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The Feared Estate

By AlleyDreamsOn

Romance / Fantasy



I ran out the mansion holding my long dark maroon dress at the skirt so the dirty terrain would not ruin the hem. Tears welled in my eyes and a frown was positioned on my face. I needed to leave the house, get away and calm myself down.

My Father had just announced that I am engaged to a Lord Damon Salvatore. I had never met the man myself but I had heard terrible rumours about him and what happens to the ones who love him.

My best friend, Elena Petrova, has had his brother courting her for a year or two now. I had only met the younger Salvatore, Stefan, a couple of times but he seemed much nicer than what the tales of the people had to say about his brother. I think it was safe to say that Stefan and I had grown quite close.

My Father has been insisting on finding me a husband from the wealthiest families in the area, before my eighteenth birthday; in a few months. This meant having several dinners at the Lockwoods to allow me to get to know Tyler; who my Mother thought was a suitable match for myself. He was a similar age to me and he was pleasant to talk to. My only concern with Tyler was he always seemed more interested in treating me like those whores you would find in the brothel downtown. He was always touching me inappropriately whenever we were chatting alone.

My Mother and Carol Lockwood were close friends, so organising dinners and other occasions between our families was easy to set up.

The Salvatores only entered the equation after Damon returned mysteriously from his travels. I wish he had stayed away. Of course he magically claimed me because of his age, power and experiences after losing his late wife, Andrea. Her death are what the majority of the rumours circulated around. How he supposedly murdered her in the middle of the night, or how he abused her for his own pleasure. The thought made me shiver.

The most powerful family of the town was the Mikaelsons. They were considered Royalty around these parts, although their name brought fear into the atmosphere. There was no point even considering them for a husband, they would instantly refuse, claiming that you were not 'suitable' to join their family. They lived in the largest mansion on the hill above the city, looking down upon the streets. Several thousands of trees hid their home so it was only the tiled roof that was visible to the human eye.

I hardly knew anything about the Mikaelsons apart from what people say. Rumours claim that they are demons that are waiting for some celestial event in time to signal for them to spread hell across the land.

As I ran my feet became engrossed in the grassy terrain. I could hear someone calling out "Lady Caroline" wanting me to return. I did not want to.

My whole life has been leading up to the moment when I would marry the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Instead I wanted to be free. I loved the forests that surrounded the city. Our home backed onto them, it was where I went whenever I needed some time alone. This was where I was heading now.

The branches of the trees stretched up around me creating a canopy of green above my head. The sun glistened through the natural roof causing quite the spectacle above.

My pace began to slow as I found myself in front of the familiar tree, deep into the forest. As my eyes trailed my cravings on the trunk, I breathed heavily. My finger left the fabric of my dress to trace my initials; CF.

After several minutes of thinking and staring, I decided to walk further. This was a first for myself as the marked tree symbolised a barrier of where my adventure ended, but not today.I was not ready to accept the fact that my life was being sold off to a man I didn't know, to a man I had heard things about; horrible, disturbing things. I could not accept that. I would not accept that!I treaded through the overgrown land, focusing on the rustling of the leaves and the tweeting of the birds. I tried to relax myself and enjoy the atmosphere.

My heart began to race as I heard a twig snap nearby. I paused, turning around to glance in every direction. Nothing. It must have been some wild animal strolling around like myself.

I continued to walk but soon enough I heard a chuckle. A boyish chuckle. I knew I was not alone. Unsure of what to do, I froze.

"Well hello darlin', aren't you far from home." I heard a voice behind me. Instinctively I turned to face him. A cheeky grin was plastered onto his face. He looked about my age, maybe older with messy brown hair and a relaxed suit around his frame."Now now, Kol. Do not scare the poor girl." Another, more friendlier, voice came from behind me. My head turned to find a man with dark blonde curls and strikingly handsome features. A small smirk was painted on his lips. His outfit was smarter than Kol's but still not as formal as my Father would wear. I could not take my blue orbs off of him as I slowly gazed over every inch.

"Like what you see, Love?" His smirk grew as he noticed my lingering gaze. I promptly snapped back into reality, my cheeks slightly blushing in the process.

