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The Ninja Dance (Dream World Ending)

Chapter 5: The Ninja Dance (Dream World Ending)

This is an alternate ending to the last chapter for those who prefer Obito/Rin. I hope you enjoy.

'5:30, it's a half-hour before the dance and I still haven't got a date…" Obito said to himself with a sigh.

He had gone on a walk in order to clear his mind, but instead this had the reverse effect. Everything the boy saw just reminded him more and more of Rin and being reminded of Rin's beautiful face just made him think more and more about the dance he was going to miss because he didn't have the courage to ask her out.

Obito tried to channel out the thoughts by thinking of something else, something anything, but Rin, but this was obviously easier said than done. Everything he saw reminded him of the girl. Just by looking around he could easily see the very same training field where he and Kakashi had planned a surprise birthday party for their female partner.

The bench, Obito had remembered sitting on that bench once with Rin. This was where the two had almost kissed. Too bad that was only a dream. Rin wasn't nearly that into him in real life; and if she were he would have asked her to be his girlfriend years ago.

Obito must have been moving without thinking because the next thing he knew he had made his way all the way to the bench and had sat down on it.Then as if it really were a dream, Obito noticed Rin walk into the training field as well. When the girl noticed him she began to make her way over and sat down beside him. Obito almost had to pinch himself just to make sure this wasn't another dream trying to trick him.

"Obito, what are you doing out here so late?" Rin questioned, "Don't you have to get ready for the dance?"

"I'm not going…" Obito replied scornfully.

"Why not,"

"I haven't got a date…"

"So you're on the same boat as me huh?"

"How do you mean?" Obito questioned.

She couldn't be serious when she said that she wasn't going to the dance, not when half the ninja in Konoha drooled over her every second of the day, surely someone must have beaten Obito to asking her out.

"I mean exactly what I said." Rin replied, trying to shrug it off as if it were nothing, but Obito knew her well enough to know there was more to the situation than she was willing to let on, "Just no one asked me to the dance after Kakashi rejected me… I guess they'd all just found dates by now…"

Obito stuck his hand out and gently began to brush Rin's hair out of her face, "You know, I think you're beautiful. I've always been too shy to tell you, but I love you Rin, I always have."

As the boy said those words Rin's eyes widened in surprise, "Why didn't you say anything before?"

"I tried to, but you know, everything that happened, with you and Kakashi …" Obito said, seeming a little upset.

He really didn't want to turn this conversation into a talk about why he didn't confront Rin sooner. But to the boy's surprise Rin didn't seem upset, she almost seemed… happy. She smiled at him and used her sleeve to wipe up a tear that was beginning to form in her eyes.

"I guess I've been an idiot; head over heels in love with someone like Kakashi who doesn't even love me as much as he loves his pervy novels…" Rin replied.

Then she leaned over and gently kissed Obito on the cheek, "I should have noticed before that you've always been there for me even when I wasn't… Thanks Obito, you're really sweet."

Without saying another word Rin stood up and ran away leaving a scarlet faced Obito by himself stroking his cheek. Had he really just won over the girl of his dreams?

Obito was still smiling wide the next morning when Kakashi stopped by his apartment. Even though the boys didn't usually get along they often walked together to the training field where Minato-sensei assigned them their mission.

"What's with such a wide smile?" Kakashi asked.

"It's a secret."

"Oh, alright,"

"Don't you want to know what it is?"

"Not really."

"Not even a little bit?"


"Good because I won't tell you. Of course if you bag me, then I might consider sharing."

Kakashi sighed. "If you're going to tell me then spit it out already or else don't say anything."

"Rin kissed me."


"Just think Kakashi, this is the first step to romance! Pretty soon Rin and I will be married and we'll have little Uchiha and… what's Rin's clan again?"


"Oh, that's an odd name. Anyways, some day Rin and I will have little Uchiha and Nohara children! Oh, what kind of ring should I buy when I propose?"

Kakashi rolled his eyes. "It was just a kiss."

"You don't understand because you've never been in love like this."

"Whatever you say," Kakashi replied sarcastically.

~ phantom130 5 (October 2013)

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