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Ghost Fight

Chapter 1: Ghost Fight

Author's Note: Thank you Blue Valour for letting me adopt your story idea and allowing me to make the sequel. I hope I can do your series justice. I do not own Danny Phantom.

Danny opened his locker door and looked himself up and down in the mirror. He knew that being half-ghost made him technically undead, but he could have easily mistaken his reflection for a zombie. His face sagged; even his hair seemed somehow messier than usual. He debated taking an extra moment out of his day to brush his hair by hand when a familiar voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Hey bro, how goes it?" Tucker asked as he and Danny's other best friend Sam approached.

"What's with the long face?" Sam inquired.

Danny slapped his locker shut and glared at Sam, the dark circles apparent under his eyes. "My parents-" He yawned, coving his mouth with his hand. "They've been working on a new invention which caused a bunch of ghosts to escape from the portal. I spent the whole night chasing them down."

"Tough break man," Tucker sympathized. "Look on the bright side; you've got the whole period to catch up on sleep. Mr. Lancer's showing us one of those literary movies."

"Joy," Sam said, bored already. A muffled sound brought both of their attentions to Danny, who had taken advantage of what little time there was between classes to sleep standing up. He was snoring softly. Sam didn't even bother raising an eyebrow because this had been the norm for the past week.

Without a word, Sam and Tucker each draped an arm around him and dragged him off to class.

After school, Danny collapsed on the kitchen table. Lately, he had gained an ability to sleep anywhere; which came pretty handy, considering how little time he had to do that anymore.

"Danny?" called Jazz. "Can you help me?" Taking a deep breath, Danny raised his head off the table where it had been for the last few minutes. His sister took the chair opposite and laid down her binder.

"Huh?" He blinked sleepily. "I'm a little busy..." he trailed off, staring past his sister's face. Yawning, he propped an arm against his head.

"I can see." Jazz stated dryly. Lifting her pencil, she tapped it against her brother's nose. He rubbed where it touched. "It's only a few questions for my report." She took his silence as a yes. "Name the first thing that pops into your head when I read out this list."

"..." He closed his eyes.














"...Nap. Speaking of nap, I'm crashing." Danny peeled himself out of his chair and stumbled up the stairs into his room like a zombie.

Jazz looked at her notebook. It didn't have any word list in it, just pages of notes about Danny. "All because of that accident," Jazz mused. She turned to a fresh page and began writing.

'Ah, sweet, sweet pillow,' Danny flung himself onto his bed with a bounce and snuggled into his pillow. It felt so good to just finally relax.

He suddenly felt cold. Shivering, he opened one eye and saw his icy breath. 'I'm not home,'he thought, burying his face into his pillow. 'Go away.' But the coldness wouldn't leave him. A second puff of breath dragged him back onto his feet.

"This is not my day," he groaned. A flash of light later, Danny Phantom stood in his place. He fetched the thermos and phased through his bedroom wall, hoping that this would not be another all-nighter.

"This isn't fair. I can't keep doing this." Jazz said while she sat with Danny in the car.

Danny had overslept and missed the bus, so now she was stuck driving her little brother to school. Danny didn't reply so she looked over at him. The black haired boy was fast asleep with his face propped up against the car door.

'Oh great,' She thought with a sigh.

Of course she knew what her brother was up to and why he needed the extra sleep, but how could she comfort him without letting Danny know that she knew the truth?

"Danny, wake up!" Jazz said while she shook her brother awake with one hand and held the steering wheel with the other.

"Huh? What?" Danny asked while slowly waking up from his sleep.

"You fell asleep again." Jazz said dryly.

"No I didn't. I was just... shutting my eyes to block the sun."

"You were snoring."

"No, I was... breathing heavy. You know, it's allergy season."

"Danny," Jazz said, her voice growing stern. "You can't keep doing this."

"Well, next time you don't have to drive me. I'll walk."

