First to 1000

First to 1000 - 4

He's sulking. The writer who has saved her life on countless occasions and was even willing to stand by her side as she waited for the bomb under her foot to go off … is sulking. He's demanded the bedroom end this time, claims she's cheated three times … though how he could blame her for the episode with Mrs K is beyond her!

Ok, she has to admit that the three – zero score on the fridge door along with the stick woman kicking the stickman ass is a constant reminder of how they stand and poor guy, every time he goes to pull something out of the fridge he's faced with the chart. She's surprised he hasn't yanked it off yet and trashed it, but she has to grin at his face each time he sees it.

Well she's not going to let him win, he's going to have to earn it, but maybe she won't be so sneaky this time … she'll just play it straight, though Alexis has given her a couple of tips which she may or may not use … hmmm, see how today goes. He comes stalking in with a scowl on his face and dumps the laser tag gear on the couch; she has a job not to laugh.

"Ok, ground rules!" he states, holding up one hand and tapping his thumb with the other.

"One, no stripping or flashing of boobs or other parts!" he growls, to which she demurely nods her head.

"Two, no Creaver mask or other spooky masks!" again she nods in assent, trying not to laugh at his disgruntled expression.

"Three, no Boba Fetts or other creatures to be used as stand-ins!" She pretends to think about it for a moment and then bursts out laughing as he scowls at her.

"Ok, ok!" she says, holding up her hands. Climbing to her feet she puts her arms round his neck and gives him a peck. "Any more rules?"

For a moment he gets distracted, his lips latch onto hers and his hands come round to hold her ass … then suddenly he pulls back, a look of suspicion on his face as he stares down at her. She holds his stare, a demure smile and a look of innocence that wouldn't melt butter on her face. She can tell he's still not convinced, though obviously not finding anything to object to, he finally comes out with "No, that's all, and today it's my turn to kick ass!"

They're soon kitted up, lights turned off or dimmed and each ready to head off in opposite directions. He's still staring at her as if waiting for her to grow horns or something so she just sidles up to him, gives him her up from under look (which she knows makes his toes curl and his heart stop) and in her best sultry Russian accent "May the best voman vin, Mr Castle", before moving towards the kitchen.

As she rounds the kitchen island she looks back and has to giggle at him still standing rooted to the spot, mouth open and laser gun dangling by his side. Her giggle seems to pull him back to reality and with a growl … did he actually growl? …. She watches him disappear into the office.

Fifteen minutes have gone by and they've both fired twice, each missing as the other dived behind some protective piece of furniture or structural element. Now she's pretty sure he's ensconced behind the couch, waiting for her to come round the corner to zap her.

With a grin, she silently shuffles sideways until the piano is between her and the couch. Dropping to all fours, she checks from under the piano …. no sign of him … now if she can make it across to the column, she'll be able to sneak up behind him and fry his ass once more.

A final quick check and she scuttles on hands and knees across the floor, the swishing of her yoga pants and hands on the wooden floor barely perceptible even to her own ears. She stops to catch her breath, crouched on all fours behind the pillar, surprised at how much adrenalin these games produce. With a grin she slowly straightens up until she's got her back to the pillar, takes a deep breath … and steps round the side to …..

They both let out a squeal of surprise as they came face to face, no more than two feet between them … Beckett suddenly looked over his shoulder her jaw dropping … "Meredith!"

Castle, about to squeeze the trigger, startles and swings to look behind him for Deep Fried Twinkie …. only to realise , too late, that there is no one there….


"Oh Castle …." she sighed as his shoulders sagged "…. I love your ass!"

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