The Judgment hall


It's Close to the end of the story, Frisk is about to meet the king, But when they reach Judgement hall...Their Journey is put to a halt. A Fanfiction Based off of Toby fox's UNDERTALE. The story of a young human that falls into a world of monsters, In this story, the ending has a twist. Instead of meeting Only sans in the Judgement hall. Frisk Is cornered by a hooded figure along with Everyone Frisk met in the Underground. And a trial commences! Will Frisk Be proven Innocent? or will they face the consequences of Their Actions once and for all? Find out In this new tale!

Adventure / Drama
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The beginning of the end

Frisk was finally out of hotland after what felt like years of going left and right, Alphys never really gave clear directions. But Frisk didn't mind.

In the corner of their eye, they saw a light, It was almost blinding...They couldn't tell what it was, yet it seemed familiar?

Frisk Just shook their head and kept moving forward. *Hey Frisk! Look over there!* Their ghostly companion cried, "Huh?! What is it Chara? "

Frisk wasn't sure what they were so excited about... *That Weird star! The-save point! Over there!*

Chara pointed to the glowing save point, Frisk stood in awe of the golden glow it gave out, it's not like they hadn't seen it before. But this time was different, it gave out a warmth Frisk had never felt before... And as they got closer, the warmth got even stronger.

And with every saves point they touched, the closer they got to the end of their journey. The golden glow assured Frisk that the end of their journey would be something to remember.

Frisk then touched the save point. And a bright and warm feeling coursed through their veins, and Chara started to narrate as usual. *The warmth of hotland that filled you is gone, but a new brighter warmth is filling your soul, you're filled with DETERMINATION. HP Fully restored!*

"Hehe, thanks Chara!" Frisk giggled. "

*You're welcome, Frisk, * Chara said, giving the best smile they could. But something was resonating inside them...And Frisk could feel it too.

"What's on your mind Chara? " Frisk asked, worried for their friend.

Chara looked at Frisk, when they did, the tiny frown they had on their face turned into a small but forced smile. *Well...I was Just Thinking...* Chara replied.

Frisk's expression shifted from a worried look to an expression of disbelief. So Frisk asked again. "Chara, What is on your mind?" Frisk asked, their voice was firm and demanding. Frisk wanted an answer, a real one.

Chara sighed, they knew there was no way getting out of the question this time. So they groaned and obliged. *I was just wondering, what's gonna happen when we go fight Asgore? If you want to go home, you'd have to kill him y'know?*

Chara said, trying to seem as laid back as possible. But inside, the question, and more importantly, the answer, Scared them more than they'd be willing to admit.

Frisk looked down, trying to stop the tears that wanted to rush down their face. They clinched their fist, in hopes that might help them calm down. "I-i d-don't know...."

Frisk said, half-heartedly. Frisk knew that they didn't have a choice in the matter, they knew what they had to do, Although they could never bring themselves to do it.

*Well, We still got a while to go before we have to make that decision, so C'mon! Let's go!* Chara said trying to lighten the mood, although there wasn't much time left. They wanted to make the most of what they had now.

Chara then urged Frisk to walk with them. Frisk followed, they walked For what felt like hours. But when they got to their destination, they realized only a few minutes had passed by.

They were both standing in front of a small but familiar gray house. Chara stared at the house then looked at Frisk with a smile.

*Well Frisk....*

*Welcome home.*

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