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The Twelve Guardian Ninja & Asuma

Chapter 6: Twelve Guardian Ninja & Asuma

Dedicated to: God Izanagi

Kakashi, Rin, Asuma, and Obito were outside playing a game of soccer. It was Kakashi and Obito VS Asuma and Rin. So far the game was tied two to two, next point wins.

"Hey Obito pass the ball!" Kakashi shouted as he ran over to the goal ready to score.

"No way Kakashi. I think I've got this." Obito called as Asuma took his place in front of the goal prepared to block if necessary.

"Just you wait I'll win for you!" Obito called out as he continued to run toward the net, but suddenly he tripped over the ball and landed on the ground head first.

"I'm sorry Obito" Rin said taking the ball from him without even bothering to check if her friend was alright.

"You should have listened to me." Kakashi boasted as he reached out his hand to help the fallen Uchiha up.

Obito ignored him as he stood up. He was prepared to run over and steal the ball from Rin's team but it was too late. Rin had already scored and won the game for her team.

"No fair, I tripped let's play to four points!" Obito yelled.

"You don't know when to give up do you?" Kakashi sighed.

"That was a great game." A young Asuma Sarutobi said. He took the time to light up a cigarette.

As he did Obito began to cough. He hated the smell of cigarettes, but Asuma seemed to love it. He took a large whiff of the air and smiled contently.

"Hey what's going on over there?" Rin asked, pointing to an area in the distance where a crowd of people began to form.

"We should go check it out!" Obito suggested with an eager face.

"Sure I don't see why not." Kakashi added, "Asuma are you in?"

"Why not" He said with a shrug, it wasn't like he had much else to do on a lazy Sunday like today.

The gang soon arrived. They stood at the very back of the crowd. Thankfully the man talking stood on top of a stage and spoke into a microphone so that everyone could see and hear him speak.

"How many of you love the Leaf Village?" The man asked.

All the villagers cheered.

"Yeah, the Leaf Village is a great place! If anything happened to it, it would be a shame don't you agree?"

Once again the crowd cheered as a sign that they agreed with what the man was saying.

"Well how many of you would be willing to fight for your country and die for it?"

People cheered once again, this time not as many as before but the cheer was still loud. It had certainly caught the attention of all the ninja.

"What if I told you that you could be part of a team of twelve elite ninja specifically trained to protect the Land of Fire's Fire Dynamo?"

"That's impossible!" Someone called out from the audience. He was likely part of the performance.

"No my friend, it isn't impossible. We are looking for members of a new group called the Twelve Guardian Ninja. If you want to be eligible to join please ask the Hokage for the form. In less than a week we will pick the twelve ninja to join."

Asuma smiled. Being a Guardian Ninja sounded like a lot of fun. He often grew tired of being known as son of the third Hokage if he were to become one of the twelve guardians he would be known as more than just that.

No one in the Land of Fire even seemed to even care who the Hokage was, and maybe he could become his own person.

It often seemed that the only people that didn't see him as the Third's son were Kakashi, Rin, and Obito. He guessed that since the fourth was their teacher they'd understand better than anyone else how he felt.

They had always been good to him but he wanted this. He smiled at the thought. A fresh start, he needed this opportunity.

Kakashi must have noticed that Asuma was spaced out because before he knew it Kakashi had tapped him on the shoulder. "Asuma what's up?"

"Oh sorry, I was just thinking about maybe joining that group."

"Really, the Twelve Guardian Ninja?" Rin asked.

"Yeah, I think it'll help build character. I think that's something my old man has always wanted." Asuma explained.

"That's awesome!" Obito cheered.

"Yeah but being one of the Twelve Guardian Ninja is a lot of work. You'll be away from the village a lot more frequently." Kakashi pointed out, "Are you sure you want to commit?"

"Yeah, Asuma if you leave we can't play soccer as often." Obito added.

"I think I need to do this, for myself and for my dad." Asuma said. Team Minato could see that the will of fire burned brightly in his heart as he spoke those words.

Kakashi smiled and bowed his head down in honour, "If you're sure, I'll ask Minato sensei for the form tomorrow after our mission."

"Thanks." Asuma said with a grateful smile. He was lucky to have friends like Kakashi, Rin, and Obito. He just wondered how his father would react.

He was sure this would please him. He remembered his father mentioning a "king" before but he didn't say who the king was. Instead he told him that he'd tell him the answer when the time was right but Asuma knew the king was the Hokage and the Fire Dynamo.

It only made sense because they had so much more power than anyone else. His father wanted him to protect the king with his life. So that's what he was going to do.

"Alright guys our mission is over, we can all return home." Minato said to his team as he wiped away some sweat from his brow.

