The Feared Estate



"So you are a werewolf?" I asked once the view of his home had disappeared from the carriage window. I sat opposite him on the dark crimson seats, he did not object to my chosen position. He understood why I may want space from him after our dispute.

Following our carriage was another with Anna, Marcel and whatever was packed in our luggage. I was not aware of our destination but Klaus had said it was only a few hours carriage drive.

"Partly, I am half werewolf...half vampire." My eyes widened slightly, feeling a wave of terror flashing through my body.

"Like...blood drinking demons?" He nodded.

"Remember I told you I was a bastard? This is how I have my werewolf side, my siblings are just vampires."

"Vampires and werewolves...what else is true of folklore?" I murmured, trying to hide the fear in my voice.

"Witches, Bonnie is one, so is my Mother."

"Bonnie..?" I mumbled, trying to grasp the concept of my new friend being different. "Who else?"

"Tyler tried to tell you of his werewolf side. He is a hybrid like me. The Lockwoods have been werewolves for generations."

"He tried to convince me he was better than you...but you are just the same." I figured, before a lingering question in my mind left my lips. "What is the man you keep daggered in the basement?"

"How do you have knowledge of this?" He demanded in a strong tone.

"I stumbled across it, Bonnie found me and refused to answer my questions." I bowed my head a little, feeling guilty for my actions.

"Our older brother Finn, I am sure you will meet him in the future. He is a vampire like my siblings." Before I could ask why he answered my question. "He stays daggered because he hates what we are. He always has and always will. Elijah would object if he believed Finn would help keep our secret. If you see a red headed vampire, let me know. He is easily bribed." I nodded, unsure of what he meant by that. A part of me felt sorry for the gentleman even though I only knew what I had just been told.

"Besides Finn, do you have any other siblings I am not aware of?"

"Before any of us were born Mikael and my mother gave birth to a young boy who died of the plague at an early age. None of us were around during his lifetime. Our youngest brother," Klaus' voice turned emotional although he was trying to hide it. I could tell whoever this brother was, he meant a great deal to Klaus. "Henrik, died of a werewolf attack. It was my fault, we wanted to watch the men turn into wolves but instead they attacked him. It was not until I found out about my true heritage that I realised why I did not hurt me." A reminiscent smile appeared on his lips. "We were very close, him and I. He saw my brothers and myself as role models. It was because of the loss of two children that our mother turned us into vampires by creating a spell; she wanted to protect her children from the cruelties of life. Instead we are monsters who haunt the earth."


I took the wedding bouquet to my room, finding a vase and water before setting it onto my chest of drawers. My dark hues gazed upon it as I laid under the warm covers of my own bed. The moonlight shone around the drawn curtains giving me just enough light to see the flowers.

They were a reminder of normal human life. How women dream of becoming wives and having children of their own. I may be a witch but others of my kind still lived the lives of humans. Being a Bennett witch forced myself into being in service to the Mikaelsons, it was why my cousin Emily and I lived here. Before my Grams pasted away she was here with us. My mother would be if she had not of run from the life she was born to live.

Catching the flowers at Lady Caroline's wedding reminded me that as long as I stayed under the Mikaelsons' roof I would be seen as Lord Kol's whore. It was a known fact I cared deeply for him but whether he felt the same way was unknown to me. All I knew was Lord Kol was not the sort of man to court you until marriage. Ever since he convinced me to join him in his bed chambers I had slept by his side until tonight. I refused to be taken from a life I could lead. I needed to separate myself from his Lordship and try to remove my feelings from him. If that was even possible.

A light knock sounded from the door before it opened. Candlelight flooded into the room as, not surprisingly, Lord Kol entered the room. I sat up a little keeping the covers around my figure.

"I was surprised to not find you in my chambers tonight Miss Bennett."

"I am sorry my Lord, I needed some time to myself," I whispered, bowing my head slightly. He flashed to my bedside running his finger along my jawline and lifting my chin so my eyes met his.

"You have been distant with my since the wedding, what is the matter Bonnie?" His voice demanded.

"Please," I murmured knowing I would not be strong enough to deny his advances. Lord Kol moved his hand to mine bringing it to his lips softly while his strong gaze focused on my features. I sighed. "I want to marry a man, have his children and grow old with him." I boldly announced. I felt his grasp relax slightly.

"The bouquet is just a stupid wedding superstition Bonnie, it does not mean anything if you do not go through with it." His tone implied that my statement was complete nonsense.

"It reminded me of a girl's wishes." I pulled my hand back from his slowly. "Which is why I must let you go and find myself someone who I can be with. Who will court me and marry me."

"No," he growled his fingers flashing to my forearms gripping them tightly. "I cannot allow you to."

"But you must," I shook my head trying to force back the tears that formed in my eyes. "You are a vampire Kol. I age every day."

"Then I will turn you, right here, right now." He decided moving his wrist to his mouth.

"No Kol, I want to be a witch please." I begged wriggling to the edge of the single bed. He sighed relaxing his arm.

"I may not show it, I may treat you like a man would treat his mistress." He sat himself on the edge of the bed. I pulled my tanned legs into a crossed position giving him the space to sit. "But Bonnie, I love you and I am selfish. I can never let you go."

