The Feared Estate



"Mama?" My daughter's voice asked. He voice directed straight at me. I stared at her for a few seconds just processing the fact that somehow Nadia knew who I was to her. I glanced at Elijah with my lips parted in the surreal moment. My eyes returned to the waiting child who hesitated before stepping closer to me.

"Yes," I breathed, confirming her suspicions. In a second I found myself having her short arms wrapping themselves around my crouched figure. I accepted the gesture hugging her tightly, but still trying not to hurt her tiny figure. I glanced up at Mary's soft smile mouthing "Thank you" in her direction.

"When we home?" Nadia asked in my ear causing my lips to curve widely.

"As soon as you are ready, little one," Elijah answered hovering a few paces away. Nadia unwrapped herself from me taking a while for her little legs to run to Elijah's standing position. She curled her arms around his leg hugging him also. I giggled standing up and wondering over to Mary.

"Thank you for taking care of her. If there is anything you would like in return please do say, I am so very grateful," I offered in a friendly tone.

"No thank you, we are doing just fine," she insisted. We both turned to glance at the giggling child that Elijah held in his arms. He looked like the perfect husband and father in my eyes. It was a shame vampirism stopped us from having children of our own he would have been magnificent. "I can see she will be happy and that you will give her a better home. I wish you good luck Lady Mikaelson." She turned and started heading back to the tent.

"Do you or your family wish to say goodbye?"

"To be honest, I think it would be better if you departed without them. Nadia has her family now." She spoke briefly connecting our gazes before she drifted to the tent.

I wondered over to Elijah and my daughter finding a wide smile appear on my lips as my husband slipped Nadia into my arms. She wrapped her arms around my neck holding me tightly while I walked back to the carriage where Emily and Trevor waited patiently.


"Sweetheart, time to wake up," Klaus' soft voice awoke me from my slumber. My eyes fluttered open finding my husband staring down at me with adoration floating in his eyes. "We are home." I sat up from the curled laying position on Klaus' lap glancing out the window. The Feared Estate, as the people of the city called it, sat outside the carriage window waiting for our arrival. "Are you okay to walk sweetheart? Or would you like to be carried?"

"I should be alright, but I may take you up on your offer later," I answered standing from the fabric bench when Marcel opened the door. Klaus exited the carriage first, holding my hand in assistance.

"Anna, please find Bonnie Bennett and tell her to meet her in mine and Caroline's chambers," Klaus directed her before turning to smile at me softly. "If my blood cannot heal you, you must be under a spell. I do not know how but Bonnie will know what to do. Let us get you upstairs, you must continue to rest." I nodded, still feeling rather tired even though I had spent however many hours sleeping.

I snuggled into Klaus' chest enjoying the warmth from his arms that cradled me like a child. My fingers clasped around the material of his shirt, letting me hang onto him.

I recognised the dark interior and large bed that he gently laid my back across. The back of my head nestled into the few pillows that waited at the head of the poster bed. Klaus perched on the edge allowing my fingers to cling onto his own. His dark orbs gazed upon my relaxed figure as he lifted a finger to brush along my cheek and jawline.

"Caroline," Bonnie's worried voice filled the room as she stood in the open doorway. "Anna told me you are unwell." I expected to find a scowl upon Klaus' features but it seemed my health was more important than formalities.

"I have vomited a few times and I am awfully tired. I do not believe it is serious, yet Klaus insisted we returned," I informed my witch friend.

"Overly cautious, don't you think brother?" Kol's cocky accent drew my attention to his new position a few paces behind Bonnie.

"Thank the lord for my hearing, was anyone going to tell me you had…returned." Rebekah appeared in the entrance stopping when she saw the sight before her. "What is happening? Caroline you look awfully pale." Klaus' fingers squeezed my own.

"My wife is not well Rebekah, anyone else want to enter the room?" He muttered, annoyed.

"Our parents left a day after Elijah and Katherine left in search of Katherine's bastard child," Kol stated.

"What?" I exclaimed sitting up bringing Klaus' palm to my chest.

"Rest, love. All will be explained." My husband reassured me, I followed his command resting into the linen on the sheets. "They just left?" Kol nodded.

"Elijah requested they would and we woke up the next day to be told they were gone. Jeremy informed me." Klaus nodded at Kol's words, pleased with the outcome.

"Right Bonnie, back to Caroline." Klaus ordered.

"Of course my lord, anything else I should be aware of?" Bonnie asked placing her hand on my forehead and examining my body.

"Her eating habits have changed," Klaus added watching the Bennett witch closely.

"Nothing suggests you are ill besides the colour of your skin, and everything you are telling me are symptoms for one thing."

"Pregnancy," Rebekah added, her eyes clearly in thought of the prospect. Bonnie nodded.

