The Feared Estate



The ballroom of the Mikaelson Manor was set out like an arena as our guests lined the walls around Klaus and I, the dancing couple. Many pairs of eyes watched as we twirled around the wooden flooring. My gloved fingers were entwined with his while his right hand rested on the jewelled bodice of my gown, holding my figure to him. His thumb gently caressed the skin of my back as the dress revealed plenty of my bareback. My other hand rested gently on his shoulder, gripping the black fabric slightly.

In the corner of the room sitting on a small timbered decking was a typical String Quartet providing a gentle accompaniment to our routine. We had not practised, I just allowed Klaus to take the lead, feeling safe in his hold.

My eyes gazed past Tyler's worried orbs, all his nonsense about werewolves earlier, puzzled me. Tyler was never telling myths or tales of folklore before, this was the first time those words had even left his lips.

"Is everything okay, Sweetheart?" Klaus' whisper drew me from my thoughts. I nodded.

"Yes, very much so," I smiled allowing my orbs to delve into his. I felt his passion in that moment of gazing. Every other person in the room suddenly disappeared, allowing us to have our moment.

I rested my head against his chest, watching the hem of my gown glide across the floor as we danced. My mind flickered to the second announcement Klaus made after dinner. Our wedding would be in a week's time. I had a week left of being Lady Caroline Forbes. I could not wait although there were still things I was insecure about. My only reassurance was that Klaus would be by my side through every step. I week today I would become Lady Caroline Mikaelson.

When I lifted my head I found several other couples taking to the floor to join us as the music faded into a different tune. Klaus slowly directed me into place behind Elijah and Katherine. Stefan and Elena, Kol and Damon had also joined the gathering after finding appropriate partners.

I recognised the routine immediately as we stepped slowly around in an inner circle. I smiled softly towards my parents as they stood on the sidelines talking to one of my father's old friends. We glided through each line of dancing couples moving into another position. I felt Klaus' affectionate gaze on my face, I glanced to him unable to stop soft giggle leaving my lips. I had always loved dancing at balls ever since I was a little girl, and waltzing with him caused an ecstatic feeling inside of me.

"You know," Klaus' deep voice whispered in my ear after twirling me around. "You are quite the dancer."

"Well, I have had training," I spoke proudly. "I happen to have lessons with Elena as a child." He nodded with an admirable smile on his lips.

The next thing I knew, I was no longer in Klaus' arms but Stefan's. His muscular arms replaced Klaus' in position with a welcoming smile.

"You seem happy," he commented.

"Very much so," I nodded, before delving into a conversation with one my close friends.


While everyone was dancing I saw an opportunity to slip away from the ball once more. The music of the stringed instruments drifted out of the ballroom just about reaching Matt and I as we danced under the moonlight. I did not wish to dance with any other guest and seeing Elena with Stefan broke my heart. I wanted Matt; I wanted one of our footmen to have his arms around me.

He was a member of the downstairs community which unfortunately meant he had no knowledge of how to waltz or any other dance for that matter. In this case I took the lead while he constantly tried to avoid stepping on the hem of my emerald gown.

I watched how his beautiful blue eyes stayed constantly focused at his feet. He occasionally looked up, mirroring my beaming mouth.

"I am sorry, my lady, but I mu-"

I lifted a delicate finger to place on his mouth, ceasing his speech.

"Shh," I whispered moving my finger to his cheek, gently caressing it. Matt reached up to move my digit from his lips before he slowly leaned in kissing my full lips softly. I deepened the kiss allowing us to share a moment. Eventually I pulled away with an affectionate smile upon my lips. "I understand. You may go back to your duties."

"Enjoy your evening, Lady Rebekah," he nodded respectfully before leaving the surroundings. I sighed.

I stood in the cool air breathing deeply for a minute, composing myself.

When I eventually walked back into the building I was greeted by my brother's voice in an unlit corridor.

"Well, my sister is still a strumpet," as his lean figure immerged from the shadows a smirk was blatantly positioned on his cheeky face. "But at least you're having fun." He sniggered, leaning against the wall.

"Shut up Kol, everyone knows about you and the Bennett witch," I pointed out. I was sick and tired of his consistent hypocritical accusations. He was always the same, always wanted to mock his younger sister just because I just wanted to be loved. Surely that was not too much to ask? "And now you're flirting with Caroline's guests?"

"Yes, but Bonnie can't stop me from letting myself indulge in a little snack…or two," he wiggled his eyebrows at me before pulling two familiar girls from the dark corridor.

"If Nik or Elijah find out about this you're practically daggered, you know who important this night is!" I exclaimed, trying to keep my voice down.

