The Feared Estate



Katerina and I swiftly departed our chambers with my valet, Trevor and my wife's maid, Emily behind us with two packed bags ready for our departure. Only a few hours were left of the day and we insisted that those hours and night would be used of travelling. Many tiring days were ahead of us and it was best to get a head start.

"Best of luck, brother," Kol stood in the hallway with his arm tightly wrapped around Bonnie's slim figure. I nodded in thanks before Rebekah entered the area.

"You are leaving?" She demanded, a sorrowful expression.

"Katerina and I have something to do, I am sure Kol will inform you in private."

"Why can you not tell me now yourself? I do not want you to leave us Elijah. With Nik gone the house is not the same, and now you are leaving too." Rebekah sighed disappointed.

"I see this news is not for our ears, my boy?" My Father stood in the door with my Mother only a few steps behind.

"Goodbye Father, Mother, I hope to return without your company." I replied sternly before turning to Katerina. "We should get going."

"Be safe," Rebekah's arms flashed around me pulling me into an embrace.

"Of course, I look forward to seeing you when we return." I smiled pulling away from my blonde sister.

"See you within a fortnight," my wife informed my siblings, ignoring the presence of my parents.

We left the building finding a waiting carriage with Trevor and Emily waiting for us.

"I am hurt Bekah you did not want to be left with me?" I heard Kol smirk.

"Not when you're tied to Bonnie." I sniggered at my sister, assisting Katerina into the carriage before following her myself. Trevor and Emily slipped into the front of the carriage steering the horses towards the exit of our estate.

"Thank you, Elijah. I could not have asked for a better husband," Katerina squeezed my hand softly. Her gazing chocolate orbs finding mine. My lips curved at her statement.

"Anything for you." I leaned in towards her face kissing her deeply on the carriage seat.


I slowly awoke from my peaceful slumber taking in the surroundings. My eyelids fluttered open facing my husband's naked chest that I had used for my pillow. His strong manly scent flowed into my nostrils and his arms encased me to his chest. The bed sheet was wrapped around our naked bodies covering each other from view.

Last night was one of the best nights of my life. The way he worshipped me and marked me as his own. I never wanted to leave his side again.

I turned my head slowly, trying not to let my blonde tendrils slap against his chest. My orbs caught sight of his innocent sleeping face. Nothing told me in this moment that he was a mythical creature from story books. His rosy lips were slightly parted causing me to find it hard to resist kissing them.

I carefully turned away glancing at the four posts that surrounded us. A thick contrasting fabric hung around the borders decorating the dark furniture. I set my head back down to rest finding myself trapped within his strong hold. I kissed his stomach softly before laying me head beside it waiting for him to wake up.

A few minutes later I felt his fingers twirling around my curls at their tips, gently grazing the skin of my bare back.

"Good morning," I greeted him softly, enjoying the movements.

"Good morning, sweetheart. I assume you slept well?" I nodded moving my arm to wrap around his waist. "I could get used to this." I glanced up finding a smirk upon his lips as his light orbs gazed upon my features.

"You will have to," I tried to sit up once again finding his arms relaxing which gave me free reign over my movements. I leaned into his face kissing his lips softly and running my fingertips down his stubbly jaw. His muscular palms held me to him by the hips accepting my kiss and deepening it slowly.

"I love you," he murmured softly gazing into my eyes.

"I love you too."


Over the next few days of our honeymoon Caroline and I went on plenty of horseback outings and walks around the grounds and its surroundings. I gave her several lessons in how to ride Phoenix properly and she was a quick learner. Soon enough I felt ready enough to join her for a trek. My own horse, Raven, a dark stallion had thankfully been brought over from my home to our accommodation a similar time to Phoenix, allowing me to join my wife for a ride but giving her the space she needed.

"I enjoy the freedom but I miss having your arms around me," she informed me in a soft tone once we stopped on the edge of the Estate grounds.

"You will be in them soon enough, sweetheart," I smiled watching her sit upon the mare with her feet cascading down on one side. She nodded with her pink lips curving at my words as she returned her focus from me to the muddy path ahead.

Luckily we managed to avoid Stella and her twenty questions for most of the days. Unfortunately at breakfast she was always waiting for our arrival interested in whatever details we had to share. I gave her a stern glare as I munched on my toast, debating on whether to use her as a blood bag hoping to shut her up. Caroline however seemed to embrace her questions answering them and adding ones of her own. Of course Caroline was used to being a friendly figure within her community I learnt that much from the guests I spoke to at her birthday and at our wedding.

Anna was happy to work around our schedule, understanding what a newly wedded couple needed to do each night. She assisted Caroline in the mornings and waited to be called in the evening, assuming I was capable of undressing my wife.

