The Feared Estate



I stood before my weeping bride feeling helpless. Every time I stepped closer to her emotional figure, she yelled at me moving back. She did not run. She just cried, holding her hands over her face hiding her perfect features from my view.

"Caroline?" I repeated, trying to get her attention. This time, her watering orbs glanced at me getting my attention. "Please talk to me about this. Let me help you." I begged, carefully stepping forward extending my hand to her. For the first time since the silence she answered me. She shook her head her eyes flickering between my facial features and my offering palm. "Mikael, he told you some things about me, did he not? He tried to scare you, to ruin our marriage." I paused, giving Caroline the opportunity to speak. She did not. "I will not lie to you, but I have not been honest about what I am."

"You were the wolf in my dreams?" Her weak voice sounded softly in my ears, barely audible.

"I am so sorry he put you through those, why did you not tell me, sweetheart?" I asked softly.

"I was scared."

"I could have helped you through them? I want to help you Caroline now and for the rest of our lives." She nodded, averting her gaze towards the ground. Her white dress began to stain, before we returned to the celebration inside she would need to change. "Do you not trust me?" I asked, hesitantly. Caroline shrugged her dainty shoulders keeping her orbs focussing on the grassy terrain we stood on. I nodded, raising a finger to my lips in thought. "We should probably get inside," I stepped closer extending my palm to take hers. She immediately pulled away stepping back away from me. I stopped in my tracks staring at her action with my lips slightly partly. She began to chip my heart as what I feared came true.

I knew as soon as she realised I was different, a monster she had called me, she would not want me anymore. I felt guilty for my selfish actions. I wanted her bound to me, forcing her to stay by my side for as long as we both shall live. Now I had sentenced her to a life of misery. I was not wanted no more.

"Are you scared of me?" I murmured, needed to know what she felt. She shook her head. "Then what are you afraid of?" She glanced up at me through her wet lashes.

"Me." Her voice whispered. A confused expression form on my features at her words, I just gazed at her in wonder.

"What do you mean you are afraid of yourself?"

"I am afraid of my feelings for you," her lips murmured, her watery orbs gazing straight into mine. "I am in love with…a monster." As much as her words hurt they healed my breaking heart. This was the first time she had admitted her feelings for me. She was in love with me. I smirked softly at her declaration until I realised she was crying again. Her fingers were covering her distressing features from my view. I could not just stand here and watch her in this state.

I flashed to her suffering figure, wrapping my arms around her tiny middle caressing her back gently with my fingers. I rested my head softly against her shoulder, kissing it softly, until her fists began pounding at my suited chest.

"You cannot do this to me," she cried trying to force me to release her waist. I stayed in my position refusing to give Caroline her wish.

After several moments of resisting, punching and yelling, she finally gave in, wrapping her arms around me letting all her tears flood out of her. My digits continued to draw patterns on her back in comfort. Her hanging curls tickled my ear gently as her face snuggled into my shoulder causing her tears to dampen my jacket.

"I am sorry for keeping this from you, my love." I murmured pulling her off my shoulder once her tears had died down. I raised my palm to wipe away the staining rivers on her cheeks. "I promise to tell you everything." She nodded in my gentle hold, keeping her actions subtle and reserved. "Do you remember what I said in my letter this morning?" She bobbed her head once more. "Everything I wrote was true; no one in this world is worth loving more than you. I love you Caroline and I promise to you I will for the rest of my immortal life." For the first time since we left the celebration her lips curled softly. "I have never hurt you during our past times together and I see no reason to do so in the future." I crouched down, hovering over the grass, taking her palm and bringing it to my lips softly. She did not resist my touch. "Lady Caroline Mikaelson, all I ask is for you to trust me and allow me to escort you back to the house."

"I am sorry," she bowed her head. My lips parted in thought that she was going to reject my offer. "I have been foolish."

"No, no, sweetheart," I restored my position around her. "This is a lot to take in, I understand." I smiled, softly.

"Celebration and then you tell me anything I ask?" I nodded with a soft smirk at her dominant murmur. "Good."

I stepped towards the mansion looking back at my bride hoping she would follow me. With our fingers still linked, her lips curved gently before walking beside me back into the mansion.


With Katherine by my side we took the next step into finding her lost daughter. There was an obvious place to start, her parents. Sadly this was not the place to discuss this with my family's ears on our presence but we could organise a meeting if Lord and Lady Petrova were willing.

"Lord and Lady Petrova, Katerina and I were wondering if we could discuss some pressing matters at some point during the course of the coming week." Katerina held onto my arm as I spoke, I could feel her hidden trembling through her touch. This situation with her daughter, revealed her vulnerability. She was just a girl that had learnt to live life the hard way. I made it my duty, as her husband, to improve her quality of life.

"Of course Lord Mikaelson," Lord John bowed his head slightly while Lady Isobel glanced at him wearily. In the corner of my eye I noticed my sister re-enter the grand room from one door and the blonde footman moving into area like her from a different entrance. Before they left I observed their eyes meeting. I knew Rebekah when it came to men and their affections.

