Times Like These

Chapter 32

Felicity changed as soon as they got back to his room, knowing she’d have to wear something other than a simple skirt and top for dinner. But that was hours away and Oliver’s shirt and his bed looked very tempting.

She dozed off with her tablet in her lap while he stretched out on the mattress beside her watching a basketball game with one hand tucked behind his head. The voice of the announcer and consistent drone of the crowd were easy to block out and she didn’t even notice when he slid the tablet from her slack grip and scooted her further down on the pillows.

It was warmth and pleasure that woke her instead of a nightmare and she sighed into it, not yet opening her eyes as she felt gentle touches skim her abdomen and up the center of her chest.

Oliver’s touch. She knew by the thrill that shot through her, shifting back into the mattress and turning her head to the right where she could feel his presence.

He was barely making contact with her skin, causing her to shiver as he trailed his fingers wherever he wanted. She left her eyes closed, the unknown of where the next touch would come making a heat rise inside of her.

Her stomach contracted involuntarily as he ran the back of his knuckles over her abdomen, tracing meaningless patterns that set her entire body on edge.

His hand lifted from her waist and her breaths quickened as she anticipated where she’d feel him next. When she felt him barely graze the outside of her knee she jumped, not expecting him there. The bed dipped under them as he moved closer and she heard him make a small noise of amusement from the back of his throat. If she could see him then she knew he’d have a smirk on his face.

Slowly he allowed the roughened pads of just two fingers to lightly follow the line of her thigh, up and down, gradually moving higher and higher until he hit the hem of the shirt where it was bunched around her waist and then he kept going.

It was a quiet touch, an easy touch, and yet it made the air catch in her chest and her hand fist in the sheets below them. This bold, decisive Oliver had been missing since her return and she was very glad he was back. This was the Oliver that had teased her relentlessly, that had delighted in making her squirm, that had almost brought her to the brink with just his hands and his mouth on her neck.

She knew he was aware she was awake, but there was something electric about keeping her eyes shut that she didn’t want to disrupt. When his finger followed along the edge of her underwear and then suddenly dipped beneath to stroke over her hip bone her lips parted on a breathy gasp she couldn’t contain.

He stilled for a second before his thumb hooked under the thin band and tugged it down just far enough so he could continue to caress the sensitive flesh. Each swirl made her twitch, as small jolts of heat made the short track to her core.

Her teeth found her bottom lip in a weak attempt to keep quiet. She ducked her head and rounded her back slightly, but that was only to stop herself from arching it; from pushing her hips into his hands and body the way she wanted to.

The blood thrummed through her veins hot and fast as her pulse increased. When the assault on her hip suddenly stopped she was almost grateful, until she felt his touch at her elbow and then coasting up the back of her arm.

She was trembling now, lashes fluttering as she quickly began to lose the battle to keep her eyes closed. She needed to see him. Needed to see the want in his eyes, to see the desire and the confirmation that they were indeed coming out the other side of hell still whole. But as much as she needed that she didn’t want to break the spell.

However, when she felt him cup the side of her jaw with a solid touch just before running his thumb over her lower lip and freeing it from her bite she couldn’t stop herself.

Felicity’s eyes flew open, drinking in the sight of him only a few inches away, pupils blown wide as he braced himself over her.

Heat spiraled low in her belly as he stared at her, the intensity she saw made her stop breathing as her heart hammered in her chest. Without realizing it she tried to draw her lip under her teeth again but his thumb flashed out and stopped her, letting it rest there as their eyes locked.

All it took was her lips pursing and her tongue flicking out to just wet the pad for him to give in completely. A half strangled growl came from deep behind his ribs as his mouth moved over hers, his first action to suck her lower lip into his own mouth and bite down on it himself.

This was like no other kiss they’d shared since she’d been back. This was good, this was home, this was pure and unsullied by bad memories. It was just the two of them and promises and hope and a future.

However, as soon as she’d raised her arms to follow up his wrists to his shoulders, stomach flipping at the sensations he was pulling from her he began to draw back, nipping at her mouth then moving to trail a line of hot kisses across her jaw before he let out a long frustrated sigh and dropped his head to her chest.

"Oliver….” her voice was rough, and affected, her breathing still heavy after what he’d done to her, “what…”

“I’m sorry…dinner is in an hour I…I just meant to wake you up but,” he picked his head up, fingers tucking her hair behind her ear as she stared at him in confusion, “You looked so beautiful, I couldn’t help myself.”

