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The Ninja Dance

Chapter 4: The Ninja Dance

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'It's so chilly these days ... Stupid Kakashi, why doesn't he just pick up his own mail?' Obito thought to himself as he walked through the village toward the ninja Post Office.

The Uchiha was dressed head to toe in winter clothing, but despite that fact he was still cold. Obito's goggles began to fog up as soon as he entered the Post Office.

'Darn it.' He thought bitterly. 'I can't see a thing.'

He removed the goggles only for a matter of seconds to wipe the lens clear and then put them back on. It was sad, but Obito had gotten so used to wearing the goggles that his eyes pretty much felt naked without them. Obito was just about to make his way over to the mailbox when someone else called him from behind.

"Hey Obito, hold on a second!"

He turned around and sure enough the voice belonged to Rin. Obito wasn't usually one to brag about it, but he could recognize the girl's voice from anywhere.

"Hey Rin, fancy seeing you here." Obito said, his face growing hot. "I mean this has got to be some sort of a coincidence that in this big village we'd both end up at the same place at the same time."

Rin giggled. "I suppose so."

"So do you uh ... come here often?" Obito asked as he got in line.

"To the post office? Of course." Rin said with a teasing smile. "Seriously Obito, you should know what they say about asking silly questions like that."

When Obito came up in line the Post Officer gave both Obito and Rin a pink, printed card with a picture of heart-shaped balloons on them. Obito opened his up and read from it carefully.

To: Uchiha Obito

You are invited to the Great Ninja Dance this Friday night at the Leaf Academy from 6 to 10. Tickets for the night are free just as long as you bring a date.

Sincerely, the Ninja Dance team

'A Great Ninja Dance,' Obito thought with a smile, 'it almost sounds too great to be true!' He snuck a quick glance over at Rin, who was still reading her letter. 'Now if only I could ask her, then maybe the night would be perfect!'

"Oh my gosh; this sounds like so much fun!" Rin exclaimed. "I haven't seen some of the other ninja in ages!"

Obito nodded. "I-it does sound fun." He said, sounding uneasy. "D-do you know who you want to go with yet?"

Rin shook her head no. "Maybe Kakashi will go with me though. The guys are supposed to ask the girls so I guess we'll just see what happens."

Obito nodded. "Yep, I suppose we will see."

"Good luck finding someone too." Rin said with a smile. "I'm sure any girl would be happy to go with you."

Obito blushed. He wanted to talk to Rin more, but she was already gone. She had wished him good luck finding someone. He sighed.

"Stupid …. Why didn't you ask her?" He muttered to himself.

After everything the two had gone through, Rin still had no idea that Obito liked her. He wished for a way to tell her, but no matter how hard he thought, there was no easy solution. Sure he could just tell her normally, but that kind of thing was never easy to discuss. Truth was Rin just was not that into him. Obito wondered if maybe it was finally time to face that fact and give up on her, just let Kakashi win. After all, it would hurt a whole lot less in the end if he were to quit chasing her now than if he spent his whole life pursuing her only to fail.

"Here's your stupid mail!" Obito said upon entering Kakashi's house.

He dropped the mail in a pile on the table by the couch. Kakashi lay on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, reading the first Icha Icha book. A new volume in the series was just released so Kakashi was working to reread all the volumes so he could read the latest volume with a mind refreshed on the latest events in the series.

"Not that much ever happens in that book that's worth trying to remember." Obito had first told Kakashi, but Kakashi still saw something in those books that made him want to keep reading.

"Thanks Obito." Kakashi said looking up from the book just long enough to meet Obito's eyes. "Anything interesting?"

"Just a few bills." Obito confessed. "There's um ... also a message about a ninja dance."

Normally Obito would have considered trying to hide the dance invitation, but he figured that Kakashi would find out anyway no matter what he did so it was only worthwhile that he would tell Kakashi about the dance first.

"So they're having another ninja dance? I thought Minato-sensei had said that they already had two dances this year. If there's one thing that we ninja pride more than fighting, it seems to be dancing." Kakashi teased, the last part being sarcastic.

"True, but I heard this is sort of the big dance! If a girl agrees to go with you, then you know she must like you!"

"Are you asking Rin?"

"What? Are you crazy?" Obito sighed. "Look, it's like this ... Rin doesn't see me in that way. She wants you to ask her."

Kakashi gave a frown from underneath his mask. "That's a pity."

"What do you mean?" Obito asked, seeming concerned. "Don't tell me that you're planning to pick that book over her!"

"Not a book." Kakashi corrected. "It's a book series!"

"What's your point?"

"There's a difference. Canceling a dance with Rin for a book is hardly worth my time, but if I have a whole series to read, then ... Well you know." Kakashi said, giving a wink and pervy laugh. He put a hand to his nose. "Sorry Obito, you've got to excuse me. I've got a bit of a uh ... nose bleed."

Obito cringed. "You're nasty Kakashi."

He walked out of the apartment room and shut the door behind him. That was the last time he visited Kakashi while he was reading Icha Icha. But on the other hand, he had Kakashi's permission to take Rin on the dance. It was a crazy thought, but maybe he really could ask Rin to go with him. Obito pushed the button on the elevator and when it went up Rin stepped out.

