The Feared Estate



Elijah and I stepped around the camp we had located. Many travellers had gathered in homemade homes in the middle of a field settling down for the day. It was late morning and the sun was almost at its highest, lighting up scenery for us.

"Of course I will Julius, just you wa…" A petite woman with frizzy black hair appeared around the corner of one of the wagons. Her eyes widened at the sight of me; they only flickered to Elijah briefly. "…wait." She finished her sentence softly. "You are the mother." She stated.

"Mary?" Elijah asked kindly. "This is Lady Katerina Petrova, now Mikaelson, we are to believe you have been parenting her daughter for the past three years." I smiled softly, unsure about this now. I knew how hard giving up a child was, this woman now felt like a mother to my daughter. Would she want to give her back to her true mother?

"Mikaelson?" Her voice turned startled, her brown eyes like a stunned animal as she looked at Elijah.

"Yes, I am Lord Elijah Mikaelson, Katerina's husband. I can understand if my name brings fear to you but I promise you we are here to bring you no harm." She nodded.

"How is she?" I asked softly to the woman. A warm smile appeared on her features.

"You have a very beautiful daughter, my lady. She is well mannered and friendly, sadly I cannot say my children have been also. My children share blonde hair you see, they know Nadia does not belong here."


"Yes, your Mother said she was unnamed. We brought it to ourselves to name her. My daughter calls her 'Nadi' sometimes." She paused glancing around the area. "I do not mean to be rude, but why do you inquire about her if you did not want her at birth?"

"She was ripped from my arms at birth by my parents, my biggest regret was that I did not fight hard enough to keep her," I almost yelled at the woman feeling hurt by the accusation she presented.

"We feel like we can provide Katerina's daughter with a suitable home now that our lives are stable. Katerina is the child's mother and should be with her." Elijah laid down his family values trying to reduce the tension that was forming between us.

"I see," Mary acknowledged glancing behind her when a young blonde girl came running up behind her.

"Mama, what is taking so long? Who are these people?" The blonde girl with emerald eyes asked glancing between the newcomers. "You look like Nadi." I gripped Elijah's hand tighter.

"Please Mary," I pleaded with the woman. I glanced down to the little girl that clung onto Mary's wrist. Two plats hung down her shoulders framing her angelic features. "You are a mother yourself, just imagine if your daughter was taken from you. Would you want her back?" I tried to reason with her, hoping I would not disturb the young girl with my words. Thankfully she continued to hum a random tune, uninterested in our conversation.

"Of course," was Mary's instant reply. It took a few seconds before she nodded in understanding. "I will introduce her to you but please let Nadia choose. I do not wish for her to be unhappy." I nodded, turning my head to face Elijah with a pleased smile.


Klaus accompanied me on a pleasant walk around the estate grounds. My arm was laced through his while my other was wrapped around my stomach allowing my fingers to reach his sleeve. We only took a slow stroll as I had begun to fell under the weather. Recently I had felt tired and sometimes felt rather light headed. Klaus took care of me well although I did not enjoy not being able to ride Phoenix for the past day or so. For a vampire-werewolf hybrid, he seemed to know how to take care of an ill human.

"I am feeling alright," I answered his question on my health, gazing over the small stream that marked the end of the estate's territory. "Perhaps it is the cooking or change in atmosphere?" I suggested before pushing my hand over my mouth feeling something foul work its way up. "Excuse me," I managed to speak while I unhooked my arm from his, running to the stream. I bent down onto my knees releasing the spew from my lips.

"Caroline?" Klaus inquired, flashing behind me, rubbing his palm over my back in a soothing motion.

"Sorry," I mumbled staring at the small pile within the grass on the river bank.

"You are unwell sweetheart, no need to apologise." His voice calm as he reached inside his jacket pulling out an off-white handkerchief. He raised the material to my mouth, wiping away the excess sick that lined my lips. "Perhaps we should return home early?"

"That is not necessary, I am alright," I insisted not wanting to half the honeymoon. I was enjoying my time here. We may have achieved simple things but I enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere and Klaus' company.

"Do not lie to me Caroline, you are rather pale today. I would prefer you to be examined."

"I am sure Stella could inquire a local doctor?" I proposed leaning into Klaus' side gently wanting some support.

"I do not trust human doctors. I am tempted to heal you with my blood but I will not force this on you unless I know for sure it will work."

"Heal me? I am not injured or hurt, it is just my insides that are not well. If you do not trust doctors then who will examine me?" I asked, my eyes gazing into his.

"A witch, possibly Bonnie as you are comfortable with each other?" I nodded. "Before we choose the route home, could we try my blood, sweetheart? It has healing properties, if this does not work then we will return home. Please love, the last thing I want to do is cut our honeymoon short." His soft words brought my head to nod in agreement.

