Apart Mornings

They're not used to this anymore. At the beginning yes, they'd spent nights apart, alternating these with passionate encounters either at his loft or at hers, but recently? No, they hadn't really slept apart in months (unless you counted the night they'd had a fight and she had stormed off in the middle of some incredible sex, leaving them both unsatisfied and totally pissed off), or the two nights he'd had to spend in Chicago at the book signing, or the night she'd stayed on the case and just didn't have the energy left to make it to the loft and had bunked down in the precinct.

No, apart from those nights, he didn't think they'd been apart for the last three months …. and he just misses her so much! It's not just the lovemaking … well in fact it is the lovemaking … but not just the physical side of it …. It's all those other ways they make love, their 'eye sex' as the boys call it when they want to rib them …. the casual, unconscious brushing together of hands which sends sparks between them … god! How come they hadn't combusted yet? … the fun bumping of shoulders …. the smiles which told the other exactly what was going on in their minds …. the moment before climbing out of the car at the scene of the crime; a kind of silent, mutual pact of protection .…

His thoughts are interrupted by the chime of his phone and he doesn't need to look to know who it is. He reaches for it with a smile already on his face and hits the New Message button.

'Hey rugsome, u awake?'

He sits up in bed, pulls the pillows behind his back and texts back 'Rugsome?'

'1 guess'

'edly hand' he texts back.

He gets a smiley in reply

'Want to talk?'

His phone rings and the picture he took of her rolling her eyes flashes up on the screen. He sighs in pleasure and settles back against the pillows.

Kate toes her shoes off, and flops back on the bed …. It's not as comfortable as her own … and nowhere as comfortable as Rick's, but she's had to come to Quantico for a meeting with Jordan Shaw and her team. A murder fitting the MO of Jerry Tyson, the 3XK has taken place in Ohio and Jordan wanted to go over everything Kate knew about Tyson. Kate also has the feeling that Shaw wants her to join her team for the case …. she hasn't said so outright, but Kate is reading between the lines ….. and she's feeling unsettled about it … she isn't ready yet to admit that Tyson frightens her, but he had come so close to killing Castle twice already and she is terrified that any new link between her and Tyson would put Rick back in danger ….. so she needs to hear his voice, the reassurance that he is ok …. and maybe missing her a little bit …. she bites her lip and then releases it when she hears his voice.

"Hey Detective"

"Hey you …. missed me?"


She laughs "That word is getting overused Castle!"

"But it's so true … and says it all so succinctly Kate"

"I know" she sighs longingly "I so wish I hadn't had to come down here …. It feels strange without you and the boys around"

"How long do you think you'll be there for?"

"I'm not sure …. another day at least …. but ….. " she broke off.

"But what Kate?"

"I'm not sure, I get the feeling Jordan wants me in on this case …."

"And how do you feel about that?"

"I … I'm not …. I … want him caught, if it is him … I want him out of our lives, I want you safe ... but I don't think I can do it without you and the boys …. I know it sounds silly, but somehow, having you and them around makes me believe that everything will be alright in the end …"

"It's not silly Kate, it's what teams are there for and it's what makes a team tick. You've been fighting the bad guys on your own for so long that you've lost sight of that. Now, you've got us … you no longer have to do it alone … and if you need it, we'll be on the next flight down there!"

She gives a shaky laugh. "God Castle, what's happened to me? Where has my kick-ass self gone?"

"She's right there inside of you Kate, trust me. I see her every day …. She just doesn't need to be constantly in control of you anymore!"

"You make it all sound so simple"

"It is Kate, it is. But enough of that, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Are you looking after yourself? Did you eat anything?"

This time it's a heartfelt laugh that escapes her throat. "Yes Papa Rick, I stopped off at the cafeteria here and had some pasta"

"Was it as good as mine?"

"Nothing is as good as yours Rick!"

"Oooh Detective ….. that is soooo not nice of you when I can't even kiss you to prove it!"

She giggled, "I think I'll tell Agent Shaw that I have some pressing business in New York that I have to get back to!"

"You do that Kate. I think you need to get some sleep now love, assuming you've got an early start tomorrow. I don't imagine Agent Shaw hangs around?"

"No she doesn't ….. thanks Rick"

"What for?"


"You're welcome Kate. Sleep tight Detective … love you"

"Back at you Rick"

She ends the call and lays there staring at the phone …. boy, is she tired …. she'll just close her eyes a moment before getting ready for bed ….

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