The Feared Estate



Amelia assisted me for our last morning routine. I picked out a soft beige gown for me to wear until it was time for the wedding dress.

Thankfully I had slept well the previous night after Bonnie fetched her herbs for me. I had no nightmares and felt incredibly refreshed from the deep sleep I experienced.

The whole time Amelia spoke to me about her next position at the Fells Estate where she would start tomorrow as she would not be my maid at the Mikaelson Estate. She seemed happy with the new arrangement, speaking of her new lady with the upmost respect.

"I shall see you later when I am in need of your assistance with the dress," I smiled at my maid as we stood in my chambers. "This is the last time we shall be alone, so I would like to thank you for being my maid for however long it has been." I chuckled.

"You are welcome, my lady," Amelia curtsied a little, her fingers gripping at her attire. "It has been my pleasure."

I stepped behind to my vanity dresser pulling out a large hair clasp with swirling patterns engraved on the dark surface.

"I would like you to have this, call it a thank you gift if you wish," I held the grip out to her in the palm of my hand. "I know you like this one."

"Lady Caroline I cannot accept," the maid's orbs widened in surprise at the gesture.

"I insist, Amelia," my lips curved in a warming gesture inviting her to take the accessory. Hesitantly she extended her arm taking the gift from my palm.

"Thank you, my Lady," she bowed her petite head.

"I will call for you later," I announced, patting down my dress on the way to the door.

Outside my bedroom door a very familiar male walked passed. His strong arms were wrapped around a wooden box I had had since I was a little girl. It was where I kept all my childhood memories. Many stuffed animals, dolls and toys lived in there as well as my favourite dresses and shoes.

"Tyler?" I called out to the man. "Why are you carrying my childhood box?"

"Oh Caroline," he turned back. His orbs were gazing on my figure as I stood in the doorway. "You want this at your new home?

"Yes, but why do you have it?" I repeated, folding my arms over my chest.

"Klaus' men were ordered to collect your things."

"What? Since when do you work for Klaus?" I raised a brow, "and since when is Klaus some great leader?"

"Well he is the alpha," Tyler mumbled, shrugging. "I did try to tell you at your birthday."

"Do not start that nonsense again," I sighed.

"Fine," he grumbled. "But do not tell me I did not warn you." I rolled my eyes at my childhood friend. "Anyway," a huge smirk appeared playing on his lips, "I never knew you kept that drawing I did of us when we were ten." He chuckled. I knew exactly what he meant.

"It is my childhood memory box, that was a childhood memory," I shrugged.

"That drawing can still be a reality you know, you and I. There still is time to back away." Before I could open my mouth to cease any thoughts of me being with Tyler, a new voice entered the hallway.

"Lockwood, Lady Forbes has breakfast waiting for her." I recognised the gentleman as Marcel, Klaus' valet, although he seemed more like a right hand man in this situation.

"I look forward to seeing you in white, Care, even if you are not my bride," Tyler smirked leaving the hallway. As I turned towards the staircase I noticed a glare coming from Marcel's dark hues.

"I do hope Lockwood was not causing you trouble, my lady," Marcel apologised.

"Oh, not at all," I reassured him. "We are childhood friends; I am used to his behaviour." I chuckled. "How is Klaus?" I pondered aloud.

"His Lordship is very well, he wanted me to give you this," the dark skinned man reached into his jacket pocket pulling out a folded letter placing it into my palm.

"Thank you," I smiled, my orbs glancing at the letter in my hand. "I will read it at breakfast."

We discussed a few matters of my move and how Marcel needed to be back to Klaus within the hour as we walked towards the staircase.

Downstairs three men, like Tyler, were carrying the boxes filled with things I wanted at my new home. Klaus seemed to want everything at the Estate, ready to be unpacked while we were away.

Many relatives greeted me with huge grins, hugs and patronising comments. Everything felt was so surreal; I never expected everything to happen so fast.

Amelia did her last work for me beautifully under the watchful eye of Rebekah. My golden curls were pinned to my head loosely with a beaded silver hair comb placed in the centre. My meshed veil hung from the comb trickling down my back, waiting to be folded over to cover my features. A few perfectly curled strands hung by my ears, hiding the short cascading silver earrings behind them.

The full length mirror that sat before me displayed my whole outfit. Behind me Rebekah, Elena and Amelia stood with beaming expressions at my dressed up figure. The sapphire bridesmaids' dresses were perfect for the occasion. Rebekah's addition of lace worked beautifully around the hems and low neckline. Elena's and Rebekah's hair had also been pinned up gracefully in a similar style to mine but without any loose strands.

As well as having Amelia to help, Elena's maid Dana and Rebekah's April were around to assist us. I had met Dana many times before on visits to the Petrova household, although April was new to me. Both girls were a little younger than Amelia with darker hair. April seemed to be like a well trained dog; you told her to do something and she would do it. She did not seem to have a mind of her own. I guess being in service to Klaus' bossy sister would do that to you.

The mirror displayed my slender figure in the long flowing white wedding gown that had been made especially. The square neckline revealed plenty of cleavage that was slightly covered in meshed lace. The curve of my hip was revealed as the material hugged my middle before cascading down to the flow hiding the pale shoes that my feet sat in. The train was laid behind me. Rebekah insisted I had one so we settled with the extra fabric being around four feet long.

In my snowy outfit I was perfectly ready to walk down that aisle and marry the man I loved. It finally sunk in that this was the day.

"You look so beautiful," my Mother's voice caught my attention. My eyes saw her proud smile in the mirror before I turned to greet her. A navy blue hat sat on her blonde hair, it matched her gown perfectly. I noticed her blue orbs began to water in happiness at her daughter.

