The Feared Estate



Elena greeted us at the door of my old home, asking us whether we had heard from Klaus and Caroline even though it was only a day since they left for their honeymoon.

"If there are troubles I am sure we will be contacted. If not we presume everything is running smoothly." Elijah replied as we sat on the large couch in the parlour of the Petrova House.

"I will just find Mother and Father." Elena departed the room leaving Elijah and I alone with his arm wrapped around my waist pulling me to his side as he sensed my nervousness.

"All will be fine, Katerina," Elijah murmured into my hair softly. I felt his lips touched my head before my parents entered the room.

He stood up in respect. I stayed in my seat fiddling with my fingers in a nervous gesture.

"Lord Petrova, Lady Petrova," he greeted them, shaking their hands.

My chocolate orbs watched their figures move into the seats opposite us. I felt Elijah's arm move around my waist gently caressing my side in comfort.

"Lord Mikaelson, what is it that you wished you discuss?" My father asked formally.

"Elijah, please, we are family after all." My chocolate orbs noticed my Mother's displeased expression at my husband's words. He was a Mikaelson; of course they feared him.

"Very well," he nodded.

"Katerina and I would like to find her daughter. I do believe you gave her away. We wish to find her." Elijah announced, my Mother's features changed dramatically in shock.

"We cannot afford to bring that child back," she exclaimed moving to stand up.

"I understand you gave her daughter away for your family's reputation but this child would become a Mikaelson, whatever shame this may bring would be on my home."

"She may be a Mikaelson by marriage but Katherine is a Petrova by blood," my mother pointed out, only stopping because my father held up his palm to silence her.

"You are willing to father this child if she is found?" He asked kindly.

"I am," Elijah's orbs found mine with a kind smile. He understood my apprehensive behaviour. "She will be treated as my own."

"I see no reason why not," my Father turned to my Mother, placing a soothing hand upon her thigh. "There is no harm in giving them some details."

"Katherine is not suitable for motherhood, her life choices have ruined her," Lady Isobel objected. Her voice full of spite coming from her lips. My mother had never had a high opinion of myself with her flowing dark hair and snobbish manner. Only my father seemed to understand my problems but even then his love for his wife cursed him, stopping him from doing the correct thing.

"I know I did wrong, Mother," I exclaimed squeezing on Elijah's hand tightly as his arm sat around me. "Please let me do some right and be the Mother to my child."

"How can you do good if you have sided with the monsters that haunt our lands?" My eyes widened in shock that she would make such a strong accusation to our faces. She must have known. She must have.

"I am sorry Lord Elijah but my wife is not well at the moment. Please excuse me while I escort her to rest." My Father tried to clear up the mess forcing my Mother to depart the room with my arms wrapped around her waist.

"She knows 'Lijah, she knows I am like you, she must," I pushed my head into his shoulder wrapping my arms around his neck seeking the comfort once the door had closed.

"Shh. Katerina, we will come here for what we came for. No matter what they think of our family." His palm gently caressed my back calming myself down. Thankfully my tears did not flow as they stayed buried away. I hated the heightened emotions that came with vampirism.

"You will not help them John!" Our ears listened in on our parents. "She does not deserve to raise her child in a monsters' home. Do it for your grandchild! Protect her from the beasts, like we should have with our daughter." Isobel screamed at him.

I tuned out trying to concentrate on Elijah's perfect smell that flowed through my nostrils.

"Please forgive her, she did not mean any harm." I pulled away finding my Father in an apologetic state while he returned to his seat.

"Please John, I understand the gossip of my household. It brings no offence." Elijah's words calmed him slightly. I noticed his heavy breathing gradually relaxing back to its normal rate while his fidgeting fingers slowed.

"Thank you," he bowed his head a little. "We gave your daughter to a travelling couple, similar to the Father of the child. My guess is they would still be travelling around now. I can give you details but how you will track them I am not so sure."

"In my position I have ways of finding people." Elijah reassured him. Surprisingly my Father seemed to want me to be reunited with my daughter. Without my Mother by his side dictating his every move, he seemed to not despise me the way I thought.

"Mary and Julius were their names. He had a foreign accent and they were quite young." My Father continued to explain their appearance and where they spoke of travelling.

