First to 1000

First to 1000 - 6

She settles down onto the couch next to him and lays her head against his shoulder … he doesn't react. She runs her finger up the front of his shirt until it reaches the topmost buttoned-up button. With a careful twist, the button pops open and she trails her fingernail across his chest … she feels him shiver in pleasure, but still no response. By now she's having difficulty in keeping the grin off her face, but continues anyway. She lets her finger trail down to the next button and twists it open, exposing a bit more of his chest. She leans across a bit and lets her breath tickle his skin … she almost laughs as she sees his muscles contract in anticipation. She lays a path of soft kisses from his sternum all the way up to his neck, then upwards until she's nibbling on his earlobe.

With a growl he grabs he, pulls her onto his lap and mashes their lips together. She can't help hers curving up into a smile.

Breaking apart he looks down at her, a look of mistrust on his face. "I still don't trust you Detective Beckett" he growls out.

She goes for the innocent, batting eyelids look and lets out a squeal as he grabs her, stands up with her in his arms and carries her into their bedroom before literally throwing her onto the bed.

Sometime later, as they lay in each other's arms, Kate pulls herself up and with as serious a face as she can, kisses him on the chin and says "Castle?"

She waits until he's turned his head to look at her and brushing a kiss to his nose says, "Ok, I promise not to do anything 'un-Alexis' from now on!"

He scowls at her "I don't trust you, you've even corrupted my poor innocent daughter!"

He gets an eye-roll for that and then she's sighing and resting her head on his shoulder and biting her lip as she tries to keep the laughter out of her voice. "But Castle, you're so easy … I just can't help it!"

She doesn't see the glint of laughter in his eyes as he looks down at the tussled hair of his muse. To be honest, he couldn't care if she whopped him one thousand to nothing … the fact that his kickass detective was willing to play tag with him was just awesome … and sure, he'd like to beat her … even if only once … but he was getting as much fun out of playing the petulant partner as she was of filling in the chart, which now stood and five love … and maybe he should do something about evening the scores out. She wasn't the only one who could play dirty … well to be honest, they both enjoyed playing dirty … but right now he was thinking of laser tag not bedroom tag …

"Huh?" he says as his fiancée pinches his waist

"I said, what are you thinking about?"

"Uhm .. whether to trust you or not Detective … "

The weekend comes around and Castle gets the tag gear out. He looks around him suspiciously as Beckett enters from the bedroom.

"What are you looking for Rick?"

"Oh, I don't know … my traitorous daughter, Espo hiding behind the couch, Lanie in the closet … uh … scratch that"

Kate laughs and pops up onto her toes to give him a kiss, "Just you and me honey bums!"

"Honey bums?!" he eewws at her

"I think your ass is sweet … especially as it belongs to me!" she says with giggle as she kits up. When both are ready and about to turn the lights off she stops to look at him. "Which end do you want?"

He looks at her from narrowed eyes … just what has she got up her sleeve this week he wonders … "I'll take the kitchen end …" and as soon as he sees her nod happily "..on second thoughts I'll take the bedroom!"

She pauses in her turn towards the study and gives him The Look before saying "You finished playing silly buggers or are you going to change again!"

He looks innocently at her "No, bedroom suits me fine!" before walking past her and turning off the lights as he heads for the bedroom. Ha! Whatever she had planned has been scuppered!

Kate quickly makes her way to the kitchen, opens one of the cupboards and roots around. A few minutes later and she's returning the now almost empty box to the cupboard before moving in a crouch to the back of the couch, where she settles down to wait.

Rick moves from bedroom to study and sneaks up to the shelves. He has a peek through the gaps … nothing … he waits … he can outwait her … he just needs to keep calm, she's bound to get pissed off and start hunting for him … and no, he's not going to look over his shoulder if she says Gina or Meredith or Martha or anything … in fact he is not going to take his eyes off her once he sees her .. she is one evil, sneaky, sexy, unprincipled, hot, devious, tricky, scheming, underhand, wily and smart tag partner and he is not going to fall for any of her tricks and he's going to wait her out … so why the shit is he moving towards the door to the sitting room … yeah, well maybe he's not as patient as she is and anyway she's nowhere in sight so he might be able to sneak into her patch and wait her ou …

From behind the couch Kate hears him scrunching all the cornflakes she's scattered in the doorway and she's up and aiming … the poor man's not even looking at her, he's staring down at the pile of cereal he's just walked on with a gobsmacked look on his face … Zap!

Kate slides up to him as he just stands there, a defeated slump to his shoulders and slides an arm round his waist "Don't worry Rick, when it comes to the crunch .. you're the best!"

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