In too Deep ((Sterek))


Shit starts happened in Beacon Hills again and it's up to Stiles and Derek to figure it out and stop the killings.

Fantasy / Mystery
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


Stiles sighed softly pacing in his room, his phone clutched in his hand. He's overheard, okay eavesdropped, into several of his dad's phone calls, and he knows somethings, going on. Not just a serial killer or accidents, he knows it's supernatural. He's just debating whether or not he should call Scott, his best friend, and someone who left town to stay out of this stuff. "Damn it" he muttered and flopped down onto his bed. Just as he was about to just say fuck it and call Scott another name popped into his head, Derek. "No.... no way" he mutter, not wanting to work with him. They never really got along that well after all. He looked down at his phone a moment before sighing and standing up. "Damn it" he muttered again before grabbing the keys to his jeep.

Stiles drove to Derek's knew place, since the one he had been staying in had been torn down. He parked on the side of the street and looked up at the place. He tapped on his steering wheel seriously thinking about turning around and just calling Scott. Then he again remembered his friend saying that he needed to get away from all this craziness. After what happened to Allison he's been kind of done with it all. So with a disgruntled sigh and a bit of grumbling he killed the engine of his jeep and got out of his Jeep.

Stiles went into the building and all the way up the stairs to the door to Derek's place. He stood out there for several moments, before knocking. No turning back now, he just hoped Derek wouldn't think he was crazy. He definitely wasn't crazy, he knew there had to be something going on. And if Derek didn't care or believe him he's just have to call Scott. Or Peter..... no definitely would have to call Scott.

Derek sighed when he heard a knock at his door, knowing it was Stiles before he even opened it. He heard his piece of crap jeep before he even turned onto the street. "What do you want Stiles?" he asked as he opened the door and started down the younger man. It wasn't that he didn't like the guy, well sort of, but he was actually sort of looking forward to having all the teenagers out of his hair once they went off to college.

Stiles smiled small, "Hey Derek" he said and kind of slide slash pushed his way into his place, as if Derek had opened the door politely. Though honestly Derek would have been able to stop him if he wanted to. "I need your help" he said and looked around the studio apartment before turning around and looking at Derek again. "It's happening," he said and sighed softly. "Weird stuff is going on and well you're the only person around who can help" he said and smiled small. Then before Derek could interrupt or tell him to leave, he started with his explanation. "People have going missing and have been popping up dead all over the place, their throats ripped out....... and we both know werewolves like doing that" he said mumbling the last part as he remembered when Derek not so kindly asked him to start his Jeep back up. "But it's not just that, they have this weird symbol carved into their backs, kind of looks like the tattoo on your back" he said and pulled out the pictures he had in his bag. He held them out to Derek not even sure the werewolf was listening to him anymore, or if he believed or cared about what he was saying. Didn't matter though, he'd have to throw him out, because he wasn't going to leave willingly until he agreed to help.

Derek gritted his teeth slightly as Stiles spoke, though to be honest it was hard not to crack a smile when Stiles mumbled under his breath about the time he threatened to rip his throat out. He sighed softly and looked over the human boy standing in front of him, he could smell the determination leaking off of him and see it all over his face as well. He could tell that he wasn't going to leave without a fight and since he didn't feel like hurting him, yet, he nodded and took the pictures. He looked them over slowly "Got any suspects?" he asked, knowing the know-it all probably did.

Stiles smiled nervously, "Well..... uh..... just... Peter.... and um... you" he said and shrugged slightly when Derek gave him a death glare. "What?" he asked a bit exasperated. "What am I supposed to think uh, mister grumpy and brooding all the time" he said and gave him a look before walking over to the couch and flopping done on it. "If it makes you feel any better you’re at the bottom of the list" he said with a smirk.

"Being at the bottom of your list of two, yeah totally makes me feel better Derek said and rolled his eyes before walking over to the couch and sitting on the opposite end. "I don't know what to tell you Stiles" he said and handed the pictures back over to the teen. "Don't even know what you're here for" he said.