"That's not what I meant." Glancing at him staring through the car window didn't settle her fear that ghost hunting was getting to be too much for her little brother. But what else could she say?

The rest of the trip was silent. After arriving at school, Danny muttered a quick goodbye before leaving and disappearing inside the school. Jazz got out of the car and waited; her little brother had forgotten to take his backpack with him. When he didn't return, she sighed and reached in through the car window to grab his bag, but it wasn't there. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion, but she shrugged it off. 'Maybe he didn't forget after all.'

She drove off, leaving an invisible Danny breathing a sigh of relief.

"You can't keep on doing this!" exclaimed Tucker at lunch time as he took a bite out of his hamburger. Danny looked at him, annoyed.

"You're sounding just like Jazz," He groaned. "And that's bad."

"Why don't you take a break? Let Valerie handle a few ghosts," Tucker suggested.

"No!" Sam and Danny said at the same time, but their friend's attention was now on Valerie, sitting alone at the far end of the cafeteria.

"She looks so lonely," Tucker muttered dreamily. This just irritated Danny until his eyes caught Paulina sitting down at the popular table, laughing. Sam was not amused.

"Boys," she sighed.

Back at home, Jack pounded up the stairs, eager to show off his and Maddie's latest invention. Unknowingly, he had startled his daughter into choking on her glass of milk.

"Ah, Jazz. Just the person I wanted to see," He grinned. Catching her breath, Jazz looked up to see her father holding a large gun of some sort. "Remember that hypothetical discussion we had about half-ghosts last week?" Her father paused to laugh, wiping a tear from the corner of his eye. "I never laughed harder." Jazz crossed her arms, not appreciating his sense of humour. "Well, thanks to you, say hello to The Fenton Ghost Drain. Care to know what it does?"

"It... drains ghosts?" Jazz ventured; slightly confused.

"It does more than that Jazz. It sucks out the ectoplasm from them, their lifeblood, leaving the ghost weak and ripe for the picking."

'So it drains ghosts,' Jazz thought, worried.

A door slammed, signaling Danny's return. Jack's eyes lit up at the thought of showing another person The Fenton Ghost Drain.

Jazz sat down at the kitchen table and sighed. 'They were supposed to come up with a way to turn Danny back to normal,' she thought annoyed. Her parents knew far more about ghosts than she did, and so she had hoped to get them to help her without them knowing it. Now she may have made things worse.

"Sorry, Dad. Got a lot of homework, maybe later." She heard Danny dash up the stairs and slam his door shut. Her dad went off back to the lab, disappointed.

Jazz decided to head upstairs and talk with Danny. Gently, she knocked on his door.

"Danny? Is everything okay?" She listened for a response but there was none. "I'm coming in." The door creaked open slowly, and Jazz peeked in and gasped as a figure slammed into the wall beside her. There was a flash of light and there lay Danny Fenton. "Danny!" she cried out, rushing to his side. His face was covered in scratches and blood was trickling down from a split lip. His clothes, in contrast, were much better condition.

His eyes opened and he looked to his sister.

"Jazz..." he said weakly before trying to get up. "I-I can handle this. Go." But he couldn't stand. The room grew colder and a transparent entity came through the wall.

"Dad! Mom! Ghost!" Jazz yelled, in fear. She held her arms around Danny to protect him from the ghost as their parents barreled into the room with all their ghostly gadgets and serious faces.

The ghost, vaguely resembling a large cat, snarled at them.

"Nobody messes with the Fentons and gets away with it!" Jack declared, brandishing the Fenton Ghost Fisher. The large ghost cat lunged at him with its claws gleaming. Jack threw the line but it was all tangled up. Maddie intercepted the ghost using the Fenton Ghost Gauntlets to grab one of its paws and flipped it onto its back. Unfortunately, it phased through the floor and surprised her from behind, snarling as it kicked her through the window.

"Mom!" Jazz screamed as the blue jumpsuit disappeared from view.

~ phantom130 5 (September 2013)

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