"Oh mother," I smiled reaching behind me to grab a handkerchief from the dresser. "Here." Her lips continued to curve as she dabbed the water away.

"You are crying already," my father chuckled as he entered the room. "Caroline, you take after your mother." He complimented me, referring to our physically alikeness.

"The carriages will be waiting," Rebekah announced still beaming, ending the moment I had with my parents. Their only child was marrying today; this must be a huge moment for them. "You best be going. The bride will follow soon."

"May I have a few moments alone?" I requested, moving across the room to collect the letter Marcel had put in my possession.

"As you wish, but do not ruin your dress," Rebekah ordered. I thought I was controlling at times, Rebekah was a different story entirely. Today was a flavour of what my new sister-in-law would be like in the future.

I nodded before exiting the room after my Mother who would be moving towards the line of carriages outside the house.

I sat in my childhood nursery. It still contained my cot and a few other pieces of baby furniture. It was never cleared after people expected my Mother to produce another child. Sadly when I was around five my parents began to drift apart. The reasons were unknown to anyone except the two of them. They acted no different when we were in public or with guests but when it was just the three of us it was obvious. I never questioned it, I just lived with it. I only hope that Klaus and I could overcome any difficulties we may share in the future. I wanted to be happily married and not constantly making a facade.

My fingers unfolded the paper as my hands rested on the fabric of my dress. I had not had a chance to read it before at breakfast like I had planned as Elena and I chatted the whole time about previous men we had fancied over the years and what to look forward to on married life. Rebekah had invited herself to join half way through.

My eyes glanced over the fancy script. It read:

My beautiful bride,

During my lifetime I have never come across anyone worth loving besides my siblings. You light up my darkness and I could not ask for anyone else to become my wife.

I hope that you can overcome my darkness and embrace it in yourself. My eternal love for you will never cease, no matter who you become.

I look forward to seeing you in white at the altar.

Yours Eternally Niklaus Mikaelson

"Caroline?" Elena's voice sounded from behind the closed door at the perfect moment.

"In here, Elena," I called out. Within seconds her figure stood in the doorway looking over my seated position.

"It is time," she smiled. "What is the note?" She pointed her dainty digit at the re-folded paper in my hands.

"A letter from Klaus," my lips curved softly in response, still taking in the beautiful writing inked to the paper.

"That is sweet, but you must come, or Rebekah will have my head if you are not in that carriage soon," she chuckled, holding the door open for me.

Outside the mansion, a horse-drawn carriage with white ribbons around the black exterior, my suited Father assisted me inside. Elena carried my train while I lifted the skirt as I entered.

"You have never looked so beautiful, Caroline," my father praised me as the short journey to the city cathedral began. "I am very proud to call you my daughter." I smiled, blushing softly at the compliments.

"Thank you Father."

As the journey continued we discussed wedding matters and childhood memories. Besides our voices the horses' hooves tapped the ground as they trotted at a steady pace.

The carriage parked just outside the cathedral entrance. The bridesmaids Elena and Rebekah stood ready to greet us with colourful bouquets in their hands.

My father exited first after the horseman opened the carriage door. I lifted the hem from the steps before Elena moved behind me eagerly wanting to straighten the train.

"Everyone is ready inside," Rebekah informed me with a beaming expression painted upon her features. She offered me one if the two bouquets she carried.

"Thanks," I smiled nervously taking the flowers.

"Ready?" My father appeared by my side offering me his arm.

"As I will ever be," my arm weaves its way through his.

We walked through the stone porch, the sound of loud church bells ringing began to fade before the organ took over for my grand entrance.

I glanced behind me at Rebekah and Elena receiving reassuring smiles on their lips. We began to make our way along the aisle, being greeted by many familiar faces. My orbs found the Lockwoods, the Petrovas and many other Forbes relatives but they were only looking for one man in particular.

His back was facing me when I saw his well suited figure through the thin fabric of my veil. My eyes focused on his short dark blonde curls as they clung to his head, calming my nervous stomach slightly. My eye line only moved to the floor as I stepped up to the altar.

When my eyelashes fluttered up I caught his strong blue eyes gazing at me. My lips curved at his sight before my father untangled our arms so he could place my palm into the groom's. Klaus brought my palm to his mouth, kissing it softly prior to leading me towards the priest. His fingers lifted the meshed material to reveal my face. His eyes hovered for a moment in adoration before moving to the clergyman.

I noticed Elijah standing in the Best Man position across from Klaus. They both wore similar fancy suits.

The robed priest raised his arms to signify everyone to be seated.

"We are gathered here today to witness the union between Lord Niklaus Mikaelson and Lady Caroline Forbes." He began gesturing to the groom and I. "If anyone knows why these two people should not be joined together in holy matrimony then they should declare it now."

Thankfully silence followed. I was worried that Tyler might have spoken after I saw his face in the pews. Just as the priest was about to speak the grand entrance opened echoing around the large surroundings.

"It seems we are just in time," an unfamiliar voice boomed out. I immediately felt Klaus stiffen, his arm wrapped around my waist in an extremely quick movement. Everyone's eyes were staring at the newcomers. They were strangers to me but with Klaus' reaction I knew they were not to him. "We would not want to miss Niklaus' big day." The tone was followed by a mocking laugh.

"Please continue, just the mother and father of the groom arriving fashionably late," a friendlier female voice spoke as they made their way towards Klaus' siblings in the second row of the pews.

"It seems our invitation got lost on its way, boy," Lord Mikaelson growled.

"Indeed it did, Mikael," Klaus replied through gritted teeth.

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