"Muscle of course" Stiles said with a smirk and nodded slightly. "I tried contacting Deaton but he's out of town and I don't have his number. I don't want to bother Scott, he just doesn't want to be part of any of this anymore." he said and sighed softly. "Now while you're not my last choice you are my only choice" he said with a smile. "I want to figure this out, stop the killings" he said.

"Let the police do their jobs Stiles, it's what they're there for" Derek said and stood up, planning on shooing Stiles out now. He heard the story and now he was done.

Stiles sighed and stood up as well, "Oh come on, we both know a human didn't do this and if the police tried to catch em they'd just end up dead" he said and looked over at Derek. "Please Derek" he said with a frown. "How do you think I got most of this info. My dad's on this case, been listening in on his calls and following him out to the crime scenes" he said, obviously not feeling guilty about either of those admissions. He looked at Derek, trying to say that he didn't want his dad to get killed because of this, without actually saying it.

Derek sighed, god this kid was a real pain in his ass, "Fine I'll help you" he said and shoved the boy towards the door. "Come back at night, we'll check out the latest crime scene" he said and then pushed the boy out the door and closed it before he could say anything else.

Stiles smiled, "Thank you" he called from the other side of the door before hurrying down the stairs and out to his jeep. He climbed into the driver's seat and sped down the road back towards his house. He could actually relax now, he knew he'd have help. Though if he were being honest even if Derek refused to help he wouldn't have stopped searching for answers. He was already invested, and well he could be a little obsessive when it came to figuring out cases.

When he got to his room Stiles tossed his bag on his bed and pulled out the photos. He brought them over to his desk and spread them out on the surface. He examined each one over and over again, wanting to see if he missed anything. He really didn’t have much to go on yet so any small detail would be helpful. After a while of not seeing anything though, he gave up and started taping the up on his wall instead. It was kind of a gruesome thing to do, but how else was he suppose to make a evidence wall. He highly doubted that Derek would allow him to do it has place so this was all he had.

When he finished he let out a soft sigh and backed up and sat down on his bed. He stared at the pictures for a few moments, knowing he’d have to keep his father out of his room. Though he knew about werewolf stuff now he didn’t exactly approve of him continuing to be involved. Though to be honest he should probably move out soon anyway, he’d need a job first. Though that wasn’t likely to happen anytime soon.


Derek sighed softly as he listened to Stiles’s jeep pull away from the curb and go down the road. He ran a hand through his hair as he thought about how he was suppose to help Stiles, skinny, defenseless Stiles. He shook his head slightly and sat down on the couch, should have just told him to get lost, but he knew Stiles well enough to know that he wouldn’t give up on it just because he didn’t have a werewolf to back him up, bastard was stubborn like that.

Though to be honest with everything that’s happened in the past few years could he even really describe Stiles as defenseless anymore. Not after the nogitsune he’s been different, he didn’t know if anyone else noticed it but he has. He can smell the guilt rolling off of him every once in awhile, which kind of bothered him because Stiles had nothing to feel guilty about. He didn’t do anything wrong it was the nogitsune not him.

Derek shook his head again, tired of thinking about the sarcastic teen, his problems. So instead he thought about what the by had said and the pictures he showed him. The faster they solved this and caught the guy the quicker he could get rid of Stiles. He tired to think of any possible suspects, other than Stiles’s narrow list of him and his uncle. It wouldn’t be hard to believe that his uncle had started going on another killing spree but what the reason be. At least last time it was a revenge type of thing, even if it was mislead and completely psychotic .

Derek couldn’t think of anyone and just contemplating about it won’t get him anywhere. So before he had to go out to the crime scene with Stiles he needed to do a few more things. A small investigation he could handle by himself, and preferably by himself, which was why he was excluding the human sidekick from it.