It was the almost shy way he said it that made her flush and caused a rush of power go through her. A smile spread across her face and she saw the surprise in his eyes. Rough stubble, thicker than normal tickled her palm as she touched his face, lightly stroking his jaw, “I didn’t mind the wake up call, Mr. Queen, quite the opposite,” she said, purposely lowering her voice and then deliberately biting her lip,

Pupils that had begun to retract widened once again, and in a blink she was flat on her back with him hovering over her, powerful arms keeping him only a few inches above her. When she took a sharp breath her breasts brushed against his chest and she didn’t even know when her hands had raised to coast over his sides.

He leaned in, eyes dark and predatory until he was whispering glances of his lips across her jawline, and then her ear. His tongue snaked out and traced the shell sending waves of shivers to wash over her. When he captured the industrial piercing between his teeth and put the slightest bit of pressure on it she found herself digging her nails into him as her hips lifted and she pushed up on her shoulders in response.

He let go immediately, tiny nips along the edge until he sucked on the lobe and then laved the all too sensitive skin of her neck. “I’ll keep that in mind, Ms. Smoak,” he murmured throatily and her hips shot north again leaving her gasping.

Slowly he straightened his arms until their only point of contact was her hands still holding tightly on to his ribs. She didn’t try to hide her stuttered breath, or how she couldn’t seem to look away, the intensity in their gaze keeping her locked on him.

Then like she’d been in doused in cold water she sat straight up in horror, Oliver only avoiding getting clipped in the chin due to his quick reflexes.

“Oh my god! An hour! There’s only an hour until dinner?” she sputtered while he sat back on his heels and looked at her first in concern and then amusement,

She threw the covers off and made to scurry from the bed when he caught her by the waist and dragged her back against him, “Hey, you know you don’t have to do this. And you don’t have to get so worked up. It’s just a meal, not a state dinner at the White House,”

Her head whipped around, throwing hair into his face as she looked at him incredulously, “You do know this house is bigger than the White House, right? And…your mother…I mean, she’s been great, don’t get me wrong. I’ve almost totally forgotten about that 'putting me in the Green room’ thing. But…she’s intimidating, and scary, and…I’ve been…not exactly at my best lately. This dinner means something. It’s important. I’m not saying it’s an audition or an interview or anything but…it’s definitely more than just a dinner and we can’t back out now, I can’t back out now.”

Oliver held her tighter and let out a breath, “Felicity, it really is just dinner, I promise, no hidden agendas, no ulterior motives.” his hold loosened some as he dropped his chin to her shoulder, “If you ever feel like it’s too much we leave, okay. I don’t care if it’s the first course or dessert or anywhere in between.”

Her hands draped over his and she squeezed, letting his know how much she appreciated his continued support and understanding, “Okay,” she agreed, tipping her head back to press a kiss under his chin, wrinkling her nose as she reached up and ran her nails along his jaw, “Don’t you think it’s time you shaved? I love the stubble, don’t get me wrong, ” she said quickly turning so she could look at him, “But this is approaching scary wildman beard territory and…no thank you,”

He raised an eyebrow, and tried to look affronted but she merely lifted a brow of her own and gave him a challenging look, “I didn’t know you had such strong opinions on my facial hair,”

“Oh, I have strong opinions about more than just that,”

She hadn’t meant for the sentence to sound so loaded but it did and they both froze, eyes holding for a long moment where she could almost watch him weigh out whether to go ahead with dinner or to flip her back onto the bed.

In the end it was Felicity that cleared her throat and swallowed hard and lifted his hands off her middle as she moved from the bed. “I, uh…wow, I should go get ready. It’s not black tie or anything is it? Like Victorian England?” she asked nervously, but it wasn’t because of the dinner, it was because of how Oliver was still looking at her.

Mirroring her moves he slid to the opposite side of the bed and stood, making his way around the end until he was across from her, “No, not black tie,” he said with a small smile and shake of his head, “Thea’s even gone in her pajamas a few times,” and then his eyes dropped to take in the expanse of leg she had on display just then, “But maybe not those,”

She flushed, heat filling her belly as he stared at her and she wondered how she was going to make it through dinner, but not for the reasons she’d had earlier, “I hardly think I’d wear nothing but your dress shirt to dinner. I’m sure I can find something,”

“As long you don’t get rid of the shirt,” he countered with an intentionally wry grin, “I have to get ready too,” he added, already taking two steps towards the bathroom, but not looking away from her,

“Oliver, I love you, but please, shut up. You wake up looking like…” she waved her hand in the air in front of him indicating his always amazing looking form, “like that. Us mere mortals need time.”

His crossed the space between them in two quick strides, reaching out to wrap around her waist, pulling him flush to her chest as his hands slid easily beneath the shirt she wore and ran upwards, “I believe I just informed you that I was…distracted from waking you up because I couldn’t seem to keep my hands off of you.” as he spoke his voice got lower and lower and it took her far too long to catch on to how he was deftly unbuttoning her shirt.