"I am sorry. I was taking a walk...I think I went a little too far." I fumbled on my words as first, still a little startled on the situation I found myself in.

"Mm mm," the handsome man continued. His voice was like music to my ears. None of the men I had come across appealed to me as much as he did. "No one ever walks through these parts." His gaze flickered to his companion behind me quickly. "I would be happy to escort you in the right direction." A friendly smile appeared softly on his mouth revealing his dimples.

"Thank you, I would appreciate that." I smiled, with a swift nod.

"Very well," he took a step closer to me, allowing my nose to catch a whiff of his natural aroma. Surrounded by the delights if the woodland, it was wonderful. "Kol, return home, I will be there shortly."

Kol sighed deeply, protesting. "Oh come on Nik, don't steal all the glory."

"Glory? The lady hardly needs both of us. Return now." Nik demanded, his tone had changed to a harsher sound. I wanted to insist that he did not have to leave but Kol's presence made me feel uneasy. Also I would not mind spending some alone time with Nik, the handsome one.

"Fine," Kol sighed before raising his finger. "But you owe me." He swiftly left the area leaving us alone.

I felt Nik shift around to face me. "Please excuse my brother; he does not have manners around women."

"Brother?" I asked surprised, not noticing much resemblance between the two.

"Yes. Which way did you come from?" He was getting straight down to business. Perhaps there would be some time for a little chit-chat."Er, this way." I pointed. "You do not need to escort me; I am capable of finding my way back."

"Oh I am aware. But please, I insist." Nik offered me his arm and I took it willingly with a grateful smile.

"Your name is...Nik?" I asked slowly, wanting to get to know him as we slowly made our way through the forest."Niklaus," he corrected. "But most people call me Nik or Klaus."

"Which do you prefer?"

"Hmm, I'll let you decide...?"

"Caroline." I smiled at him.

"Beautiful name, for a beautiful woman." Nik complimented. My eyes left the ground to find his dimpled smile. My smile grew at the sight, my cheeks blushing rosy again. I turned my head, trying to hide my reaction, it was no use. I was sure he saw it anyway.

During our walk, I learnt that Kol was not his only brother. In fact, he had three brothers and one sister: Finn, Elijah, Rebekah and Kol. He lives in a house away from the main streets and enjoys the woodland areas. I told him about my reason for taking this walk and how frustrated I was with my parents. He understood. I spoke of my best friend, Elena, and her missing twin sister, Katherine, who hasn't been seen for several years.

When we reached my special tree, I showed him. He seemed interested in my actions and what made me mark that particular tree.

"It seems you have reached your destination." Klaus states as the forest begins the thin out, his tone frowning. I decided 'Klaus' suited him better...and I wanted to be different from his siblings.

"Would you like to come inside? I am sure-"

"No, no, no, that will not be necessary," he cut me off abruptly. I looked down trying to hide my disappointment. My gaze was brought back to his face when his hand held my chin gently. "Thank you for the offer though." He smiled softly, his voice kind again. "I would like to see you again though, if you would like to." As he pulls his hand away, I took it softly in mine.

"I would." I grin. "How shall I find you?"

"Are you free tomorrow?" Klaus asked, bringing his free hand up to my face to push a stray blonde curl behind my ear. "If so, we could meet by the tree when the sun is at its highest?"

"I'd like that," I paused, smiling at his beautiful face. I'd never felt like this for someone before. "Very much."

"I will see you tomorrow," he brought my hand to his lips and kissed it softly. I giggled quietly, enjoying the moment. "Caroline." The way my name rolled off his tongue was music to my ears.

"Goodbye Klaus." I spoke once my hand was back hanging by my side, the flesh on my hand tingling from where his lips were pressed. "I will see you tomorrow." I confirmed with a smile before travelling back to the Forbes House.


I watched through the forest edge as the blonde angel made her way home. The branches and leaves kept me hidden from view.

I recognised the mansion as the Forbes house. I'd heard William and Elizabeth had only one child, a girl. A very beautiful girl. Caroline must have been her.

