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First to 1000 - 5

Alexis went to open the fridge door but stopped when she saw the chart "Oh, Dad … not again?" she says sweetly, turning to the two people sitting at the counter. Kate splutteres into her coffee as she sees the petulant boy's look take hold of Castle's face.

"She cheats!" He whines

"Castle, don't be such a baby!" she laughes

"Tell you what …" says Alexis as she leans her arms on the other side of the counter, "Why don't I join in this weekend? … help Dad out … would you object Kate? … I mean it would even things up a bit wouldn't it?"

"Oh baby, come get a hug from your father … that would be so cool! Not that I need help of course, but at least you`ll be a witness to her cheating ways!"

Kate laughes, "Of course you can join in, I think your Dad needs the help!" she says winking at Alexis over Castle's shoulder.

Two days later and all three are back in the loft, gearing up and Alexis laughing at herself. "I thought I'd given up on this … I mean, I'm all grown up!"

"It's you Dad, if someone had told me a couple of years ago that I'd be spending a couple of evenings a month playing laser tag at home, I'd have told them they were nu …. t .. s!" She stumbles to a stop as she sees the stupid grin on Castle's face. "What?"

"Katherine Beckett, do you just realise you said 'at home …. playing laser tag at home'?"

A rosy-cheeked and slightly flustered Beckett answers with "Yeah … well … you're still going to get your ass hung out to dry Castle!" then with an 'oops' face as she remembers that Alexis is there she mouths a 'sorry' in her direction.

A grinning Alexis gives a dismissive wave of her hand as she slipped her goggles onto her head.

A few minutes later the two Castles have slipped into the office and Kate is hiding behind the kitchen island.

Castle goes up to the shelves forming the separation between sitting room and office and quietly pulls a few books off the shelf and places them carefully on the floor. He crooks his finger at Alexis and whispers "I'll draw her out, and when she gets up to zap me, you get her, ok?"

Alexis nods and moves up so she can observe through the 'hole in the wall'. Then she gives him a pat on the back and whispers "Go on Dad! You can do it!"

A grinning Castle sneaks out through the office door, a wary eye kept out for his sneaky Kate, oh she was so going to get sizzled today! The Castles were going to get revenge!

He slips in between the armchair and the pillar and making sure no purple lights are visible, sneaks across until the couch is between him and the kitchen. Now all he has to do is make sure Kate sees him and comes sneaking round to zap him. Alexis will have a nice clear shot at her! …. He can't resist it and gives his creepy laugh.

He hears an answering giggle and still crouched spins around, aha! He can make out a bit of purple glow over by the front door … she must have sneaked out of the kitchen without them seeing her and was hiding in the coat closet! All he has to do is draw her out of there and she'll get caught between the two of them!

Quickly he crawls away, and sneaks behind the pillar to the right of the couch. On purpose he pushes the table by the window a bit, hoping the noise will convince Kate that he's hiding there to ambush her. Then he's scurrying round the pillar and is quickly in place round the back of the couch.

He hears a shuffle and he thinks a footstep round the other side of the couch. Kate must have come across and is hoping to catch him behind the pillar … she should be right in place by now!

With a yell he springs to his feet laser gun aimed in the direction of the noise. For a moment he's dumfounded as he sees both purple and green tag outfits standing just a few feet away facing him. There is a double zap! And his suit lights up before both women 'blow the smoke' from their guns and high five.

"Wha … but … wh.."

"Sorry Dad, but Kate offered to take me shopping tomorrow!" says a slightly apologetic Alexis as Kate shakes her head at him in pity … he's still standing there, disbelieving look on his face when both women walk up to him, one on either side and give him a kiss.

Kate slides her arm around his shoulder and taps him on the chest with her other hand, "Don't worry Rick, I'll look after your ass with utmost care"

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