He let his fingers trail over her sides, dancing across her ribs as her breath caught, before he stepped back and gave her a wink, “Shouldn’t you be getting ready? Dinner’s in fifty minutes now,” he deadpanned and her mouth dropped open in disbelief.

He was teasing her. He’d been teasing her. And she’d been teasing him.

It felt normal and easy and as the thought passed over her she waited for the guilt but it never came. They’d been through hell, and they’d survived. She was finally able to understand what that meant.

The soft sound of the bathroom door clicking shut brought her back to the present and she looked around the now empty room with new eyes.

By the time she entered the closet she had a smile on her lips and it only grew wider when she saw a dress that she knew didn’t belong to her hanging prominently as she walked in. A small note was pinned to the front although she knew it was from Thea before she even looked,

’Thought you could use a little something special. My closet is your closet.’

Her eyes grew wet as she read it again and fingered the fine dark blue fabric. The label was one she recognized, but could have never afforded, and she was struck by Thea’s generosity.

After she’d slipped the dress on she was also surprised by how perceptive the younger girl was. The bodice fit tight with a high neck but had long billowing sleeves that gathered to fitted cuffs, effectively hiding every bruise and cut she still had, before the nipped in waist flared out in a flirty, frothy skirt that was definitely on the short side.

However, as she slid into heels and stood in front of the mirror, pulling her hair off her face with one hand she had to admit she looked good. The color made her eyes pop and warmed up her still pale face. And she knew Oliver would like it.

They passed in the doorway of the bathroom, not saying a word and not needing to. His eyes raked over her, taking in everything from the stilettos she was wearing for the first time since being back, to the dress he knew didn’t belong to her. His brows lifted appreciatively as she took in his freshly shaven face, his usual amount of stubble left and she gave a short nod as their eyes clashed just before she shut the door behind her.

When she stepped out twenty minutes later, make up done, hair in a ponytail her mouth went dry at the sight that greeted her. Oliver stood casually by the desk, absently thumbing through his phone with one hand, the other tucked lazily in his pocket. The grey suit, and white dress shirt with open collar and no tie was one of her favorites and as he raised his eyes first before raising his head she had a feeling he knew exactly what he was doing.

She knew he saw her visibly swallow, and the controlled, intentional grin he gave her was enough to make her stomach erupt in a swarm of butterflies. “That smile doesn’t work on me,” she lied, as she took a few shaky steps forward to prove how unaffected she was even though the closer she got the more she noticed little things that were going to drive her crazy the rest of the night; the contrast between the edge of his white shirt cuff and the tanned skin of his hand, the way fit of the jacket seemed to make him lean when she knew all she had to do was run a hand beneath to feel the ridges of pure muscle, the color of his eyes as they sparked and deepened as he looked at her like he wanted to have her for dinner instead of go downstairs.

His grin only grew wider as he swept a look from head to toe that made her entire body tingle, “I think the smle works a little bit,” he countered, thumbing his phone off and slipping it into his pocket,

“Don’t flatter yourself, cock-” the words caught in her throat as his eyes flew to hers, “cocky isn’t a good look on you,” she managed to finish, licking her lips nervously as he slowly approached,

She gasped when she felt his touch, just the tips of his fingers on her elbow as he cupped it and drew her near, but the predatory expression on his face had vanished, “You look amazing,” he said in a whisper, leaning down to kiss the corner of her mouth,

When he pulled back he let his hand follow down the length of her arm before lightly gripping her fingers and lifting them up. Oliver brushed his lips over her knuckles, making a small tingle go through her before he looked down and smiled, rubbing his thumb across the tops of her fingers. “I like this,” he said, indicating her new bright pink manicure, “This is my Felicity,”

She knew he’d meant the words to come out easily and without weight, but they both went still at his tone. It was loaded, and carried emotions and implications that made her breath quicken and her blood rush. “Yours?” she questioned in a half strangled voice,

“Yes,” he replied immediately, other hand settling on her waist to pull her hips flush against his.

Her palm skimmed up the front of his shirt to land directly over his heart as she silently asked him the same.

“Yes,” he said again and she swore her heart flipped in her chest,

Somehow this went beyond 'I love you’. This was a commitment beyond anything they’d ever made before. Beyond friends, beyond partners. This was a vow. A promise that included a lifetime and they both understood that at the same time.

Without a word she slid both arms around him and tucked her head under his chin. He held her close, the rapid beat of his heart under her ear the physical evidence that he felt the same. But she hadn’t needed it, all she’d had to do was look in his eyes to see the truth.

They stood like that until Oliver’s phone chimed and she startled. He pulled it from his pocket with an exasperated sigh and slight roll of his eyes that seemed to only be reserved for his sister.

