The Feared Estate



Soon after breakfast my Father summoned my presence again. After enjoying an old novel I discovered in the library I reluctantly joined him and my Mother.

More matters on my marriage to Lord Damon Salvatore were discussed, as I suspected. I could hardly think straight with my meeting with my new acquaintance in the forest later. I just hoped he stuck to his word and showed himself.

Immediately after lunch in the dining room I snuck out of the building. It was rather impossible to leave without being seen as gardeners and servants roamed the area. Thankfully no one called me back this time, I only received a few "Good Afternoon, m'lady" or a lift of the hat as I passed.

With my fingers holding up the edge of my dress, I made my way through the forest. I was greeted by bird song and the light breeze caused a gentle rustling through the trees.

The stroll brought me to the tree with my childhood craving, our chosen meeting place. He was nowhere in sight. My mood dropped as my heart fell. I decided to wait a while to see if he had been running late.

I walked around the tree completely missing my step causing myself to fall to the Earthy ground. I gave a short scream but before my body landed I felt something pull me up from behind.

"Careful, Love." Klaus! My mind rejoiced. My hands went over his burly arms to steady myself.

"Thank you," I smiled softly as I turned around to find a familiar soft smirk on his lips. "I was starting to think you were not coming." I admit.

"And miss seeing you, no, never." Klaus offered me his arm and I took it willingly. "How are you today?"

"Alright, I could be better." I noticed him open his mouth to speak but I continued. "My Father finished discussing my engagement. Lord Salvatore will be visiting in a few weeks to settle everything." I glanced up to his face, realising I was saying more than I probably should, his eyes were focused in the distance. "Sorry, I am boring you."

"No, not at all. I was just thinking of a place I would like to take you. It is not far." He brought his eye line back to mine. "I am sorry for your troubles." He seemed to mean it.

"Thank you, lead the way." I smiled, allowing him to lead in a direction I had not taken before. "How do you know these forests so well?" I wonder aloud.

"My siblings and I grew up around here, this is where we played. I know these woods like I do the back of my hand." He announced, slightly smug.

"I trust that I will get home safely." My gaze looked up at him, I tripped slightly again but his arms held me up.

"You are quite the clumsy one," he chuckled. He never let me go until I had regained my balance. "You are safe with me, Love."

"I can see, thank you. I am never usually like this." I say once we continue to walk. It must be his presence causing me to miss my step.

We reached a slight incline on the ground taking us higher. I squeezed his arm gently as we climbed, wanting to support me. My other hand held the fabric of my crimson dress; it was a habit of mine.

My eyes caught sight of a tall building above a stoned wall in the distance. We were climbing a hill. There was a huge mansion with grounds up ahead. We were nearing Mikaelson grounds. I stopped in my tracks, my body turning rigid.

"Something the matter, Love?" Klaus halted after me, keeping right next to my side. I glanced up to see him looking directly at me with a questioning gaze.

"This is Mikaelson territory."

"Yes, we are just passing through." Klaus took a step forward taking me with him but then he stopped again, realising I was not comfortable with his plans. "Is there problem?" His orbs were focused on me again.

"Are you sure that we are allowed. They could have our heads for trespassing." I did not receive the reply I expected. He gave a loud chuckle. "I'm being serious, Klaus! No one stirs trouble on their land."

"I am sorry Sweetheart, you just intrigue me, but I can promise you. You will survive this. Trust me." His voice soothed my nerves. I nodded, surrendering.

"Fine, but do not blame me if we do not escape." He chuckled again. I glared at him.

"I promise, you'll make your wedding day." We began to pace again, moving towards the back of the Mikaelson property.

"Great." I mumbled, sarcastically. I enjoyed our conversations, I did not see him as a Lord and he did not treat me as I was usually treated. We enjoyed ourselves without the formalities, although I disapproved of his chuckles at my seriousness.

We suddenly stopped once we were heading away from the place I did not want to be. I heard him mumble something like "We'll never get there in time."

"Everything alright?" I ask. He abruptly pulled me onto his back, my dress struggling to hold as my legs were wrapped around his middle. Before I could protest we were whooshing through the woods. My eyes wide in terror as I was positive we would hit a passing tree. We did not.

Once we stopped, Klaus pulled me off his back and grabbed my face bringing my eyes to his.

"You will forget my abilities, we walked here." His pupils dilated. I blinked after, following his instructions. "Alright, love?"

"Yes, thank you," I replied with a smile. "I am feeling a little tired after all this walking. We could have used a carriage."

"Sadly, a carriage would not have sufficed here. Where we are heading is just through those trees. Shall we?" Klaus offered me his arm again and I gladly took it with a smile.

Our destination was a break in the forest on the hill where the Mikaelsons rested at the top. We were half way down looking beyond the city walls. It was beautiful.

"Wow." Was my first word after taking in the countryside with meandering rivers and many species of plants covering the hills. The sky was the perfect blue and only a few clouds were in sight. A light breeze blew onto my face keeping me cool.

"I thought you might like it here." He pulled off his jacket revealing his off-white shirt. He sat down and laid his garment next to him. After catching my gaze, he patted the spot, asking me to join him. I obliged.