"Did they leave any possessions behind? Strangely enough that would be rather useful in finding them."

"I think we might, Mary left a scarf behind. It was to be burned but it never happened. I think it lives in the servants' quarters. It is quite a hideous accessory; I am sure Katherine will agree. I smirked, enjoying seeing this light and friendly Father I have missed seeing.


Klaus and I spent the remaining hour of the morning discussing some occurring questions that had sprung to our minds. I asked about a vampire ability to procreate. It seemed if I was ever to have a child, it would be with another man. A sacrifice I have made in order to spend my life with the man I had fallen for. Kindly Klaus was sympathetic on the subject, apologising and squeezing my palm that was wrapped around his fingers.

We had a pleasant picnic glancing over a valley that was only a short walk from the Estate we were staying at. It reminded me of the times we sat in each other's arms on top of the hill beside his house in the clearing around the woodland grounds. I thought over how far we had come, it was only months ago we had met.

Hand in hand we returned from our spot for lunch. He insisted that one of the servants would collect the basket from the viewpoint as we walked back.

"I have a present for you sweetheart," Klaus' voice pulled my ocean orbs to meet his handsome features.


"Yes, a wedding present." I was about to speak but I felt his finger upon my lips. "Before you object, love. Your gift to me is your love and understanding about who I am. I could not ask for a better one. So let me offer you something in return." I nodded. "Follow me, love."

As he asked I followed him with our fingers still interlocked together nicely. My feet dodged the muddy track we walked along. I noticed a soft smirk on his face as he found my movements amusing. My nose caught the familiar smell of manure as we entered a courtyard lined with stables.

"I remember you telling me you liked horses," he smiled towards me as he led me to a stable in the corner. "I thought you might like one of your own. It is kind of a tradition for everyone to own one in my family. Katerina refuses though." I chuckled.

"She is worse with mud than I," I informed him.

"I gathered, she is yours if you would like?" He extended his arm greeting the snowy horse, rubbing his palm along her nose.

"She is beautiful, I would love to have her," I smiled mirroring his action to run my fingers through her coarse mane. "But I do not know how to ride." I admitted pulling away from her with a sheepish expression on my face. "I have not ridden for over ten years, even then I was not very good."

"I will teach you," he announced definitely. "She is ever so friendly and calm."

"What is her name?"

"Whatever you want," his lips curved slightly watching me move back towards my new horse petting her. I thought for a moment.

"Phoenix," I decided thinking it suited the magnificent creature that stood before me. "Hello, Phoenix." I smiled towards her. As she sniffed my hair as my fingers touched her coat.

"Perfect," Klaus murmured as I felt his arms wrap around my waist.


News of Katerina's past mistake had now become known to the witches of the household and myself. My brother and his wife arrived with a manky scarf wanting Emily and Bonnie to put their abilities together in order for them to have the most power in order to find this woman who was playing Mother to Katerina's daughter.

Naturally Bonnie was in my chambers when they wanted her in Elijah's study. One of the spelled rooms of the house. Obviously they wanted this knowledge out of our parent's hands. Hell could break loose, if it had not already, if they knew.

I watched Bonnie from the edge of the room enjoying the view of my witch in her element. She was completely right, I could not remove her chance to be as powerful as a Bennett witch could be by turning her. She can decrease her aging but eventually I would lose her. I could not bear the thought.

Over the past night I thought of her words over marriage, she knew it was not my thing. I had truly fallen for her. She had bewitched me. I guess that is how Elijah feels about Katerina or how Klaus is about Caroline. Perhaps marriage was the answer for me and I just did not realise it.

I was brought from my thoughts when Katerina's maid gave her the result of their spell.

"They are still in the country, I saw the couple…and a few young children," Emily revealed.

"They are around ten towns over. It would take a few days to reach them and still now they are travelling," Bonnie added. I smiled at her contribution, proud of her powers.

"I will leave tonight then and return when I have her," Elijah announced suddenly.

"I am coming too Elijah, we will do this together." Katerina smiled before pressing her lips to my brother. I averted my eyes to Bonnie, who was looking straight at me.