“Thea’s threatening to send Roy up if we don’t come down immediately,” he reported,

Felicity couldn’t help but smile, “Well, we can’t do that to poor Roy, guess it’s time then.”

Nerves struck her and she found herself stepping back from him and repeatedly smoothing out her skirt and adjusting her glasses. Oliver captured her hand in his and pushed the frames up her nose a fraction, “Hey, stop worrying, it’s just dinner,”

“You keep saying that but…it doesn’t feel like just dinner. Just dinner to me is an open pizza box and my pajamas, or Thai in front of my computers in the lair….this is-”

She didn’t get a chance to finish her thought because his lips cut her off, pressing insistently into hers as he coaxed them open and swept his tongue inside. As soon as she sank into him he slowed his assault, dragging a long low moan from the back of her throat before he let her go.

“Just dinner,” he repeated, and all she could do was nod,

Automatically her hand rose, ready to remove the traces of her lipstick from his mouth but there was nothing there, “Wow, they weren’t lying when they said the color wouldn’t transfer. I’m going to need to get one in every color,”

A glint filled his eyes as he tucked her hand into his arm and turned towards the door, “I can see where that feature could be…helpful,”

She gasped when she realized what he was implying.

“In the office…” he began as they stepped out into the hallway,

Felicity cleared her throat and shot him a look under her lashes, “In the lair…” she continued for him, “Digg would appreciate it,”


“The car,”

“Coat closets,”



“Boring galas,”

“Boring dinners,”

They continued to trade off various locations, each one making an image flash in her mind of exactly what they could do in each of those places.

When they reached the first balcony he stopped suddenly and turned to her with what she could only describe as an evil grin.

“Staircases,” he said with a flash of white teeth before she found herself being pushed into the sturdy wooden banister behind her, Oliver’s hands splayed across her back holding her securely as he once again kissed her senseless.

It was the purposeful and overly loud throat clearing by Thea that forced them apart. Felicity made a squeak of embarrassed surprise as she snuck a look below to see the smirking visage of Thea Queen looking right at her.

“Dinner was suppose to start twenty minutes ago,” she called with a tone of superiority she probably rarely got to use with Oliver, “What could you have possibly been doing, brother dear?”

Face red, Felicity could only try and keep herself from saying something that would make it all worse as Oliver let out a huff of exasperation and wrapped an arm around her back as they finished the descent into the foyer.

“Leave your brother alone, Thea,” Moira admonished lightly as she entered the space just as Felicity and Oliver made it to the bottom of the stairs. “I’m pleased Felicity was feeling well enough to attend,”

Felicity’s hand tightened on Oliver’s sleeve for a second as Moira headed straight towards her and he only had time to give it a comforting squeeze as he let go before she was being embraced. “You look wonderful, dear,” Moira said in her ear before she pulled back, and turned to Oliver.

Thea stepped forward next, also giving her a hug, “I knew that dress would look fabulous on you,”

“You really shouldn’t have,” Felicity began to protest but Thea cut her off with a sharp look just before nudging Roy forward,

Even he dutifully approached and pecked Felicity on the cheek, “Glad you’re feeling better, Barbie,” he said sincerely if a little self conscious, only slightly shuffling his feet before he moved over and shook Oliver’s hand.

“I’ll go tell them we’re ready,” Moira said brightly, “Thea, could you take everyone in please?”

Felicity watched, a little bit in awe as Moira swept from the room. Thea gave a small eye roll and shake of her head as if she wasn’t buying in to the necessity of her mother’s request. But she still took Roy’s hand and headed into the dining room.

“For 'just a dinner’ why do I feel like we’ve just been greeted like arriving dignitaries instead of people who have all been living under the same roof?” she said under her breath to Oliver, his hand settling low on her back as they followed the others in,

He let out a soft chuckle, “That’s just Mom, she can’t turn it off,” he assured her, but she was still feeling a bit overwhelmed as they entered and she saw the lavishly set table. Her eyes widened as she took it all in, the toe of her shoe catching on the impossibly expensive Persian rug.

Oliver deftly turned her towards him, lowering his head so only she could hear, “Remember, we can leave right now if you want,”

“It’s not…it’s not that,” she said quickly, not wanting him to think she was having a relapse, “I just…”

He tugged her further to the side of the room, ignoring the looks Thea was certainly sending them. And when he spoke she was sure he’d never sounded so impassioned, “Do you remember…” his voice choked and he had to clear his throat and start again, “Do you remember the night before,” and again he had to stop because she knew exactly what 'before’ referred to. A cold fist tightened in her gut as she waited for him to finish, “we had made plans with a bottle of wine and an uninterrupted night…” tenderly he reached up and stroked a hand down the side of her face, “We can have that tonight, after dinner,”

She blinked at him twice, mouth dropping open slightly as the icy apprehension inside her was consumed by the burst of heat that his rapidly darkening eyes were stoking within her.

