Body Drop Morning

The shrill call of her phone has her reaching out for it even before it has consciously registered. With a groan she rolls away from the warm comfort of her 'Castle Cocoon' as she thinks of it and opens an eye to glare at the offending gadget. She taps the 'Answer' button and her first attempt at "Beckett!" is a gravelly, unintelligible enunciation which slightly improves on the second attempt … at least it sounds more human than the strangled first attempt.

Dispatch informs her of the location of the body and the fact that the other members of her team, ME and CSU have likewise been informed. She acknowledges the information and grabs her pen and pad to note the address.

With a sigh she flops back on the bed and turns her head to look at her partner. He is looking at her from one, slightly bloodshot eye, his tousled hair pointing every which ways and the morning stubble softening the outlines of his face. "Body?" he asks.

"Yes, thank heavens for small mercies … at least it's indoors". They both lay there for a moment listening to the rain pelting against the windows, had the body been out in the open, most if not all evidence would have been washed away by now, not to mention their own discomfort of trawling the crime scene in a deluge.

Castle climbs out of bed and bends down to pick up his boxers from the floor. Kate Beckett props herself up on an elbow and releases an admiring sigh at the view he's presented her with. "I expect payment in kind Detective!" he says without even looking at her as he pulls them on and heads for the kitchen.

She laughs and answers with a "Maybe if you're good Castle!" and waits for his response … he doesn't disappoint her.

"I'm always good Beckett!"

"Yes, you are Rick" she says smilingly to herself as she gets out of bed and heads for the shower. Some five minutes later she's wrapped in a terrycloth towel, hair tied back as she applies her makeup when Castle walks into the bathroom, places the hot mug of coffee in her hand and kisses her on her temple as she gratefully takes a sip of the coffee. She watches him in the mirror as he heads into the shower, then after another sip of coffee finishes off her makeup before heading into the bedroom, coffee in hand.

She's dressed and moving back to the bathroom brushing her hair out by the time Castle has finished showering and is lathering his face up for a shave. She leans against him and plants a kiss on his shoulder, hazel eyes fixed on blue ones in the mirror. His face crinkles into a grin as he thinks of planting a kiss on her with his foam lathered face.

"Don't even go there Castle … or it will be two bodies!" she tells him, her own answering smile telling him that she knew exactly what he was thinking.

"Spoilsport! Toaster is ready to just be switched on" he adds. She nods and with another kiss on his shoulder she heads out to the kitchen. Two slices of bread are sitting ready in the toaster, the jam, syrup and butter set out on the counter. She pushes the knob on the toaster down, picks up his coffee mug, empties the dregs left in the bottom and refills both mugs with fresh coffee.

Looking across to the door she can see that he has already taken out both their raincoats and an umbrella. She smiles at the routine they have got into over the last year; how it has gone from bumbling and tripping over each other to a highly synchronised routine … except when he starts kissing her as she's getting dressed …. then they always end up late!

The toaster pops up and she spreads jam for herself, pours syrup for him and is just taking a swig of coffee when he walks in from the bedroom, buttoning his cuffs. She gives him a warm smile, pushes his coffee across the counter and picking up her slice of toast, takes a bite out of it. Looking up at him from under her lashes, she curls her tongue over her lips to lick off some strawberry jam she somehow got on them and laughs out loud at the glazed look he gives her.

She loves how she can get him …

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