The Martha Morning

Martha woke up and squinted at the light attempting to squeeze its way past the heavy curtains. Most would have considered it pretty gloomy in the room, but after a night with a bunch of Broadway friends and acquaintances celebrating Archie Underwood's sixty-ninth birthday, anything brighter than a coal pit was pre-ordained to induce brain trauma and excessive squinting.

With a groan she rolled over onto her side and peered at the clock on her night stand. God! Why don't they make the damned numbers big enough to read without binoculars! With a sigh she reached out and pulled it closer to her. 12:23 … well she might as well return to the land of the living, even if she did feel like an imposter.

With a groan she pushed the comforter back and sat up, sliding her feet into a pair of bright pink slippers. She snagged her dressing gown from the end of the bed and slipped it on before heading to the bathroom; I might feel like a wreck, but kiddo, there's no need to look like one! Ugh! Did I go to bed without removing my makeup? Well …who cares, the pillow aint going to tell!

Face washed and hair brush through and Martha was beginning to feel more like her usual self. Now I just need a glass of orange juice with a little added kick.

As she approached her bedroom door she suddenly paused What is today? Satu… no it must be Sunday today … unless the world passed us by during the party … which come to think about it, might have happened, because when Marty started doing his impersonation of Gypsy Rose Lee things did get a bit out of hand …. and a bit blurred … mind you that could have been when his shirt landed on my head … anyway where was I? Oh yes, so if today is Sunday … then that probably means Richard and Kate are in … and however cute her underwear is, I don't really need reminding that my butt was always a bit … a bit on slim side. I guess I'd better make sure they know I'm heading down, just in case.

As she opened the door, a smile crossed her face when she thought of Kate's embarrassed looks whenever she and Richard were caught making out, which unfortunately for Kate was with rather embarrassing frequency. Mind you, a stint in the theatre and she wouldn't think twice about flashing her underwear at strangers … oh! I'd better not say that out loud or they'll have that delightful Javi Esposito round to arrest me … uhm maybe I should go with that!

She closed the door with rather a loud bang, waited a bit and then headed towards the stairs. If those two were unaware of her approach then they needed hearing aids! Halfway down the stairs she could see Kate curled up on the couch, a book in her lap and a cup of coffee in her hand. She looked up at Martha's approach and smiled at her.

"Hi Martha, good fun last night?"

"Kiddo, best time since … oh I don't know, last Tuesday?" she answered waving her hands in the air as she headed for the fridge, "But don't ask me for any details, they are either too hazy or unfit for youthful ears!"

"I take it Richard is around somewhere?" she enquired as she ducked behind the fridge door in search of some orange juice.

"He's working on a chapter outline in the study"

"All work and no play ….. no, maybe I should rephrase that when you're here" Martha said as she poured half a glass of juice, her laughing blue eyes sparkling as Kate's face flushed bright red "Oh darling, it's cute, really … I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist it, and you should know by now that the Rodg … Castle home is a "walk right into it"' one …. If one's not careful, one will!"

The juice was topped up with a decent amount of Vodka from the freezer and with a theatrical wave Martha headed for the stairs, leaving a thoroughly embarrassed and laughing Kate in her wake.

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