"Run along my darlings," Kol said in a flirty tone sending the compelled girls on their way back to the celebration. "Why shouldn't I spit right in the face of our brother's rules? There is nothing stopping me, those little humans will leave completely healed and thinking they had a good time with a very handsome Lord Mikaelson." I scoffed, rolling my eyes at my brother's antics. Kol stepped forward placing his hand on my shoulder. "And this, dear sister, is where you come in. I will never speak of your activities tonight, if you never speak of mine."

"But you're wrong, I was just having a break," I insisted, trying to get Kol to buy into the lie.

"Of course, Bekah, of course," Kol smirked raising his arms up as he backed away towards the ball. I shook my head at my brother's antics before following him to the ballroom.


It was safe to say Caroline's birthday and engagement announcement ball was a modest success. My fiancée and I stood at the entrance to the Mikaelson Manor, personally seeing everyone off. One stranger, my guessing an old family relative to Caroline, thanked me for allowing my home to be the venue for tonight's occasion and congratulated me on joining the community. She waffled a bit regarding stories of my home and family and how it was such a delight to know none of it was true. If only she knew… The lady spoke of demons that plagued the Earth, stealing lives and creating armies. I just listened, kind of fascinated at what stories humans had produced.

Caroline and I returned arm in arm to the ballroom where Elijah and Katarina stood talking with Lord and Lady Forbes, once all the guests had left the Mikaelson Grounds.

"Caroline," Elizabeth greeted her daughter as we enter the room, turning away from my brother. "Lord Niklaus."

"Please, call me Klaus," I insisted, with a nod. "We are to be family." I looked down onto Caroline's curly head with a smile, catching her joyful gaze.

"We were just telling your brother what a spectacular evening you have provided with us tonight. I could not have wished for a better night for my daughter." Lord Forbes thanked.

"Your daughter deserves nothing less." I agreed, squeezing my beloved's hand.

"We shall be in touch over the next week on wedding arrangements. I know my sister has everything planned. I am sure she will enlighten you with that tomorrow or some over convenient time." Elijah spoke in his typically official voice, hinting the Forbes' cue to leave. I wished Caroline could stay here already but I knew it was not correct in the human world for it. Caroline was to go home until she carried my family name.

Under the glistening night sky Elijah and I waved the Forbes off into their carriage. I pulled Caroline into an amorous embrace, gently pressing my lips onto hers before assisting her into the carriage.

"I will see you soon Klaus," were her parting words from her curving mouth before the male driver closed the door. The dark tint of the window hid her glorious features from my view.

My brother and I stood with our hands held behind our backs, importantly, as the chestnut horses pulled the carriage out from our view.

"Might I have a word brother?" I asked, holding my position steadily.

"Of course, Niklaus."

We entered the library to find Katarina present already, I was glad. A hard bound book rested in her grasp. She still wore her gown with her braid falling over her face as she bowed her head in concentration.

"Katarina, would you give us a moment?"Elijah requested gently. I extended my arm before my brother.

"No, she should stay. This will be of interest to her I am sure." I settled in the large leather chair holding my hands clasped together over my chest with a smirk painted on my lips. "I hate to intrude on personal matters but surely Elijah should be aware of whatever you and Damon Salvatore were discussing earlier." Her chocolate eyes widened in surprise, clearly knowing the meaning of this conversation. She extending her slender arms placing the book shut on the table before her.

"What are you implying, Niklaus?" Elijah demanded, placing a hand on the top of the chair I found myself in.

"Elijah, please. It meant nothing. I was young and reckless; my only regret is I did not tell you the truth." As expected the girl pleaded, assuming I knew the truth. I stayed quiet only wishing to prompt the outcome. Elijah had been with many women over the centuries, but he never looked at any of them like he did Katarina. He deserved the truth, and as much as I hated to say it, he deserves to be happy.

"What are you saying, Katarina?" Elijah inquired, his gaze focused on his bride.

"I had an illegitimate child when I was fifteen, three years ago." She bowed her head in shame, like she was waiting for her husband to disown her. "She was taken from me as soon as she was born." Her head rose, revealing her wet brown eyes and frowning lips. "I am so sorry, Elijah." She whispered, forcing her emotions to keep at bay.

My eyes had widened at the news, not expecting her secret to be something like this. I glanced at my silent brother; he had frozen from the outcome.

"Brother, could you leave us please," his voice was strained. I nodded, before rising from the chair to head for the exit.

I closed the wooden door, allowing them to have the privacy they required.

"Is it true?" Kol always had to appear at the worst moments.

"Not now Kol, I am off to my chambers," I announced with a growl. Unfortunately my little brother followed behind nattering away.

"This makes Elijah, a father and us Uncles! Uncle Kol, it has a nice ring to it don't you think?" I halted before the staircase narrowing my eyes at the little nuisance.

"Would you like to join Finn downstairs?" I glared, knowing how easy it to collect a dagger and a little ash.

"Fine, I'll leave you to it Uncle Nik," he chuckled flashing up the stairs. I rolled my eyes following him, heading to bed.

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