"Obito? Funny to see you again. Are you following me?" She said with a laugh.

"Tell me about it!" Obito teased back. "Better watch out, because I'm watching your every move." Okay, Obito would admit it, he really sucked at coming up with witty comebacks on the spot, but at least it still got a giggle out of Rin. "Are you headed to Kakashi's room?"

Rin nodded. "I should probably let you go before the elevator door closes."

"... Actually, I don't think Kakashi wants to be bothered right now. You see, he's uh ... reading Icha Icha again ..." Obito said. The words sounded so dirty just coming out of his mouth.

"... Oh ..." Rin muttered, not hiding her disappointment.

"Come on, if you'd like, maybe we could go together and get some lunch." Obito suggested.

Rin shook her head. "No thanks. Kakashi's home so if it's the same with you, then I'm going to talk to him."

Obito frowned, but nodded. He got in the elevator and let it ride down. He wondered if there was more he could do to have convinced Rin to stay with him longer.

He walked until he arrived at Ichiraku. A young Teuchi, about in his late twenties to early thirties, greeted him. Normally Obito did not care for ramen, but he kind of felt like eating out tonight, just encase Rin decided to visit after all.

Asuma and Kuranai, two ninja that had gone to the academy with Obito years back sat across from him. Judging from their conversation, Asuma had just asked Kuranai to go to the dance with him and Kuranai was thinking it over.

"I'm not sure Asuma. What if my friends see me? You've always said that we're just friends. It will be hard to convince them that we're still just friends if we go to the dance together." Kuranai said. Obito could tell that the girl was close to giving in. It was obvious that she was already using most of her strength for trying to hide a blush and teasing smile.

Asuma leaned in and gently kissed Kuranai on the forehead. "Fine then, you win. You can be my girlfriend."

Teuchi came over and put the ramen down by Obito. "Enjoy sir."

"Actually if it's alright with you, I'm not really that hungry." Obito confessed. That whole romantic scene had kind of made him lose his appetite. He reached into his pocket, handed the man some money, and then left.

'5:30, still a half-hour before the dance and I still haven't got a date…" Obito said to himself with a sigh.

He had gone on a walk in order to clear his mind, but instead this had the reverse effect. Everything the boy saw just reminded him more and more of Rin and being reminded of Rin's beautiful face just made him think more and more about the dance he was going to miss because he didn't have the courage to ask her out.

Obito tried to channel out the thoughts by thinking of something else, something anything, but Rin, but this was obviously easier said than done. Everything he saw reminded him of the girl. Just by looking around he could easily see the very same training field where he and Kakashi had planned a surprise birthday party for their female partner. The bench, Obito had remembered sitting on that bench once with Rin. This was where the two had almost kissed. Too bad that was only a dream. Rin wasn't nearly that into him in real life; and if she were he would have asked her to be his girlfriend years ago.

Obito must have been moving without thinking because the next thing he knew he had made his way all the way to the bench and had sat down on it. Then as if it really were a dream, Obito noticed Rin walk into the training field as well. When the girl noticed him she began to make her way over and sat down beside him. Obito almost had to pinch himself just to make sure this wasn't another dream trying to trick him.

"Obito, what are you doing out here so late?" Rin questioned, "Don't you have to get ready for the dance?"

"I'm not going…" Obito replied scornfully.

"Why not,"

"I haven't got a date…"

"So you're on the same boat as me, huh?"

"How do you mean?" Obito questioned.

She could not be serious when she said that she wasn't going to the dance, not when half the ninja in Konoha drooled over her every second of the day, surely someone must have beaten Obito to asking her out.

"I mean exactly what I said." Rin replied, trying to shrug it off as if it were nothing, but Obito knew her well enough to know there was more to the situation than she was willing to let on, "Just no one asked me to the dance after Kakashi rejected me… I guess they'd all just found dates by now…"

Obito stuck his hand out and gently began to brush Rin's hair out of her face, "You know, I think you're beautiful. I've always been too shy to tell you, but I love you Rin, I always have."

As the boy said those words Rin's eyes widened in surprise, "Why didn't you say anything before?"

"I tried to, but you know … It's hard." Obito said, seeming a little upset.

He really didn't want to turn this conversation into a talk about why he didn't confront Rin sooner. But to the boy's surprise Rin didn't seem upset, she almost seemed… happy. She smiled at him and used her sleeve to wipe up a tear that was beginning to form in her eyes.

"Obito, you're so sweet to me." She leaned in and kissed the boy on the cheek. "I don't know I feel about you, or even if I feel anything at all. Love is so confusing. But take my word on this; as long as you keep your spirit, then I'm sure you'll find someone that's just as great if not better than me."

"But Rin, you're the one I want." Obito said, his face growing crimson.

Rin shook her head. "I don't think so. It's just not meant to be." And then without another word, the girl got up and walked away.

Obito stood still for a moment unsure of what to do or say now. In whatever case, he still loved Rin and was not ready to give up just yet, not when love felt so close, yet so far away.

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