"I hate the taste of blood," I mentioned causing a soft chuckle to leave his parted lips. He bit into his wrist in a swift motion. I noticed his eyes switching into a golden hue revealing the darker side of him. Veins dribbled down from his eyes as his elongated teeth pierced the skin. I took a step back not hiding the fear that arose at the sight. I did not scream, I trusted him. He extended his open wrist to me, gradually his face returned to normal.

"Be quick love, I heal fast." A second later I moved closer taking his wrist within my fingers pulling the open flesh to my lips. I sucked softly feeling the blood reach my taste buds. I pulled away slightly, a disgusted expression upon my features. "Just a little Caroline." I returned to his bite sucking on his flesh harder wanting to get this over with. I felt his spare hand stroke the back of my head softly.

Once I pulled away I noticed the flesh healing gradually. I stared at it in amazement.

"How do you feel?" Klaus spun me slowly to face him. "Apart from the vile taste lingering on your tongue." A smirk appeared for a second before swiftly vanishing.

"I feel sick, perhaps it is the taste? Are you sure there are meant to be immediate effects?"

"Should be," he nodded.

A few seconds later I returned to my spot by the river chucking up another amount. Klaus' hands soothed me again while his lips murmured into my ear.

"I have got you, love." I leaned back into his arms enjoying the comforting embrace he offered. "We shall head home within the hour," he announced lifting me into his arms walking back to the estate. I nodded, snuggling my head into his shoulder as he cradled me.


Mary introduced us to her husband, Julius. A tall muscular blonde man who obviously gave his hair colour to their children causing Nadia to be an outcast. An obvious hatred came from his tone, his glaring orbs made me uncomfortable and his words were just harsh.

"So you are the woman that abandoned her child because she was illegitimate," were his greeting words. Elijah growled at him standing up for me as I clung to his arm. They were right, they were all right, I am a terrible mother and I had not even interacted with my own child.

Elijah and I waited outside their tent trying not to eavesdrop on the conversation within the travellers' home. My mind wondered over about what Nadia was like and how she would react to us. I pushed my head into Elijah's shoulder seeking comfort.

"What if she does not want to come home Elijah?" I whimpered in a muffled tone.

"Trust me Katerina," he murmured placing his palm over my cheek in comfort. He held it there for a minute with his fingers unmoving. I wondered what he was doing but it calmed me so I did not care. "They are right, she is just like her mother." Elijah announced her arrival into my ear, untangling me from his body.

My eyes were brought upon a young three year old girl with curly black hair identical in colour that fell over her shoulders. Her striking chocolate eyes flickered between the two of us in interest as her tiny hand held onto Mary's tightly. Her clothes were of peasant standard which disappointed me slightly. She was a Petrova-Mikaelson, neither family was a peasant. She did not deserve to live like this.

From instinct I knelt down to her level with a soft smile on my lips.

"Hello Nadia," I greeted her.

"Hello," her angelic voice sounded. It was sweet and high pitched. "Mama said she not Mama." Sadness was displayed in her tone.

"Hello Nadia," Elijah joined in holding out his hand to shake her palm. She took it allowing Elijah to softly shake her tiny palm in his own larger one.

Under the watchful eye of Mary the three of us interacted in conversation about Nadia's life. She spoke of her 'siblings' and how she has always felt different. She mentioned feeling confused about what her 'mother' had said to her prior to this engagement. Luckily Elijah told her a story about a young girl that was separated by her mother. It was mostly fact but my husband added in some fairy tale elements saying a 'wicked witch' split us apart and a fire-breathing dragon tried to keep us from coming together. At the end of the tale Nadia giggled softly displaying her happiness.

"I-jah funny," she chuckled trying to pronounce Elijah's name. In that moment he placed his hand upon her cheekbones causing Nadia's eyes to widen slightly. My eyes flickered between the two curious on what was happening.

When Elijah pulled away, Nadia automatically gazed at me with her lips curling.


Caroline slept in my arms as we began the long journey home. My eyes gazed upon her perfect features and the way her hair spread across my lap. Her skin was paler than usual and I was incredibly worried about what was wrong with her. My blood had refused to heal her meaning something serious had occurred.

Marcel and Anna had been very quick in assisting us in packing the necessities we needed. All of our belongings that were left behind were to be sent the following day, including our horses Phoenix and Raven.

Before Caroline entered her restful slumber I convinced her that Phoenix would be alright and will return to us very soon. Her worries displayed her affections for her wedding gift clearly, proving to me that she never abandoned the things that she cares about. I hoped that included me.

I could not lose her to whatever had brought her down. I had no way of ceasing the pain, my blood was powerless against her illness.

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