The Beckett Morning

She's been awake since seven, something unusual on her off-duty days, or she should say unusual since she's been with her one and done …. and that thought makes her flush … just as well he's sound asleep or he'd be wheedling that confession out of her!

She smiles at that thought and pushes her hair over her shoulder, feels it flutter and settle behind her as, propped up on her elbow she looks down at him. A barely audible sigh escapes her lips, her mind going back in time … yep, even a year ago, lying in bed at nearly eight o'clock in the morning would have been anathema, she just couldn't have kept still, or to be truthful, she would have felt guilty about the wasted time, the lost opportunities of tracking down her demons.

Now …. now she was just content to sappily lay in bed watching her partner as the spring sunshine streaming through the windows, traced patterns of light and shade across his face, chest and arms, creating delightful secret pockets of darkness and highlighting contours and features. She never tired of this game of hers, the sun, her accomplice, slowly moving across the sky brought the valleys and crests of his body to life, one moment hiding some small feature and seemingly moments later unveiling it anew.

She also had to admit that his occasional snores, moving eyebrows and twitching nose caused her silent laughter to bubble up inside her. He apparently lived his dreams with the same intensity he lived his life, and she was so, so thankful to have been dragged, kicking and screaming into his world.

Kate leant forward a little and ran her finger along the seam of his lips, quietly chuckling as his mouth opened and his pouting lips tried to catch her fingertip. Even in sleep he seemed to be totally aware of her, her presence, her needs. She no longer choked up each time she realised this … or at least not every time … but it still brought a rush of emotion, a welling of warmth that made her heart flutter and her breath catch.

She stroked the back of her fingers across his brow, softly sweeping his hair back and then ran her finger tips through it and down to his ear, her index finger now lightly tracing his jawline back to his chin. He moved his head slightly, as if chasing her hand, but still showed no sign of waking up. A slow smile spread across her face and had Castle been awake he would have recognised the hint of devilishness that that turned her eyes from hazel to mottled emerald green.

Carefully she eased away from him, slipped out of bed and went in search of the necessaire she kept her makeup in. Carefully crawling back into bed, the zipper already open she quietly sorted through its contents and pulled out a stick of Ruby Woo lipstick. Uncapping it and twisting it open, she leant forwards again and carefully rolled it around the end of his nose till she was satisfied with the clown nose effect. Capping the lipstick she replaced it and searched for her light moisture tint and squeezed some onto her finger, then, keeping her touch light and slow, rubbed it all around his eyes and mouth. She had to stop several times to let him settle down again, but eventually the light tint was giving her the desired effect.

She was already finding it hard to stop the laughter bursting out, but with a mental 'Come on, Kate, you can do this', she just about managed to. Finally she pulled out a Lady Danger lipstick which she had been holding back for a special Castle occasion … and what could be more special that this she grinned. As she applied the gloss to his lips and ran it far out on either cheek adding some smiley curves at each end, her stomach muscles were beginning to hurt from holding the laughter in.

With a final glance of approval at her handiwork, she leant over, picked up her phone and snapped a picture of her own personal Castle Clown. Placing the necessaire out of sight on the floor by the bed, she turned back to her partner and shook him awake. She had to make sure he didn't burry his face in the pillow and mess it and her work up, but eventually he was awake enough to give her his patented, goofy, 'come-hither' look.

"Uh-hu, no Rick, morning breath … " she denied his questing lips and pushing him away " … go get brushed and then come back to me". With a pout he rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom whilst she tried desperately to hold the laughter in.

There was a sudden girly squeal from the bathroom followed by a roaring "KATHERINE BECKETT!"

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