My lips parted at the idea of having a child. Klaus had told me it was not possible, it was a sacrifice I thought I had to make. I guess not. Bonnie nodded in agreement with the female original.

"No, that is impossible vampires cannot procreate," Klaus denied.

"Caroline is human, her body is capable of carrying a child," Bonnie argued softly.

"Witches are capable, so in that case you should be impregnated by now from the amount of times you are in my brother's bed," Klaus spoke through gritted teeth. I hated the way he denied it all, did he not want a child? Surely if I was expecting then that should be a good thing, right?

"Please do not take this out of Bonnie," Kol stepped forward running his fingers down Bonnie's dark skin.

"Kol, not now this is serious," she wiggled her way from his light grasp which was clearly distracting her. "Vampires cannot procreate but werewolves can, you are a hybrid, perhaps this one of nature's loopholes?" Klaus shook his head standing from the bed, removing his hand from mine and pulling it through his curls. "There is something I can do to check…"

"Do it," Klaus growled. Bonnie placed her slender hands over my stomach gently before her lips chanted in a whisper that was hardly audible. My eyes glanced to Klaus' stern expression before to the other occupants of the room. Both Kol and Rebekah were still and watching. My eye line was pulled back when Bonnie jumped a little.

"I thought it might be too early to work but yes, there is life forming," Bonnie confirmed. My parted lips curled into a warm smile. I was going to be a mother, after all those years of playing dolls with Elena and pretending to be a mother, it was finally going to happen.

Sadly Klaus did not reciprocate my feelings. He stormed out the room with a growl avoiding Rebekah as she tried to stop him from leaving the room.

"Klaus," I called out to him; my tone half joyful half worried.


Emily's genetic spell proved that Nadia was indeed my daughter. We did not really need the witch's confirmation as our appearance was the practically the same apart from a few areas where her Father seeped through. I tried to remove the man from my thoughts replacing him with Elijah's beautiful face and all the extraordinary moments I had shared with him. I felt lucky to call him my husband. I felt lucky to have my daughter in my arms as we began the long journey back within the carriage to our home.

"I never thought I could love another woman," Elijah mused gazing upon my daughter as she slept in my hold.

"Just us, okay? I know I am the most beautiful woman in the world but still I do not want to lose you," I smirked, making him promise to never abandon us.

"I will always be with you Katerina. I will cherish each moment with you and Nadia," he pressed his lips to my forehead and then to the slumbering child. My ruby lips curved with happiness.

"What did you do when you pressed your hand to her? It was like you opened her world up from the way she laid her eyes upon me," I questioned.

"Remember when I did the same to you before we met her?" I nodded. "I discreetly made a mental connection between you and I. I delved into your mind searching for your only memory of her. I did the same with Nadia finding a memory that was quite forgotten to her but still retrievable. I linked up yours and hers showing her that you were her true mother." I pressed my lips before cradling my daughter closer to my chest and laying into my husband's.

"Thank you, I do not know what I would do without you," I murmured.

"Anything for you Katerina."


Rebekah quietly requested to be alone with me. Bonnie and Kol nodded, leaving the room with their fingers entwined. Rebekah replaced Klaus' previous position on the bed looking over me.

"Congratulations," she smiled.

"Thank you, sadly I do not feel like celebrating without him," I sat up on the bed feeling a little better than before.

"He will come round, my brother is rather fickle." I nodded. "None of my brothers have really thought about becoming parents. I have because, as I am sure you know, girls just think about it from a young age. Elijah never thought he would become one and now he is in search of one." I raised a brow causing Rebekah to fill in the gaps of my knowledge about the situation. It seemed two Mikaelson couples were becoming parents.

I swung my legs round wanting to get up from the bed and find Klaus but Rebekah raised a hand to halt my movements. She knew my plan.

"Give him some time, once his head is wrapped around the concept of being a Father he will return to you."

"What if that is not the case? I need to know he is alright Rebekah. I cannot…cannot," tears began to form in my eyes causing my vision to blur. I felt my sister-in-law's arms pull me into a gently comforting embrace. "…cannot do this alone. I need him." I tightened my grasp around her shoulders trying to stop the water from my eyes from falling on the shoulder of her gown.

"You can count on me Caroline, I have always wanted to be a mother myself. Honestly I am jealous of your humanity. I promise you that I will help you through this. That includes helping you with my brother's tantrums." We both giggled bringing my mood up a little. Rebekah wandered over to a chest of drawers pulling out one of Klaus' handkerchiefs to give to me as she returned to her seat.

"Thank you, I apologise for crying. I feel so emotional." I dabbed the material around my eyes removing the water upon my face.

"It is fine Caroline, pregnancy hormones do this to you. It is perfectly normal," Rebekah reassured me. I nodded, thankful for her assistance. I pulled the white material from my face and into my fingers with a soft smile. I just wished Klaus would be this supportive.

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