After Mikael's behaviour after the wedding I was sure that Caroline would turn me away, refuse to be the loving wife I had hoped of her to be. Somehow she was able to overlook my monstrous flaws and reach my heart, falling in love with who I truly am. I knew some day would come when I would want to turn her into a vampire, allowing me to have her by my side for the rest of eternity. It was a conversation I did not want to discuss.


Over the past few days Elijah and I had constantly moved between Estates compelling our way into a decent home for the night. I loved how dedicated my husband was in finding my lost daughter. He had never met her, never seen her but instantly I saw how much he had begun to care for her. I honestly could not wait for her to come home and have a loving father that I had always hoped that two faced traveller would be.

Every night Emily conducted a locator spell with the rugged scarf hoping to relocate the gypsy couple. They were constantly on the move only stopping at night or perhaps staying for a day before continuing on.

It was our fourth day of travelling and their camp had seemed to be a few hours away. Emily sat within the carriage, with Elijah and myself, constantly trying to picture them in their surroundings as the map we had only gave a rough prediction.

Elijah squeezed my palm gently with a soft smile on his lips giving me hope that my daughter would be home soon. I leaned my head against his shoulder letting my pinned curls cascade down his shoulder. My dark hues watched my maid use her powers, silently chanting.

"I have found your daughter my lady," the witch's soft tone caught my attention bring me to sit up from my relaxed position. "The woman and her husband have three children of their own; two boys and one girl. All three have much lighter hair than the fourth girl who has hair as dark as your own." My fingers squeezed Elijah's hand as I glanced at with my bright expression.

"She will soon be with us, Katerina." I nodded smiling towards my maid.

"Thank you Emily, is there a way for you to make sure she is mine?" I asked, a little doubtful that we have found her.

"Yes, my lady." I nodded with thanks. I owed a great deal to Emily Bennett.


I soft knock tapped at the door causing Klaus to sliver out of bed, to my dislike. He found some new clothes dressing himself for the knocker.

"Please stay," I complained feeling rather tired I assumed we had not gotten to sleep as quickly as we had before.

"I must unfortunately share you this morning sweetheart," he leaned down to kiss my forehead softly running his fingers along my cheek. "Are you alright my love?"

"I just feel rather tired," I sat up a little keeping the sheets around my bare figure.

"We will have to find something less tiring to pass the time today. Anna, Lady Mikaelson is ready for you," he smirked.

"You love saying that way too much," I mumbled trying to hide the slight curve of my lips.

"Of course. I will be downstairs." He informed me, nodding at Anna as she entered.

"Good Morning my Lady," she greeted me sending a nod in Klaus' direction.

"Morning Anna."

"Is everything alright this morning Caroline?" She asked me with a concerned expression. After becoming more comfortable with each other I had insisted that she called me by my first name only when we were alone. I did not care if Klaus could overhear our conversations. "Everything with his lordship is okay?"

"Yes, I am just a little tired. All the horse riding and walking must have taken its toll on me. Klaus and I are perfect really."

"I am glad to hear that."

Once I was dressed I sat before the mirror allowing Anna to fiddle with my long hair, pinning it back. She had learnt that I preferred it down but we made a compromise allowing certain locks to fall while the rest is pinned.

"What about you Anna, do you have a man in your life?" I asked my maid, wondering about her life as she always asks about mine.

"I do, Jeremy the horseman or Kol's valet if he needs one," she enlightened me. I noticed her features brighten as she mentioned her lover.

"Yes, I think I know who you mean. I am sorry to take him from you for these weeks."

"Please my lady, do not be. I am happy to accompany you and your husband on your travels. I shall return to him when your honeymoon is over," I felt her tug a little on my hair with the clips sliding through the strands. "From your happy mood I assume you are enjoying married life? All done." I turned around to face her.

"Very much so, this is such a beautiful estate. We have spent the past days exploring the scenery and he taught me to horse ride," I smiled, rather proud of my achievement.

"I am pleased for you," I nodded with thanks.

"As much as I enjoy spending time with that incessant woman," Klaus appeared speaking sarcastically around the corner. "I would prefer if my wife would join me for breakfast."

"I am sorry to keep her from you," Anna bowed her head.

"Do not apologise, my husband is a rather impatient man. It was good speaking with you, I shall see you tomorrow as usual," I smiled to Anna reassuring her it was no problem before walking to Klaus' side placing my lips upon his cheek.

"Surely by living with Rebekah you should understand girls need to chat. Now Lord Mikaelson, you have my full attention."

"Not so tired now are you, love?" He observed clasping his fingers around mine leading me from our chambers.

"No," I shook my head. "I feel fine now. I sure it was nothing to worry about."

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