Panicky Morning

"Oh my God, Castle, we've overslept ... get up, get up!" her panicked yells startles Castle into trying to jump out of bed. In his befuddled state, his feet get entangled in the sheets and he ends up tripping and crashing to the floor. Still trying to gather his wits he looks across the bed in time to see Beckett's beautiful butt disappearing into the bathroom.

Shaking a somewhat painful wrist he manages to get to his feet, kicks the sheets away and picks up the alarm clock ... "Oh. My. Granny!", it's gone nine o'clock, why the hell haven't the boys called them up? He looks around for his phone and can't find it. He grabs Kate's phone and realises she has it on silence ... shit!

He heads for the bathroom, finds Kate brushing her teeth with one hand and wiping a flannel under her arms with the other, the look of panic on her face comically enhanced by the foam round her mouth. Castle begins to grin and then realises that might not be such a good idea, so he grabs his own toothbrush.

Moments later they are back in the bedroom, Kate desperately trying to find her jeans, pulling back the sheets, running round the bed before realising they are probably in the sitting room where Castle was getting her hot and bothered last night!

She pulls on her pants, slips into her bra, grabs a clean shirt from the closet and heads out to the lounge to find her jeans.

Shit! She jumps behind a pillar and growls in frustration, desperately trying to pull on her shirt which now seems to be doing its utmost to confound her, its buttons getting caught on the lace of her underwear, the sleeve getting twisted ...

"Is that you Kate, dear?" Martha's voice, suffused with what can only be laughter reaches her from the kitchen.

With flushed cheeks and a feeling of being caught with her fingers in the cookie jar, Kate emerges from behind the pillar still attempting to fight her shirt into some sort of submission, offers Martha an embarrassed smile and grabs her jeans from where they are lying over the arm of the couch.

She feels she might be able to survive the situation with some small shred of dignity intact only to realise as she turns and heads back to the bedroom that her shirt-tail is caught in her pants, offering Martha a clear view of her very brief La Perla underwear.

"Oh God!" she groans as she re-enters the bedroom ... well at least Alexis wasn't there to see her fall from grace ...

Castle, in the process of pulling on his own jeans, stops as he sees her face. "What ...?"

"Don't ask!" Growls a thoroughly frustrated Beckett as she slips on her jeans and tucks the shirt (which of course has now decided to co-operate) into them.

Grabbing a leather jacket off a hanger Kate picks up her phone, slips it into her pocket and rushes past Castle who is waiting for her by the bedroom door. She opens the safe in the study, takes out her badge, cuffs and Glock and hands them all to Castle with a curt "Grab these a moment".

Shutting the safe door she takes hold of Castle's arm and drags him towards the lounge whilst slipping her other arm into her jacket. Castle meanwhile, having noticed his phone on the study table is trying to pull her in the opposite direction. "What the hell ... ?"

"Phone!" he answers with a pout, pointing to his desk. By the time he's picked it up and slipped it into his pocket, Kate has her jacket on and is grabbing her things from him, striding out to the lounge as she clips the gun in place, slips her cuffs into her back pocket and clips her badge over her waistband.

"Bye Darlings!" Calls out a thoroughly amused Martha as they walk past the kitchen, both looking longingly at the coffee machine.

"Bye Mother"

"Bye Martha"

Martha watches the door close behind them and chuckles, she loves it when her fashion conscious son and his very smart Detective leave for work with total bed heads ...

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