The Cop's Whiskers

Chapter 4

As the lift doors slid open onto the homicide floor, Kate pushed Castle ahead of her and told him to head for the break room. Following behind and using his bulk to shield herself from Gates' office, she kept looking around to make sure Espo was nowhere in sight. As soon as the door was closed behind them, she instructed Castle to put a bit of milk, diluted with plenty of water in one of the coffee cup dishes.

With a muttered complaint of bossy women he did as told and carefully placed it on the floor by the cabinets. Kate knelt on the floor placed Spitfire next to the dish, dipped her finger in the liquid and touched it to the kittens mouth. Spitfire immediately backed away, shaking its head before it's little pink tongue popped out to lick at the droplet on its mouth.

A few more finger-dipping tries seemed to convince the little tyke that maybe that concoction wasn't too bad and it was soon crouched by the dish inexpertly lapping away. Carefully moving back, she stood up, leaving Castle crouched by the dish slowly running his finger up and down the kitten's curved back.

"Ok Castle, keep an eye on it whilst I get the murder board set up and contact Lanie … oh! And don't let him .. it .. out of your sight, I don't want Gates finding out if possible!"

Rick just grinned and squinted up at her from his position, "Yes ma'am!"

Kate checked through the windows onto the bullpen and quickly bent down to crush her lips against his, running her fingers through the hair at the back of his neck and feeling Rick's hand run up her leg and curl round her right buttock. With a smile she pulled his hand away and whispered "Later"

It was another half hour before Kate opened the door to the break room, stopping in the doorway and biting her lip at the picture of Castle sitting on the couch with the kitten stretched out on its back along his legs, all four paws in the air as Rick gently rubbed its tummy and a loud purr emanating from the little fur ball.


He looked up at her and smiled, "Had some of that milk and water to drink and then collapsed into a deep sleep … reminds me of me … a bit …" he added with a grin.

Beckett rolled her eyes and asked "Any luck with seeing if it's a he or a she?"

Rick shook his head "Not my field of expertise I'm afraid, now if it was Cat Woman …. her I'd have no problem with sexi … ing …" he came to a stop at the full-watted glare coming from Kate. Pushing her shoulder off the doorjamb, she stalked the two steps till she'd reached him and hands on hips, narrowed her eyes at him. Rick gulped, trying to clear the lump which had suddenly morphed into his throat.

"Richard … Edgar … Alexander … Rodgers … Castle …" each word carefully spaced out and recited in a throaty voice which had his heart beating at well above safety levels "… if … I … ever … catch … you … sexing … anyone … else … up …" here a longer pause "… I will take you to a vet and have him do a bit of snipping …. Do I make myself clear?"

With an audible gulp and a madly nodding head, Rick showed her that he clearly understood where she was coming from. She held her narrow-eyed glare for what felt to him like an eternity before nodding and sitting down on the couch next to him, her face turned away to hide the laughter threatening to burst out of her. Once she'd got herself under control, she turned back to him, pulling her phone from her pocket, and said "Ok, Castle, we need to send Lanie a picture, so hold Spitfire up and let me take a pic of its tail end"

She'd just taken a second picture in case the first wasn't good enough when the door swung open and Espo took a step into the room before coming to a sudden stop.

"Ugh!" he grunted out as he observed Castle holding the kitten, tummy up, back legs spread and Kate taking a close-up of the undercarriage "You guys should really think about making little Castle babies instead of degenerate photography!"

Beckett just gave him a glare which had no effect and Castle tried to think of a smart answer which unfortunately didn't make its presence felt, leaving him opening and closing his mouth in a totally ineffectual way.

"Whipped!" grinned the detective before walking across to the coffee machine and starting to put together his espresso.

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