The mission they had just completed wasn't hard, but it had involved a lot of walking. They had to escort some men back to their home in the Land of Fire.

"Wait sensei" Kakashi interrupted running after his teacher as Rin and Obito stayed behind trying to catch their breath.

"Yes Kakashi, what is it?" Minato asked looking back to his student with questioning eyes. He wasn't use to Kakashi wanting to talk to him unless something was serious.

"Asuma was thinking of joining the Twelve Guardian Ninja. I promised him I'd ask you for the form."

Minato paused a bit appearing to be in deep thought, "I wasn't expecting Asuma to want to join. That's pretty cool. I hope he's up to the responsibility, I mean he's still young. Chances are Asuma may be one of their youngest members."

"Yeah I know what you mean, but I think he really wants to join to prove something to his father"

"Besides who are you to be questioning age Minato – sensei? You are the world's youngest Hokage after all." Rin laughed as she and Obito had finally caught up.

"Yeah I suppose you're right. The young Hokage laughed back.

"So do you have the form?"

"Yup, I'll give it to you as soon as we get back." With this the four began their long trek back to the village.

"Hey Asuma, I got you the form. For the most part the questions are pretty basic, so it shouldn't take too long to fill out, but you'll need to get it signed by your father." Kakashi said casually as he approached the Leaf Jōnin and handed him a paper and pen.

"Thank you Kakashi." Asuma said with a smile taking the papers and looking them over.

Asuma was sitting on a park bench taking a smoke when Kakashi had spotted him.

Asuma put out his cigarette, snatched the pen Kakashi was still holding and began to fill out his forms. Asuma was grumbling while he struggled to fill out the form on the park bench.

"You couldn't have found me a clip board?" He teased, but eventually he made due by kneeling on the ground and using the seat of the bench for support.

Name: Sarutobi Asuma

Age: 17 (Almost 18)

Birthday: October 18

Ninja Rank: Jōnin

Reason for Wanting to Join: To protect the king and make my dad proud, also for a fresh start.

Your Signature: Sarutobi Asuma

Parent/Guardian's Signature:

Seeing as you can't erase pen, the writing looked a little sloppy, but it would have to do. Now there was just the matter of getting a parent to sign.

"Good now we just need my old man to sign." Asuma said with a smile.

"Indeed." Kakashi replied.

"I haven't told him about this yet so I wonder how he'll react."

"I'm sure it'll be fine. It's a good cause after all." Kakashi said.


"Just pray that he doesn't go into a fit of tears like Obito's father always does right before his son leaves on a big mission." Kakashi said with a laugh.

"Don't worry; I don't think that's a problem with my dad." Asuma laughed, "He's really good at hiding his emotions, at least based on what I know."

Later that night at dinner Asuma ate with his brother, mother, and father. The whole time as he shoveled food into his mouth he wondered how he'd bring up the Guardian Ninja form.

He thought maybe he would surprise his father by showing him the form after dinner while he was reading a book written by a former student of his named Jiraiya. Deciding that was the best course of action he waited until his dad left the dinner table.

"Hey pops, I was wondering if you could sign this for me." Asuma said approaching his father calmly.

His father, who was sitting on an old comfy rocking chair, looked up from his book.

"What is it son?" The former Hokage eyed Asuma as he handed him the form. The former Hokage read over the paper in silence.

"So you want to be a part of the Twelve Guardian Ninja son?" He asked looking Asuma in the eyes.

At this point Asuma couldn't tell if he was happy or sad or angry over the news but he didn't lie to his Dad. Asuma knew that his father was far too smart to fall for deception.

"Yes dad, I was thinking of maybe joining. You know, to protect the king that you always mention."

Asuma's dad smiled and let out a small silent chuckle. This was assuring to Asuma because now he knew he wasn't disappointed, but still he stared at his father confused as to why he was laughing.

"Tell me son, when I mention the king around you who do you think I'm talking about?" He asked while looking his son in the eye.

"That's obvious you're talking about the Hokage and the Fire Dynamo." Asuma said.

"I figured you'd say that." The third said with a smile," When my father asked me who I thought the king was I said the same thing, but that's not the case. Asuma, the most important person to protect is you, and the rest of the children of the Leaf. That includes the ones that aren't yet born and the future Hokages of the Leaf. It's not as important to protect me as it is to protect the children. Keep that in mind on your journey. The children are the kings and queens of the village."

Asuma stood wide eyed looking at his father some more. It all made sense now. Why hadn't he seen it?

"I promise I'll protect the children of the Leaf." He said.

Hiruzen smiled and embraced his son in a hug. Then he signed the form and handed it back.

"I know you will." He said.

~ phantom130 5 (October 2013)

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