“I…I think I can make it through dinner,” she said in a voice far more steady than she felt. The way he was looking at her made desire flare low in her belly, and when he let his nails scratch at the base of her spine it felt like there was no barrier between them at all.

She let out a breathy little moan and quickly bit down on her lip to stop another from emerging, but that seemed to be the wrong action. Immediately Oliver dipped his head lower, hand tightening at her waist, “Don’t,” he growled, making her knees weak, “You can’t do that and expect me to keep my hands off of you,”

Stunned and with her body tingling with need she let her lip slip out from between her teeth which earned her another rumble from deep in his chest and a long exhale that brushed her forehead.

Thea cleared her throat again causing Oliver to jerk his head up and Felicity to take a half a step back and remember where they were.

“You two are hopeless,” the younger girl said with a shake of her head,

Silently Oliver guided her to the two empty chairs across from Roy and Thea just as Moira came in to join them. She gestured for them to sit and Felicity made to pull out her chair just as Oliver did it for her.

His hand skimmed her back as she sat and it took everything in her not to show a reaction. Like she had done all those mornings ago she found herself taking a long drink from the water goblet in front of her before anyone else hadn’t so much as touched their napkin. “Oh god,” she exclaimed, setting the glass down carefully, “I did it again,”

“Don’t worry, I would have preferred pizza in the theatre room but…” Thea gave an exaggerated tilt of her head towards where her mother sat at the end of the table,

Moira let out a small sound of disapproval as she delicately picked up her napkin and placed it in her lap, motioning to a uniformed staff member standing silently in the corner that they could begin serving. “There’s nothing wrong with wanting to give Felicity a nice meal after…after everything that has happened,”

“Thank you, Mrs. Queen I appreciate everything you’ve done for me,”

“It was a very nice idea, Mom,” Oliver joined in, his hand covering hers where it lay in her lap, idly playing with the edge of the table cloth.

Moira sent a pointed look Thea’s way who just rolled her eyes and mouthed 'Suck ups’ to both Felicity and Oliver. The act made her giggle, which she had to quickly cover by grabbing her napkin and faking a cough.

“Really says something when I’m the one behaving,” Roy deadpanned, earning him a thwack on the arm from Thea, but making Felicity smile.

“It does indeed, Roy,” Moira agreed just as the first course was served,

With the icebreaker out of the way, the meal progressed with relative ease. Thea spent a good portion of the time talking about the club, making sure to bring up stories that Roy could participate in. Felicity was happy to sit and listen, her earlier concern about the dinner mostly gone.

What hadn’t disappeared was the formerly low level need and hyperawareness she had for Oliver that was rapidly growing out of control.

He seemed to find an almost constant reason to touch her. A hand draped over the back of her chair as they waited for plates to be cleared, his fingers playing through her hair. Making sure they touched when he handed her the salt shaker, thumb dragging over her knuckles. Overlapping her hand with his when he went to pour her a half glass more of wine, under the guise of ensuring the glass was steady.

By the time dessert was served she felt like a live wire. She hadn’t been able to look at him for the past ten minutes because she was certain she’d melt on the spot at what she was sure to see in his eyes. She forced herself to pay attention to what Moira was saying about a meeting that had to be rescheduled and even went as far to say she’d deal with it next week when they were back in the office even though that was definitely not something she’d thought about yet and certainly hadn’t discussed with Oliver. And that’s when his hand found her bare thigh.

She hadn’t been expecting it. Her knee jerked upright almost banging into the underside of the table as her napkin slid to the floor. Thea raise a brow her direction but didn’t say anything as Felicity started to lean down to pick up the fallen fabric.

“Let me get it,” Oliver offered, but she should have known it was a ruse, his voice was too low and too heavy and when she felt his warm palm slide up her calf, over her knee and under the hem of her dress as he laid the napkin back across her lap she knew she was done for.

She held out as long as she could, but with his hand splayed wide she could feel him only inches from where every drop of blood in her body seemed to be heading. His thumb drew slow careful lines up and down the outside of her thigh until he came to the fine line of stitches that were still there from the office bombing.

When he stilled she looked down first, the sight of his hand hidden by her skirt and the napkin sending some sort of wild thrill through her and then she looked up until blue eyes clashed with blue.

They were both standing in almost perfect sync, Oliver catching the back of her chair before it could tip over.

“Dinner was amazing, Mom but…we really need to see about getting Felicity’s stitches out now,” he said quickly, already moving around so he could take her by the elbow and very pointedly ignoring the gaping stares of his sister and her boyfriend.

