Cas rubbed Dean’s back before Dean grabbed his hand to grip. My head started to come out as they arrived at the bunker. Dean started to pant and Cas helped him out slowly.

“The head is right there” Dean panted.

Cas helped him to his room and Dean started to push me out. He gripped onto the blanket and Sam turned up to help. He hated seeing his older brother in a lot of pain and there was some blood coming out. My head came out and Cas locked them in the bedroom. Dean placed his hands on my head and smiled. There was a lot of shouting and Dean pushed me out. I was placed on the blanket and Dean tried to get his breath back. Sam looked at me, seeing that my cord was around my neck, and tried to get me breathing. I started to make movements and Dean looked at me before I started to cry. Sam got me cleaned up, unwrapped the cord and wrapped me up in a towel. He passed me to Dean and I slowly calmed down.

“Its a girl” Sam smiled, through tears.

“So, you’re the one that kept waking me up for in and out?” Dean smiled at me.

I started crying and Dean rocked me gently when there was a couple of crashes. Sam went to help while Dean laided me on his chest and slowly sat on the bed with me. I slept on his chest when Sam and Cas returned to his room. Sam smiled and Cas looked at me.

“Is she OK?” Cas asked.

“She’s fine now. Just napping” Dean spoke, kissing my head gently.

“The cord was around her neck but she made it” Sam spoke.

That night, Dean was watching me, tired and hungry, while I slept between two pillows. Cas walked in and saw Dean just watching me.

“Dean, go and have a shower. I’ll get Sam to make you something to eat” Cas spoke.

“What about Sophia?” Dean asked.

“I’ll keep an eye on her” Cas spoke.

Dean soon agreed and picked me up to pass me to Cas. He went to the shower slowly and Cas laided me on his chest. I yawned as Cas walked with me to the kitchen and saw Sam, making food.

“Hey. You finally get Sophia off of Dean?” Sam spoke.

“Got him to have a shower. Just need to get him to eat something” Cas spoke.

I slowly gripped on Castiel’s shirt and he rocked me gently. Sam made food for Dean and Cas took me to see Dean, who was showered and changed. He got into bed and Cas laided me in Dean’s arms. Sam came in with food and I woke up, whining. Dean laided me on his chest when Sam came over. Dean patted my back gently and I was still fussy.

“Pass her here. You need rest.” Sam spoke.

Dean kissed my head gently, not wanting to let me go, but he did pass me to Sam. He laided me on his chest while Dean had something to eat before going to sleep.

The next day, I was fast asleep in my bassinet that was next to Dean and he woke up to see me. He smiled and he rubbed my front gently before he picked me up slowly, wincing in pain. He laided me in his arms and smiled at me when Castiel came in with my bottle.

“Morning” Castiel smiled.

Dean looked up.

“Morning” Dean smiled.

Dean started feeding me and Castiel watched us. Dean had to move and he winced in pain because of how fast I came out.

“You OK?” Castiel asked, getting worried.

“I’m OK. Just in a bit of pain” Dean admitted.

Castiel wanted to heal him but Dean didn’t want him to.

“It’ll be fine Cas. Just give me a few days for it to stop” Dean spoke.

I stopped feeding and Dean burped me before he passed me to Castiel. He slowly got up and Castiel saw some blood on the bed. Castiel just healed him and Dean felt better. They took me into the kitchen and Dean held me again. I was fast asleep on Dean’s chest and Sam kept looking at me.

“She’s ok. I swear she was going to be a boy” Dean spoke, while rubbing my back gently.

“What do you mean?” Sam asked.

“The way she was placed and I just had a hunch” Dean spoke, patting my back gently.

Castiel went to change Dean’s bedding while Sam made Dean some food. Dean kissed my head gently and patted my back gently before Castiel came back. I yawned and it left a small dool spot on Dean’s shirt. He smiled at me before Castiel got to hold me and Sam gave him food. I opened my eyes slightly and Castiel looked at me.

“Hello, tiny human” He spoke.

Dean turned round and laughed lightly at Castiel’s phrase.

“Did you just call my daughter a small human?” Dean smiled.

Castiel went on to talk about my size and I went back to sleep because he was boring me to sleep.

“You can tell her bedtime stories if you bore her to sleep” Dean smiled.

Sam held me next and let me sleep on him while he did some research. Dean was folding my new clothes and Castiel kept watching him. Dean turned round and saw Castiel.

“I’m fine. Why are you staring at me?” Dean asked, putting my clothes away.

“You need some sleep” Castiel spoke.

I moved into Sam’s shoulder and he patted my back gently. He smiled and Dean went to bed for an hour. I slept on Sam and Castiel looked in.

“Is she still asleep?” Castiel asked.

“She’s OK Cas” Sam spoke, rubbing my back gently.

I squeaked and Sam passed me to Castiel, who was rocking me gently. I held onto his shirt and Castiel rubbed my back gently. Sam smiled and Dean woke up to see us. He smiled and came over as Castiel patted my back gently

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