As the young lady reached the stone steps leading up to the entrance she was greeted by her Mother. As they stood side by side, I realised Caroline was the spitting image of her Mother, Elizabeth. Caroline's long blonde hair cascaded down her back covering the ties of her corset. She was a living angel.

I used my abilities to listen in on their conversation. I felt protective over her, after her words about Damon Salvatore I knew she needed it.

We had never got along, Damon and I. His brother and I had been friends for quite some time after his little affair with my darling sister. Even though I saw Stefan as an honorary brother, I could hardly see him with Rebekah long-term. She was far too demanding; always had been, always will for the rest of eternity.

"Caroline, I know this is a big matter but do not run away while your Father is talking to you." Elizabeth scolded her daughter, wrapping an arm around Caroline's shoulders once she reached the staircase's top.

"I am sorry Mother. I needed time to collect myself." She seemed sorry, although she had no reason to be. It should have been her Father apologising for forcing into this marriage. I felt sorry for her, the first time I had ever about anyone. "Have you not heard of the rumours about Lord Salvatore? People speak things Mother, terrible things. It scares me."

"You know better than to listen to them. Lord Salvatore is a well respected man." I scoffed at Elizabeth's response. "He will treat you well." Another scoff.

The Ladies of the house entered the building and were removed from my sight. With that, I flashed back to my home above the town through the woodland ground; hiding my ability from the unsuspecting human population.

Once I reached the grounds I returned to human speed. I could overhear my siblings laughing and discussing something as I stepped over the threshold.

"She would be dead by now, he's not merciful our brother." I heard Rebekah's gleeful voice from the front room. "Here he is, and without a splash on his shirt." She chuckled before taking a sip of the red liquid from the glass she held.

As I suspected, my family was gathered around together. Kol was seated opposite Rebekah while Elijah and his recent wife Katarina sat together. Then it clicked. Caroline had spoken of her best friend's twin's disappearance.

Several years ago, Elijah and Katherine, or Katarina as she was known to us, met on a trail on the outskirts of town. Ever since that meeting, they met up secretly and eloped almost a year ago. Their marriage has still been kept a secret to this date, in fear of what Lord and Lady Petrova would think of the situation, after she ran away from a previous engagement to Lord Richard Lockwood's brother, Mason.

"So how did you enjoy your meal?" Kol's question brought me out of my thoughts.

"Meal?" I raised an eyebrow at my brother.

"The girl." He clarified.

"She is very much alive." My response led Rebekah into spitting her drink.

"Since when do you spare some lost girl's life? She was practically asking for it!" I glared at my sister, disapproving of her words against Caroline, before turning to my brother's bride.

"She spoke of you, Caroline Forbes."

"Caroline would, she's always the caring sort, never forgetting anyone." Katarina mumbled. "Did you tell her anything?"

"No I kept quiet, although I am meeting her again if you wish me to, only with your approval." My gaze flickered to Elijah. His quiet thoughtful presence made me wonder what he thought of this.

"No she cannot know of this. She doesn't keep secrets against Elena. It would be out." Her palm moved onto her husband's as she smiled softly at him.

"Be careful, brother." Elijah spoke cautiously, raising his head. I nodded.

I left the room heading towards the downstairs quarters for a snack. I needed a bite. On my way, I past the witch my brother had been frolicking around with.

"Is Lord Kol in the front room, my lord?" She asked me. Bonnie, I think her name was. I never contacted the witches socially, only on business, unlike Kol who seemed to flirt with them on a regular basis.

"Yes," was my swift reply.

"Thank you, good day to you, my Lord." She gave a small curtsy before continuing her journey.

A young maid came up the stairs holding some dirty laundry. I quickly grabbed her arm bringing her eyes to mine.

"Do not make a sound just follow me." I compelled her, my pupils dilating at my words.

I brought the maid into the empty library. I pulled the basket out from her grasp and chucked it to the floor. The filthy contents fell out across the floor. I took a few steps closer before sinking my teeth into her neck wanting to quench my thirst for the crimson liquid that circulated around her body.

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