“Yes, thank you, so much,” Felicity threw in as she hurriedly moved her feet to keep up with Oliver’s long stride,

“Of…course,” Moira said, confusion written all over her face,

“Stitches? Really Ollie, that’s the best you could come up with?” Thea asked pointedly as they crossed behind her,

“It’s not good if they’re left in too long,” he bit off in reply and Felicity had to turn her head away to hide her wince at how obvious they were being.

“And another ten minutes was really going to make that much of a difference?” Thea countered, with a lift of her lips,

“Goodnight, Speedy,” Oliver said through clenched teeth and before Felicity could so much as offer a wave his hand was wrapped around hers and she was being pulled from the room.

The blood was rushing through her so quick it was all she could hear. Even the sharp click of her heels on the marble floor was muted as they crossed the foyer.

They made it to the first riser when he suddenly stopped and spun her to face him, her hands coming out to brace against his chest as she looked up at him breathlessly. He looked like he was hanging on to his control by only the thinnest of threads. She’d never seen him so pushed past the brink before. He was always in control of his emotions, only rarely did that fail and when it did he always regained it in an instant. This was not momentary. As she stared into dark, burning eyes all she saw was the abyss both of them were about to enter.

Her face was framed by his large hands and he stared down at her like she was his entire world. He groaned her name, making her stomach swoop and her knees tremble as she sank into him, needing his solid strength to stay upright.

Before she could take another breath his mouth was on hers, desperate and insistent as he let days of fear and worry melt away to be replaced by the desire and attraction that had been there since the moment they’d met. He tasted like wine and chocolate, and she couldn’t get enough as she returned the kiss with just as much passion.

Hot, open mouthed kisses were placed across her jaw and down her neck, a growl of frustration announcing his displeasure when the high collar of her dress impeded his path. With one bend of his knees she was suddenly being lifted, legs wrapping around his waist as his hands spanned her back, one already finding the zipper.

With her breath already coming in short pants she clung tighter when he turned and began to make his way up the stairs. Her fingers stroked through his rough stubble and she bent her head to press her lips to his, trusting he wouldn’t stumble.

“You do know that was the worst… lamest…most ridiculous excuse you’ve ever come up with,” she said, pausing between words to press a kiss someplace different.

“I do,” he replied, hand kneading her ass, “And I don’t care,”

Cool air covered her now bare back as he walked across the balcony. She could feel the open sides of the dress tickle her skin as they moved and she cut one glance down below, hoping no one was watching.

Then her attention was back on Oliver as he slid one warm palm up her spine, only stopping to flick open her bra, hand following up to her shoulder where he pulled down the fabric and replaced it with his mouth. She rolled her hips into his when she felt the sharp sting of his teeth, to be quickly soothed away with his tongue as his other hand hastily tugged down the bikini bottoms she wore until they were caught under the swell of her ass.

She clutched to his shoulders as her head spun, skin tingling, leaving her feet and hands numb. He was back to sucking a spot low on her throat, continuing up the last set of stairs when she felt two fingers trail across the back of her thigh and in, sweeping through her folds. A high pitched cry escaped her lips as he let out a rush of air and paused for a second before picking up his pace.

“God you’re wet,”

The final few feet to his door were a blur. He sank one long finger into her just before he kicked the door shut behind them and she almost came right then, hard and fast. But then she had her back against cool wood and his hands were on her waist, pulling the dress and bra off her wrists, leaving her bare from the waist up. He plucked her glasses off and tossed them on a nearby table, but she couldn’t be forced to care if they ended up there in one piece or not.

Balanced between Oliver and the door she quickly got to work undoing the buttons of his shirt, hurriedly shoving his jacket off his shoulders, immediately followed by the shirt until it became a tangled mess of fabric stuck at his elbows.

A rough low rumble came from his chest as he strained one arm forward, the seams beginning to protest. With his mouth firmly attached below her ear she shivered and swallowed hard, grabbing his left hand and tugging the material down until it fell free. It took nothing for him to shake the rest off his other arm and all the air seemed to leave her lungs when he pressed his now bare chest into hers.

She arched into him hard, back bowing away from the door until her only point of contact was the crown of her head. He hitched her higher making her gasp as her center was dragged right over his belt making her heels dig into him as she clutched desperately to his biceps.

Oliver didn’t let the opportunity go to waste and laved a wet path from the sharp line of her jaw all the way down her throat. When he reached her collarbone he nipped over the sensitive flesh, teeth almost biting too hard, but each small flash of pain was quickly erased by his tongue or his lips. One hand circled her ribcage and moved firmly upwards until he was cupping her breast, fingers wrapping around the supple flesh and squeezing until she moaned. The other hand worked up the back of her head and tugged the band from her hair, an appreciative sound rumbling from him when he could thread his fingers through the golden strands.

