The Cop's Whiskers

Chapter 5

Castle had found a clean dishcloth in one of the break room cabinets and checking for bandits in the bull pen, opened the door and headed across to his usual place by Beckett's desk. What started as a warm glance as he took his seat turned into raised eyebrows as he lent forwards, pulled her bottom drawer open and pushed her stuff to one side.

The eyebrows climbed slowly down her forehead again as he pulled the cloth from his pocket, bunched it into the space he'd created in the draw and a then deposited the little ball of fur in its centre. Two large eyes peered up at them and an almost silent meow jerked the little body.

Kate grinned, took a quick glance round the bull pen and another one at Gates' office before bending down and fondling the little head. Spitfire, now reunited with 'mommy' obviously thought things had improved and after licking her finger, turned within the cloth a few times before settling down with an audible sigh.

Cop and writer grinned at each other across the desk before he carefully closed the drawer a bit, just leaving it open enough for them to be able to check on the occupant. Just then Beckett's phone rang and looking at the caller ID she thumbed the phone and said "Hi Laney, what can you tell me?"

"Girl! Are you crazy! Since when am I supposed to know a cat's ding-a-ling from a she cat's doodiddle!"

Castle's snort of amusement drew the attention of both Espo and Ryan who were busy at their computers, "You two playing doctors and nurses boss?"

"No Espo, I'll leave those children's games to you and a certain ME!" grinning as an undecipherable squawk came from the phone in her hand.

One slightly chastised Latino detective ducked back behind his computer whilst a grinning Irish one flipped the page on the file he was reading.

"Well Lanie can you make it out?"

There was an audible sigh from the ME, "Yeah, ok girlfriend, I can tell you that you and writer boy are now the proud parents of a girl!"

Castle groaned "Not another one … I was so hoping for a boy … it's not fair …"

"Something I should know about Detective, Mr Castle?"

Gates' voice from behind them startled them and nearly made Castle fall off his chair. Kate quickly swiped her phone to kill the call and Castle instinctively stood up before turning to face the Captain "No! No sir … Captain Gates sir … we ..uh .. we …um … my cousin sir … that's it … my cousin, thrice removed that is … she's just .. um found out she's expecting!"

Gates just stood there glaring at him whilst Kate quietly groaned and let her head fall forwards onto the desk with an audible thump. The snort from behind the Irishman's screen was interrupted by a meow which resonated within the partially closed drawer as the thump of Kate's head woke the kitten up.

Gates' glare, which had, up till that moment, remained fixed on a thoroughly agitated writer suddenly snapped towards the desk. Castle, brain working once more, quickly pulled his phone from his pocket as Beckett prayed that Spitfire would remain silent. Perhaps the gods had decided to give them a break, as Gates, once more glaring at the writer who was waving his phone around as if scattering fairy dust, shook her head in disapproval and cryptically muttered "I expected better from you Mr Castle!" before turning and heading back to her office.

"Phew!" uttered one thoroughly exhausted writer as he flopped back into his chair whilst Beckett pulled open the drawer slightly and keeping a wary eye on the Captain's office, stroked the kitten and murmured "Well there little girl, that was close!"

Neither of them saw the two grinning detectives fist bumping. Esposito texted Twenty bucks they get caught before the day's out! before sending it to both Ryan and Lanie.

The ME's answer was short and sweet In your dreams loverboy!

Ryan, after giving it a bit of consideration and with his inveterate belief in the Luck of the Irish accepted.

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