That was the start. Each day we would meet at the tree and make our way to our panoramic spot. At least twice a week I would have to decline the invitation because of other occasions like dinners with the Lockwoods or Pertrovas. I wanted to tell Elena of my friendship with Klaus. I would have liked it to go further but what with the situation with Damon I was unsure. I decided to keep him a secret, not allowing anyone to know.

Two weeks had passed since I first collided into Klaus' and his brother's, Kol, presence. I sat at my dressing table with my finger on my lips reminiscing over today's events, while I waited for Amelia, my maid, to assist me before bed.

My head laid in his lap as we stayed later than usual. I had a feeling I would be missing my dinner soon but I did not want to move. I was perfectly comfortable with Klaus' arm around me while his free hand gently strokes the top of my head covered in my golden locks. I gaze up at his handsome features, smiling whenever either a smirk or his cute dimples appeared; quite often.

I had a question forming in my mind. I knew it would ruin the mood but I needed to ask.

"Why do you insist on seeing me each day?" I whisper, unsure of his reaction. His hand paused half why down my head. His calming smile faded slightly.

"Surely you know the answer, Love." I sat up, turning myself around to face him.

"Could you tell me anyway, please?" I continue to whisper, my eyes never moving from him.

"I fancy you," he began before moving his left hand from his lap to my cheek, caressing it gently. "You're beautiful, strong, full of light." He paused as I leaned into his hand, blushing at his words. "I enjoy you." I smiled, unsure what else to do while my heart was fluttering.

His free hand rises to hold my face. His thumbs began twirling on the blush of my cheeks. Slowly he leaned closer so our faces were almost touching. My orbs delved deep into his as I watched him do the same. Several times his blue eyes flickered down to my curving lips. I nodded, wondering if he was silently asking for my permission to move closer.

As soon as my confirmation reached Klaus, I felt his lips softly claim mine. It was all gentle as we moved in sync with each other. I moved my arms around his neck, my fingers gripping the hairs at the base of his head.

We stayed, capturing each other's mouths, for what seemed like seconds but was probably minutes. It was over so quickly, I was not ready to depart when he did. A huge grin was painted on our faces as he gazed into each other. His thumbs were circling my cheeks again.

"Lady Caroline!?" I heard Amelia screech in my ear. I pulled out of my daydream and back into reality when I glanced up to see my maid watching over me.

"I am sorry, it has been a long day." I smile softly at her through the mirror. I noticed her caramel colour hair was pulled into its usual side plat, descending over her chest.

"You seem happier recently m'lady." She began her usual evening chit-chat. I was expecting her to ask me questions on my day. It was all she ever asked me. I used to ask of her day but I only ever receive a basic answer like 'it was the usual' or 'nothing interesting, m'lady'. I wish they'd be more to discuss.

"I am." My mind flickered to our kiss, but I quickly snapped out of it, knowing I'd enter another daydream.

I felt her fingers wriggle through my hair removing the clips that held my hair in place. Unusually for women at this time I had my hair down. It makes me feel freer. However on occasions my Mother insists I have it up as I should every day.

"I am glad. Are you happier with your engagement?" More engagement talk now, Amelia did annoy me sometimes. Ever since all the servants became aware of it, she has been trying to convince me that Damon is my 'handsome prince'. The only person I would be happy to place into that category has their name beginning with 'Kl' and ends in 'aus.'

"No." I reply bluntly, trying to get the message over, that I did not wish to discuss the matter again.


After returning Lady Forbes to her home, later than usual. I flashed back to the Mikaelson estate. I chuckled again once I remembered her reaction once I brought her near here. It seems people do fear my family, and so they should.

I am an Original vampire, well hybrid; half vampire, half werewolf. It seems my dear Mother was not faithful to her husband back in the Middle Ages when my siblings and I were born; hundreds of years ago. My siblings are all originals, meaning that every single living vampire is connected to either one of us. If we die, which is practically impossible, then every single vampire in our bloodline will also die. That could be millions by now.

I was greeted by Trevor at the entrance of my home, Elijah's valet. I was never one for all these formalities. I had my own, Marcel, but I saw no reason for him to assist with my dressing. I was perfectly capable of doing that myself.

"Trevor," I nodded. "Is Elijah in his office?"

"Yes, my Lord." He replied, tilting his head slightly. I was sure my presence made him nervous as he was always shaking slightly; enough for someone of my kind to notice. Surely being a vampire himself, he should be able to hold himself.

I departed from the hallway moving towards Elijah's presence. Once I reached the tall dark door. I knocked before opening the door; my brother liked all these pathetic formalities. He was sat at his oak desk glancing over some papers. Since Mother and Mikael, my step-father, left (I have no idea why...) Elijah has been taking over the city's business. Finn would help him but he is...otherwise occupied downstairs.

"Could I have a private word, brother?" I ask, moving into the room. I knew we had certain rooms spelled by one of the witches to stop things being overheard. Thankfully this was one of them.

"Of course, Niklaus." My brother offered me a kind smile, gesturing to the seat opposite him. Again with the stupid formalities, we're family for God's sake.

As much as I opposed, I followed the orders before explaining to my elder brother the situation I found myself.

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