While Stiles waited for the sun to set he ordered a pizza, though he could only eat a few pieces of it, and had to put the rest away. He was just to anxious about going out to the crime scene with Derek and to be honest he wasn’t exactly the most patient person in the world. He just wanted to be out there already, but he knew that was a bad idea. There were probably cps out there right now, collecting evidence, that he’d later have to steal the information on from his dad. Which he really didn’t feel bad about, because he knew that he was, in his own way, trying to protect his dad. He couldn’t handle this type of case on his own, and he wouldn’t be able to take it if he lost his dad. He’d have no one.


When it was finally time to go Stiles felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He pulled it out to see it was a text from Derek.

‘Get your ass over here.”

Stiles rolled his eyes as he read the text message before sending one back.

‘Be right there Sour-Wolf’

Stiles laughed softly because he knew the werewolf hated the nick-name he gave him so many years ago. He shook his head slightly before climbing into his jeep and pulling out of the driveway. His dad hadn’t been home all day, probably working on the case, so he was a little worried about him. Then again he knew he was probably at the station and he should be safe there. Hadn’t exactly been a safe zone lately, but he doubted anyone else would put a bomb in his office. Which he immediately felt guilty for because he was technically the one that did that.

Stiles quickly shook the thoughts out of his head before everything else he did while possessed could start flooding in as well. A few moments later he pulled up in front of Derek’s building. He was about to get out, but before he could, “Drive” he grunted.

Stiles sighed, “Hello to you too” he said and rolled his eyes before starting his engine again and pulled away from the curb. “So what’s got your panties in a twist?” he asked and looked at he very aggravated looking werewolf.

Derek sighed and looked over at Stiles for a moment, “Nothing” he lied and looked back at the road. “Just drive” he said sternly. He’d just got done talking to his uncle so he might be a little bit more moody than usual.

“It’s just a simple question?” Derek his patience really starting to run thin. “Do you know if there is anyone in Beacon Hills that would want to bee killing people?” he said, not needing to state the obvious, that this person wasn’t a human.

Peter thought and shrugged slightly, “I don’t know Derek everyone I know is dead, well all except for my favorite nephew” he said with a smirk.

Derek let out a slow breath, to keep himself from doing anything stupid, like attacking him. “Fine, forget I asked then” he said and turned to leave, already tired of his uncle’s shit.

“Well there may be one thing….” Peter said and trailed of that annoying arrogant smirk still plastered on his face.

Derek growled and turned back around to face his uncle “And what might that be” he said through clenched teeth.

Peter’s smile just grew, “I’m sorry I just can’t seem to remember, might need help jogging my memory” he said.

Derek growled before running at his uncle and smashing him into the wall behind him, “That enough of a reminder for you”

Peter tsked “now Derek is that anyway to handle your anger” he asked and pushed him off of him, with more efforted needed then the older werewolf would have liked.

Derek gritted his teeth, “Just tell me what you know” he said, clearly trying to control his anger.

Peter smiled, “See getting better already” he said and shook out his shoulders slightly. He looked over his nephew for a moment before sighing, “I’ve heard a few things about a new werewolf coming to Beacon Hills but I haven’t witnessed any evidence of that yet. Not even these murder’s you’re so worried about scream werewolf to me” he said and stepped around him. “Probably something else entirely” he said.

“Like what” Derek asked and looked over at him with a glare.

Peter shrugged, “I don’t know” he said and pursed his lips slightly.. “But maybe the bestiary may be able to tell you that” he said a bit suspiciously. “you happen to still have access to that?” he asked.

Derek watched his uncle for a moment before shaking his head, “No” he said and then seemed to notice how late it was. He let out a sigh “Got to go” he said and walked around his uncle and out the door.

“Tell Stiles hi for me” Peter called after his nephew.