These weren’t the same touches from earlier when she’d lay in bed with her eyes closed wondering where she would feel him next. These were strong, and purposeful. This was Oliver at the boiling point, about to lose control completely and it sent flares of heat rushing through her. She wanted him like that. She needed him like that.

She lowered her eyes to see the top of his bent head where he was solely focused on covering the tops of her breasts with as many kisses as possible. Her shoulders relaxed back and suddenly there was space between them where there wasn’t before. Another approving growl left his throat just as her right nipple was sucked into the hot cavern of his mouth making her grab a handful of hair as she pushed into him.

It felt like there was wildfire in her veins, spreading, consuming, until all that was left was her desire for him. He looked up then and their eyes caught, time freezing. Her stomach flipped at what she saw, he was searching, asking permission because he was only seconds away from being unable to and that knowledge sent bolts of desire straight to her core, making her hips jerk forward.

His eyes slammed shut, hands gripping her hard as he fought. His breaths came in short, ragged pants, the muscles in his neck standing out starkly due to his clenched jaw. The same storm she could see in him she felt inside herself and she couldn’t deny them any longer.

Her hands found his face, pulling up insistently until he looked at her. “I need you,”

The words weren’t fully out of her mouth before he surged towards her, his lips greedy as they attacked hers.

Her name spilled out as a plea, a final chance for her to pull back, to change her mind, to stop. But she didn’t want to stop.

She answered by carding her fingers through his hair, using it to pull him impossibly closer as she stroked her tongue along his.

It wasn’t until she felt herself falling backwards, and her hands shot out to grab frantically at his shoulders that she realized he’d walked them across the room and now had one knee planted on the bed to lower her to the mattress.

A short high gasp left her as she bounced once due to the force he used to move her. Already his hands were dragging the dress off her hips, grabbing her underwear as he did. Her heels were long gone and a flush crept up her chest at the thought that they’d come off on the stairs or in the hallway where anyone could find them.

The next thing she knew his mouth was on the inside of her knee making her jump. Through half lidded eyes she watched him straighten, standing in front of her splayed legs, one still dangling off the edge of the bed. He never looked away as he undid his belt, pants and boxers shoved down together, the raging inferno she saw within him making her heart beat triple time.

His hands landed on her thighs, solid and heavy, kneading the flesh as he worked his way north. She grabbed handfuls of the sheets beneath her, unable to keep still as he stalked his way up her body. When he reached her hips his thumbs rubbed mirrored circles over her hip bones, a keening cry bursting forth as a flood of wetness drenched her center.

He was close enough now she could touch him again and she wasted no time, running her hands over his chest, letting her nails cut down, purposely catching his nipples making him roar and move to cover her body with his.

She could feel him everywhere. His hands didn’t stop; up her thighs, across her stomach, rolling a nipple between his fingers before he reached down to push her legs further apart, settling in the cradle of her pelvis like it had been made for him alone.

He was hard and insistent, the tip of his cock already pushing against her folds and she wanted it to last but also wanted to do nothing more than to draw her knees up and let him slide in. A whimpering moan made it’s way out as her hips jerked towards him, causing him to brush over her clit making her see stars.

Oliver’s head dropped to her breast, his hands tightening where they held her as he took in one ragged breath and then another. “Felicity-” her name came out stilted and broken even as his own hips thrust forward, both of them moaning at the contact. She heard the struggle, it was the same one she felt but she also couldn’t ignore her body’s overriding need. Every nerve ending called out for him. She was alive; more aware, more reactive than she had ever been before and if the raw, almost wrecked look on his face she saw as he raised his head was anything to go by, so was he.

“I need you,” she repeated, breathlessly, “I want you, Oliver…”

Fear flashed across his eyes along with a darkening desire that looked primal. His entire body shuddered as he pushed up forcefully on his palms until he hovered over her, making her feel tiny. “I don't…” his jaw worked, face going red at the effort he was exerting, “I don’t want to hurt you,”

Eyes wide she stared up at him in shock, a rush of emotion welling in her chest. Her hands slid over his sides and across his shoulders, feeling how he practically vibrated in his attempt to not take her right then.

“You won’t hurt me,” she whispered, “You can’t,”

Then, without breaking eye contact she reached down and grasped him, wrapping her fingers around his hot, hard length as pure lust and need raged behind his near black eyes.

There was a beat. A pause. A frozen moment in time. And then he let go.

All the air was sucked from her lungs as he covered her mouth in a bruising kiss, leaving her lightheaded. He slid an arm under her back and tugged her up the bed until she was no longer hanging off, her head just missing the pillows. But there was no time to worry about any of that, because as soon as he had her where he wanted her he was sitting back on his heels, both hands going straight to her center.

