The Cop's Whiskers

Chapter 3

As they approached, Esposito turned to them. "Yo! Beckett, we should be wrappi .. ng ... up ..." he came to a stop as he stared at the two pointed ears and yellow eyes staring at him from Beckett's arm. He looked up at his boss a look of incredulity on his face as he pointed at the kitten and said "Beckett, Really?"

Kate shrugged "Potential witness"

Esposito's eyes travelled from his boss to Castle, back to Beckett and finally down to bundle of fur that just stared back at him totally unconcerned. With a shake of his head he mumbled something about checking in with Ryan and headed out the alleyway.

Climbing into the car, Kate picked the kitten up, kissed its nose and passed it over to Castle, "Here you are Rick, look after Spitfire whilst I drive"

"Spitfire? ... Well, I reckon I can live with that ..." he grinned as he held the kitten up in front of his face and said "Ok, little guy, looks like you've been named Spitfire ... what do you think of that, huh?" Two bright eyes watched him back, ears twitching as his words floated past them, before its mouth opened in a tremendous yawn and eyes slid shut.

"Hold him tight Castle, we don't know how he'll react to the car starting" Rick lowered the kitten onto his lap and stroked it's head with one hand whilst the other took a careful hold round neck and shoulders.

"Him, huh?"

Kate shrugged adding "I'll get Lanie to tell me if it's a he or a she" and started the car, keeping a careful eye on the ball of fur on Castle's lap. The head came up and it began to meow, struggling to get out of Rick's hands as the slight vibrations and the sound of the engine invaded the space. Kate bent down and running her fingers around its ears began talking in a soothing voice.

Rick marvelled at how, only minutes after feeling the poor thing begin trembling in his hands, Kate's soothing voice and stroking had the desired effect. As she straightened back up, Rick could see the Uniform at the end of the alley looking their way. He had a tough time trying to keep a straight face and contain his laughter. Beckett looked at him and said "Ok, Castle, spit it out!"

"Oh, it's nothing Beckett, I'm just hoping the cop over there doesn't come over to book us for a two eight eight!"

Beckett looked at him for a second, then realising his meaning whacked him on the arm "Castle!" as she hid her face and the blush climbing up her neck.

"There's an even worse thought ...." he petered out, glancing fearfully at her, as they headed back towards the precinct, his fingers ruffling the ears to the contented sound of purring.

With a humph she glanced at him and eventually asked "What?"

"If you take Spitfire into the precinct ... no, nothing..." there was no way he was going to bring up Beckett's Pussy in that context ... no way!

"What Castle, whatever it is, just spit it out!"

"Ah ... I .. was just thinking that what if Gates finds out?"

"So, we found him and you are looking for a vet so you can take him in and have him checked over in case it belongs to someone"

"And you think she's just going to take that sitting down?"

"Well Rick dear," she said in her most dulcet voice, "... you'll just have to take Spitfire home until we can sort something out!"

With a sigh he scratched Spitfire under the chin and addressing him or her, said "I knew it, just as Gates is getting sweet on me I have to go and do something to get her all riled up again!"

"Seriously Rick, do you mind? Taking Spitfire home I mean?"

He shook his head smiling down at the little creature that was smaller than his hand. "No, but he may belong to someone ... we'll have put some notices up in the area once the crime scene has been cleared, maybe someone will reclaim him or her, we'll also have to have a vet check it out, buy some toys, a bed ..."

"Whoa! Hold your horses Rick, I know you, by tomorrow the loft will be full of toys, climbing posts and whatever. Let's just take it a step at a time, ok?"

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