Derek shook the memory away and looked over at Stiles for a moment, “I talked to my uncle” he said, the tone of his voice making it evident he didn’t enjoy himself. “Said it’s probably not a werewolf. But you can only trust less than half of what he says so there might not be any truth to it”

Stiles nodded slightly as he listened to Derek and smiled small, “Okay then, we can kind of look into different creatures that it could be.” he said and nodded slightly. “Did he say anything else” he asked, kind of curious about what the other werewolf might have said about the situation.

Derek shrugged, “He just asked if we still had access to Gerard’s bestiary” he said and looked at Stiles again. “I told him we didn’t” he said, because for all he knew they didn’t. Not that he would have told his uncle the truth anyway.

Stiles nodded slightly, “You know we do right” he said and looked over at him with a smile. “I download it onto my computer before Allison gave it back to her grandpa. I was able to translate it through a lot of different websites. Might not be perfectly accurate but it works” he said and shrugged slightly. Ever since Scott had been bit he was very interested in everything supernatural, even if he didn’t want to become one himself. He just had to find out whatever he could, he couldn’t help them out physically, so he used his other talents to help.

“Of course you did” Derek said and nodded slightly, he should have know that Stiles would have done something like that, guy’s been kind of obsessed about this stuff since the beginning.

Stiles gave Derek a look before returning his gaze to the road, he didn’t say anything else, because he honestly didn’t have a specific reason for doing what he did. He was just curious to be honest, and well he didn’t have to explain himself to Derek. Derek must have agreed with that because he didn’t say anything else either. The silence in the jeep was kind of tense as he drove to the forest, but luckily it only took a few minutes and they didn’t have to endure it for every long.

When Stiles finally pulled to a stop on the side of the road Derek jumped out and looked around. The Jeep was pulled up into the grass, a little ways off the road but still yards away from the trees that were grouped together in miles in either direction. Most of the murders were committed in the forest that was just inside the Beacon Hill’s town limits, or at least that was where their bodies were found. That included the latest one, a young male named Jordan Teller.

Stiles got out and locked the doors before hurrying around the jeep to stand next to Derek, before he could just run off and leave him behind. “It’s this way” he said and pulled a flashlight out of his bag, and started walking in the direction of the crime scene. he turned the flashlight on, because unlike the werewolf walking next to him he couldn’t see in the dark.

Derek could smell which way the crime scene was before the human told him. He could also tell it wasn’t a human who killed the poor guy, it was definitely something different. Though like Peter had said earlier he wasn’t sure it was a werewolf, the scent just wasn’t quite right. “You were right, it wasn’t a human who did this”

Stiles smiled, “Yes” he celebrated and then looked over at Derek was giving him a strange look. “What” he said with wide eyes. “Can’t a person be glad to be right” he said with a smile. “Especially when you’re the one admitting it” he said and poked the guy on the arm.

Derek looked down at where Stiles poked him and then back up at the human, giving him another look. One that kind of said excuse me, he didn’t like being touched and didn’t appreciate being poked by the human boy.

Stiles flinched away, “I won’t do it again” he said and shook his head before continuing to walk.

Derek suppressed a chuckle at Stiles’s behavior and shook his head slightly before continuing to follow the boy. “Do you have anything else to tell me about his guy” he said, talking about the one killed at this location.

“Ummm” Stiles said as he thought a moment, “His name was Jordan Teller, was nineteen. Just graduated from high school, and got out of a bad relationship with some chick.” he said and shrugged slightly. “Dad’s file said that he was going to join the Air Force, was actually going to leave for basic in a few weeks. And as far as I can see has no connection to any off the other victims” he said and looked around for a moment before he stopped walking completely. “This was where they found the body” he said and turned to look at Derek.

Derek nodded slightly, he sniffed the air a few times before growing tense. "Stiles run" he said and looked around for the source of the smell. It was way too potent for the creature not to be here now, why couldn't he hear it.

Before Stiles had the chance to say anything or to even turn to run something dropped down from the trees landing between the two men with a snarl.

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