My breathing hitched at his announcement as I gazed at his perfect features. "I love you too." I murmured. He forcefully pressed his lips to mine, claiming me as his own.


By the time we arrived at our destination the night had surrounded us. During the journey I answered whatever question Caroline asked. I remembered her answer to my final question to her before she drifted into a peaceful slumber.

My orbs gazed upon her figure while she thought over the information had had given her over the past hour or so.

"Tell me what you are thinking, love?" I asked carefully bracing myself for the possible answer that she is frightened and despises me.

"This does not change my feelings for you Klaus. I called you a monster and I was wrong, I am sorry. Everything you told me before was the truth, I fell in love with who you are inside." She extended her slender arm opening her palm to me. A soft smile at her lips. "I just need to learn to love the rest of you." I beamed at her announcement accepting her hand and gently caressing her skin with my thumb. She stood from her seat trying to travel to the space beside me, losing her balance along the way causing her to fall into my arms with a soft giggle.

"I have got you, love," I smirked, helping her onto the seat beside me.

She slept against my side murmuring lightly in her sleep. Unfortunately I could not make out the words she spoke; I hoped in the future I would.

I carried my sleeping bride in my arms to our chambers lying her down under the covers in her gown. I removed her shoes placing them on the floor by the foot of the bed. I brought the sheets up to tuck her in before placing my lips to her forehead.

"Goodnight, my love." I whispered before leaving the room to find myself a separate bed to sleep in. I did not want to force her into my company at night just yet. We may be married but I wanted to wait until she was ready.


I slowly awoke to the morning sun as it filtered into the unfamiliar room. My eyelids fluttered open finding myself resting in a king sized bed with four tall posts rising around my figure as I laid in the centre. I realised my attire was still dressed from the night before, Klaus must have put me to bed. I was surprised that he did not sleep by my side. We are married are we not?

Just as I debated on slipping from the warm sheets a tap came from the door.

"Come in," I called out tiredly. My new maid, Anna, appeared in the doorway with a pleasant smile on her features and clothes within her arms.

"You are awake, my lady. How are you feeling this morning?" I slid from the bed to stand on my feet.

"I am well thank you, and yourself?" I had always liked Anna's friendliness.

"I am glad. I too are well." She placed the clothes inside a large closet before turning to face me. "If you are wondering of Lord Klaus' presence. He wanted to give you some space last night after everything he placed on you." I paused before replying.

"Thank you for not answering me before, he was right to answer." She nodded at my thanks. "If you do not mind me asking but are you?"

"I am a vampire, yes, and so is Marcel. Quite a few of the highest servants are, although many others are humans." I nodded. "Are you afraid?" Her voice was soft and kind. I shook my head. A light smirk appeared on her lips. "Lord Klaus was right, you are very strong indeed. Just the woman he needs by his side. So how can I help you this morning? Would you like to bathe before you are dressed?"


Another night of passion had passed. My wishes to be married and have children had left me, for now. Kol's lips had weaved their way into my mind, reminding me how much I love him and care for him.

Last night he had carried me to his chambers where his grand bed sat before showing me exactly how much I meant to him. On previous occasions he had treated me well allowing me to have some say in how things planned out. Instead his Lordship worshiped me; treated me as a Goddess.

"Good morning little witch," he smirked into my dark locks. I could feel his lips kissing my head sweetly.

"Good morning my Lord," I pulled on his arms around my waist making his hold tighter.

"Your Lord indeed, darling." He flashed over me, pressing his mouth to mine passionately.


While I had my breakfast the Lady of this magnificent house spoke to me about the Mikaelsons. It was clear from how highly the human spoke of them that she was unaware of their dark secret.

"We always let them rest at our home when they are in need of a holiday." She rambled on, running her fingers through her hanging tendrils that framed her face. "I never thought Lord Klaus would find himself a wife though, you must be very special to catch his eye. Many woman would kill to be in your position. You are a very lucky woman. Surely you must have some interesting stories about how yo-"

"May I have a moment alone with my wife, Stella?" Klaus' important tone filled the tone causing my head to turn to meet his careful gaze.

"Of course, Lord Klaus. It was a pleasure to meet you Lady Caroline," The stout woman took her leave giving us a small bow.

"I see Anna has come to your needs well," he stepped closer slipping into the chair where Stella had previously sat.

"Yes, she was brilliant this morning." I nodded with a soft smile. "Thank you for carrying me inside and taking me to bed."

"It was my pleasure sweetheart, you were awfully tired. I hope you did not mind me leaving you last night, I did not want to intrude without your permission."

"To be honest I was rather surprised you had not, but I do thank you for it. It was nice to sleep on things." I placed the last mouthful of warm toast into my mouth after I spoke crunching softly.

"I would like it very much if tonight I may?" I nodded, finishing my cup of tea that had begun to get cold.

"Of course." I smiled, pushing my fingers into his that rested in his lap. "Everything I said before I rudely slept," I smirked softly. "I meant it, truly I did." His lips produced a warm smile as he bowed his head in pleased nod.

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