He clamped a hand on each thigh and pushed up and out until she was fully on display to him. Before she could take a breath his thumbs were at her opening, dipping into her wetness as he spread her open making her cry out with frantic, mewling gasps that didn’t stop.

She wanted to touch him but she couldn’t get her hands to let go of the blankets. The hold she had was the only thing keeping her from losing all control. When he circled her clit and slipped two fingers inside she pressed down with her heels and raised her hips a good foot off the bed.

Oliver slid a hand around her thigh and braced her in the air as his mouth came down to cover her. His tongue flicking around her clit had her calling his name like a chant, her entire focus narrowed to the hot swirl of arousal that was building low in her belly.

She was so lost in the fog of desire and what he was making her feel that she barely noticed when his mouth was gone, fingers still pumping inside her at a pace that steadily continued to rise. There was a loud slamming sound that had her lifting her head to see him ripping a condom packet with his teeth as his other hand still worked her.

She moaned as she watched him roll it down his cock, desire racing through her. And then he was right where she wanted him, one hand cupping her jaw and she couldn’t have looked away from him if she tried.

He was poised at her entrance, nudging her slick folds, begging to be allowed in. She wrapped her hand around his wrist, his pulse racing under his touch as he held on for her. She bit her lip and gave him the barest of nods, and with one sure thrust he was buried within her.

They both let out strangled groans and he stilled, giving her a moment as she tried to catch her breath, tried to breathe at the intensity of finally feeling him inside her.

But it was impossible and her body betrayed her first, taking the decision out of her hands as she canted her hips towards his making him grunt and grab at her waist, holding her in place as he pushed into her.

The bed rocked, headboard hitting the wall as the ache between her thighs grew. A sheen of sweat broke across his skin, making his muscles stand out as he worked over her.

He was still holding back however. He didn’t fully trust himself. But she did.

“More,” she gasped, letting her hands fall down his back to grab his ass,

There was a break in his rhythm as he stared down at her and she looked up, deliberately thrusting her hips hard into his, tiny burst of white light sparking in her vision as his pelvic bone rubbed exactly where she needed him.

He shook his head, and mouthed her name.

“More,” she demanded,

His stuttered, harsh breath washed over her face, hips jerking forward harder than they had before but she knew he was restraining himself.

Her nails dug into the hard muscles of his ass as she ground herself against him in frustration, “You won’t hurt me,” she said again, “I’m not going to break,”

His teeth clanked together as he reared back, and she saw the moment he fully broke. With a roar he pulled both of her hands off of him and held her wrists in one palm as he surged into her until he was buried so deep she couldn’t breathe.

He pinned her arms over her head and continued to pound into her, their grunts and moans the only sound in the room as his powerful hips worked like a piston with no discernible rhythm.

The headboard made an obscene knocking sound but she couldn’t really hear it. Her head was thrown back, mouth frozen open as she lost herself in him.

She needed this. They needed this. Every last unwanted touch. Every last unknown from her captivity needed to be burned away in order for her to be able to walk away new and whole.

Somehow in his haze of lust and pleasure he knew she needed to be in control at the end. All it took was one flip and their positions were reversed. His hands landed on her waist as she settled herself in place, the first drag of her pelvis against his at this new angle making her see stars.

Her orgasm was right there, it wouldn’t take but one or two more strokes she knew. With her hands planted on his pecs she lowered her head until it was pressed against his. She rocked against him as he drove into her, everything becoming tighter and tighter until felt like she’d climbed the highest spiral.

Moving almost frantically she found his hands, forcing their fingers to entwine as she panted above him. “Come with me,” she gasped into his ear, and then she knew nothing but an explosion of pleasure as she stepped off the cliff, Oliver’s erratic thrusts lead into him holding his body taut and still as she spasmed around him, his guttural shouts only slightly muffled by her neck.

She collapsed on top of him, chest heaving, not even realizing she’d been crying until she felt him wiping away her tears and murmuring soothing words into her hair.

“I could have lost this…lost you,” she whispered, letting out a long shaky breath,

“But you didn’t,” he reminded her, smoothing away damp hair from her neck,

“No, I didn’t,” she agreed with a smile,

He just held her as she listened to his heart beat begin to slow, making no move to extract herself from his embrace.

Eyes heavy, body sated and sleepy she was only half aware when he rolled her to the side before he slid from her body and then the bed. A warm cloth between her legs let her know he’d returned and then he was back in bed beside her, gathering her into his chest as she hummed happily.

One of her legs threaded through his as she pressed herself even tighter to his side. With a hand stroking through her messy hair she was quickly on her way to sleep, but a thought struck her and she smiled into his skin.

“You know, you never took out my stitches,” she mumbled.

The rumble of laughter could be felt as well as heard, and the last thing she remembered was him kissing her forehead before she was asleep.

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