"I do not see why we cannot discuss this here," Lady Isobel objected.

"Please Mother, this is a private matter,"Katerina spoke up, hiding her tremors in her voice well. Lady Isobel's dark hues widened at the notion. Katerina bowed her head as she realised her Mother knew which private matter they may be discussing. "Elijah knows." She admitted softly. Before her parents could speak I raised my palm silencing them.

"Katerina and I are happily married and with this knowledge I have no desire to ruin her life further. I suggest that we come together tomorrow afternoon at the Petrova Estate." I ordered, rather irritated by Katerina's parents opinion on their daughter.

"Very well, you are welcome to visit after lunch," Lord John nodded hesitantly.

"I am sorry to interrupt but I would like a private word with my brother," Rebekah intruded at the perfect moment.

"Of course, sister, we were just finishing. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow." I nodded towards Katerina's parents.

After asking Katerina to join the celebrations, Rebekah led me to my office. Knowing it was one of the spelled rooms caused me to know of a private issue.

"I was getting some air, and Caroline ran out with Nik chasing her. They were arguing because of something Father had said. What happened inside?" Her voice was flustered as she spoke.

"Our Father danced with Caroline and spoke of some truth about Niklaus."

"That would explain it, they seem to have resolved things for now but there were a lot of tears and punches." Rebekah explained.

"Right, well we will be sure to keep an eye on them before they leave. I will ask Marcellus to report back to us if anything drastic happens during their time away." I paused, wondering whether I should begin a much needed conversation with my little sister. "I noticed you have captured the attention of one of the footmen." Rebekah's pale eyes widened in shock, her cheeks flushed slightly.

"I do not know what you mean, brother."

"I have noticed your sudden disappearances over different occasions and a blonde footman seems to vanish at similar time to you. I suggest you end whatever is going on. Servants are below us Rebekah, do not forget that." I gave her my warning before turning from my sister to rejoin the celebration hoping to catch a glimpse of the, hopefully, happy couple.


An elaborate gown Klaus had also had made for me to wear as his wife was brought out to me by Anna as she assisted me with changing into this new attire.

Throughout the whole time I never spoke to my new maid, she only ever spoke to give me directions like 'please move to the vanity dresser, my lady'. I was sure she knew something was not right with me, but unlike Amelia she did not question it. We were in the dressing room that came off of Klaus' room, our room.

My thoughts ran astray constantly from what was happening around me. I focused on my childhood worries of having a marriage like my parents. They kept their miserable lives in secret from outsiders who thought they were happily married and in love. Only I knew the truth from witnessing arguments and how they avoided each other around the house. For the sake of our family name they kept it together. I wanted to be a happy and with someone I truly loved. I thought I would have that with Klaus but after realising that Tyler was in fact speaking the truth on my birthday, Klaus was a werewolf. I only loved who I thought he was. I would need to wait until I understood his nature to truly know if I did love him. I did not know what the other Mikaelsons were my best guess was that they were same.

"There you are, my lady," Anna spoke to signify her finished work. I glanced in the full length mirror with a soft smile as the white dress looked similar to my wedding gown, the veil stayed in my hair, flowing down my back gently. I turned around to face my maid; She looked pretty with her dark hair was pinned up around the back of her head.

"Thank you Anna." She bowed her head softly. "Are you aware of what the Mikaelsons are?" I asked, forwardly.

"Yes, my lady."

"Are they all werewolves? Like Klaus?" I inquired.

"I am sorry, my lady, but this is not my place to say." I nodded, just before Klaus re-entered the room after he gave a light tap on the door.

"Thank you, Anna," he extended his palm for me. From the way his eyes gazed over me I knew he enjoyed my attire over the curves of my body. I took his hand softly as he whispered into my ear.

"I promised to explain everything to you, so please allow me to tell you on our travels."

"How did you…?" I wondered aloud.

"I will answer all your questions later, love, I promise but right now our presence is needed downstairs." I nodded, reluctantly.

The rest of the wedding celebration was amazing; Klaus gave me the space I needed to come to terms with what I had discovered although he was over protective whenever his parents came close to me.

We had a wedding meal of three courses of exquisite food. Thankfully the portions were a reasonable size allowing my small figure to digest the meal. Our four tear wedding cake was spread around the guests with plenty leftover afterwards. I managed to squeeze in a slice myself enjoying the vanilla sponge and icing.

Soon enough it was time for me to be alone with my husband on our long journey to wherever he was taking me for our honeymoon. Honestly, I was scared of what he would tell me on our travels. I would have nowhere to go if things went wrong. I would be trapped inside the carriage with just him. I loved him but until I knew everything there was to know, I could not trust him completely.

All our family and friends saw our departure from the outside of the Feared Estate, which really was not feared any more. Humans saw the Mikaelsons are regular humans, despite the endless stories and rumours about their nature. I knew how wrong they were. Their façade hid their supernatural nature from the public eye. Meeting Klaus really had flipped my world upside down. The world I thought I lived in was not at all what I thought…

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