Broken Leg Morning

Kate wakes to something poking her just below her thigh and groans as she turns over. She hisses in pain as the object of her discomfort digs deeper into her leg. Opening her eyes she finds she's half-way down the bed with the toe-end of Castle's cast digging into her just above the knee.

Propping herself up on her elbow she peers round to try and discover how the hell she ended up with her feet poking out the bottom of the bed and her head resting about where her butt should have been.

A noise half-way between a snore and a snort has her looking up at Castle, his shoulders partially propped up by a bank of pillows …. Huh! Must be where hers ended up …. eyes tightly closed and hair falling over his brow …. Ok, so maybe he looks cute, but right now she needs a coffee, and an explanation and the guy with the pneumatic drill in her head to leave her alone ….. although somewhere in the mists of morning memory is some vague recollection of the Kama Sutra as applied to participants with immobilised extremities .… and that still doesn't explain what she's doing with her butt halfway out the bed and Castles boxers hanging from the lamp on his nightstand. Ugh! What the hell did they drink last night?

She can't even be bothered to try and make it out the side of the bed, so she just shuffles backwards until her knees fall off the bed and land (painfully) on the floor. She's also managed to drag the duvet with her, revealing Castle's chest which appears to have been notched … huh? ….. she squints her eyes and tries focusing them …. four vertical and a diagonal slash plus two more verticals …. oookkeeeyy …. that's seven …. seven what for god's sake?

Her eyes widen …. No way! …. no way could they have done it seven times …. she'd need crutches to move ….. yeah, ok, there might be a pair of crutches somewhere in the room, but she didn't need them right now … though maybe she should use one to wallop the drummer who had taken over from the drill guy in her head.

So what were those notches? .… oh what the hell … they'll probably still be there when she recovers from her coma ….. unless she can make it to the coffee machine before the drill guy and the drummer decide who's in charge.

She manages to push herself up onto her feet, the duvet folding over her like a shroud and tipping her world into darkness. She staggers a bit before managing to pull it off her and watches it pool around her feet. Castle is now revealed in all his glory and her eyes widen even more when she notices another ten 'notches' on his cast. Uh-huh ... she is not going there .… not unless they were selling little piggies at the market …. Duh! Where did that come from? …. Oh god! she just needs caffeine …

Kate staggers to the bedroom door and pulls it open. A sudden gust of chilly air meets her and looking down at herself she realises she is completely naked …. It's not the only thing she notices …. Or to be more precise certain parts of her have noticed the chill and right now she could hang the bedroom curtains on them …. Castle would have a great time pla…. Focus Kate! … bathrobe …. right …. Rick's, in the bathroom …. and who invited the tap dancer to join the drummer and the drill guy …. ooohh …. She was soooo going to kill Castle as soon as she could point a gun without shooting her own foot off ….

Right the bathrobe …. It's so big she could hold a barn dance in it … well, at least she'll polish the floor on the way to the kitchen …. Oh thank heavens for that, a coffee machine …. Now please be good and give me my ….. I said give me my …. Eeeeh! I hate you! …. Oh, just a minute, didn't put any water in, did I? ….

Finally, oh glorious coffee …. And would you guys stop up there! I can't hear myself think …. Just a minute, am I talking to the drummer or the drill guy? …. Come to think about it, did I check to see if Castle was alive or not? …. Oh, yeah, he snorted didn't he? …. Unless it was a death rattle, maybe I should check it out …. And would you guys cut it out already?!

Back in the bedroom she's approaching the bed on Castle's side when her foot strikes something which rolls away with a tinkling sound …. "oww!" …. Looking down she notices something poking out from underneath the bed. She bends down … and grabs onto the bed as the room suddenly takes off and does a loop the loop …. Whoa! …. Maybe not such a good idea to bend down quickly …. Easy Kate, bring the bedroom in to land and put the brakes on … uff! That's better

Holding up the object she'd found, some of the fog lifts from her brain …. Oh, right … Tequila … that's right …. after the Kama Sutra they'd gone onto tequila shots, minus the lemon and the salt … that explains the notches … they were keeping track of the shots …. Oh wow, no wonder she feels like a piñata at the tail end of the party …

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