Klaus had encouraged me to ride Phoenix with him for the afternoon around the surrounding grounds. He showed me about how to tack her up and assisted me onto the saddle before hopping on behind me.

I leaned back into his chest as his arms held the reins as Phoenix walked on. Once we reached another dirt track he handed me the ropes keeping his hands around mine guiding me on how to steer. Some things came back to me from past riding experiences, as we travelled in a different direction from the valley we had just visited.

I relaxed enjoying the ride in his company. We spoke of several topics during the hour or so. I spoke of my Grandmother and her love for horses. It was her horse that I had previously rode when I was younger. When she sadly passed, my parents sold her horses on saying we did not have the facilities to support four or five horses.

I question him over his human life, wondering what his siblings were like in human form. Was Kol still as arrogant? Or was Elijah so noble?

"We all had qualities we have today, Elijah is still obsessed with family and how important we are together. Yes Kol was still arrogant and had his flirt on with the woman but I guess all my brothers and I were. Finding a lady was important back then. Rebekah was considered one of the most beautiful in the village although there was another that was possibly more…" His voice trailed off then as he moved into his thoughts calmly. I did as well; wondering of what else our honeymoon would consist of.

Just before the sun began to set, we handed Phoenix over to a stablehand asking him to untack and brush my new mare.

"Goodbye Phoenix," I petted her goodbye before walking into Klaus' waiting arms.

That evening we ate our dinner together without Stella's interruption as Klaus had compelled them to eat elsewhere. I had already been bombarded with her questions this morning that I did not want anymore.

"I finally have you too myself," he smirked opposite me placing the piece of meat on the fork into his mouth after the servant had delivered the dishes to us.

"As much as I disagree with your method, I am glad she is not rambling in my ear no more." The scents rising from the dish tickled my nostrils in delight. The flavorous vegetables entered my mouth after I spoke.

"She is the only downside to this place, but under compulsion Stella is bearable. Her husband is better."

"Do any of your family have anything to do with why she speaks of you like you are Saints?" I wondered, reaching my filled glass.

"I have no idea what you are talking about sweetheart," he stated with a huge smug smirk upon his lips.

"Right…" I nodded, not believing his words. "Anyway, thank you for today. The picnic, the horse and dinner…alone."

"You are very welcome, sweetheart. I hope it would be the start of many more pleasurable moments."

"Me too," I smiled softly before placing another mouthful passed my lips.

"So where were you sleeping last night?" I asked, as we walked through the upstairs corridor towards our sleeping chambers.

"Just in there," he pointed to a door opposite where I was before. We stopped between the two doors as Klaus pulled my fingers to his mouth softly, kissing them gently. "Would you like to me sleep in…" Before I could let him finish I pressed my lips to his forcefully, wanting to prove to him that I never wanted to be separated from him again. Yes, I appreciated his decision yesterday as I was coming to understand who he truly was, but today proved to me he was the same man I fell for. And I love him.

"No, Mister Mikaelson," I murmured closely to his face.

"As you wish, Mrs Mikaelson," he smirked pecking my lips before opening our bedroom door.

I followed him in noticing my new maid, Anna waiting to assist me in getting ready for bed.

"Caroline will not be needing you services tonight Anna, please return tomorrow morning," Klaus directed her.

"Of course my Lord, I understand. I will wish you goodnight." She smiled happily with a small nod before walking passed me to leave the room. A subtle bang indicated the closed door.

"I guess I will be undressing myself," I mumbled walking towards the vanity dresser. Immediately I felt his fingers wrapped around my wrist stopping me at the edge of the bed.

"Not quite sweetheart," he murmured turning my body around to face him. He trailed his fingertips along my jawline before removing the pins that held my golden curls in place. I felt my tendrils trickle down my shoulders and over the low neckline of my gown.

My desiring orbs watched my husband carefully while he untied my strings wanting to leave me standing in my under clothes before him.

"So beautiful," he murmured reaching to remove the final pieces of clothing from my body.

"No," I extended my arms allowing my fingertips to reach the buttons of his shirt. I tried to undo the first, failing when his digits clasped around my own.

"All in good time, my love," he murmured softly before crashing his lips to mine in a passionate kiss as we began our first time.

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