The Feared Estate



As I laid sleepily under the covers of large bed I heard the bedroom door open. Sleepily, my eyes fluttered open noticing a male silhouette entering the room. The moon shone through the curtains of the window projecting just enough light for my eyes to see.

"Klaus," I whispered, my sleepy voice hardly sounding. I tried to wake myself up to greet him after not seeing him for the day. After his sudden exit when my pregnancy was announced he did not return, because of my pleas and cries Kol searched around the nearby areas for him. Sadly my husband was not found.

"I am here, Caroline," Klaus confirmed to me, running his damp fingers along my cheekbone. His hair glistened slightly, showing me that the rain had still continued into the night. I tried to keep my eyes open as I felt his lips press against my forehead and then to my lips. I returned to affection, tasting alcohol and the metallic tang of blood. "I am sorry, sweetheart. I am here now." He whispered.

I felt the bed shift slightly as his body filled the space beside me. I rolled over to face him, nuzzling my features into his chest drowsily. His arms curled around my body to embrace me as sleep finally took over me.

The morning sun was not as bright as it usually was through the curtains. A pattering on the window signified that the heavens were still open as they poured down onto the city.

I laid in my husband's arms taking in his strong scent. My ocean orbs glanced up to see his eyes peering down at me with his usual curving lips. Instead they were straight and his expression serious.

"You are still here," I smiled moving closer to him pressing my lips to his own. He returned the kiss with his usual amount of passion. As I ran my finger along his stubbled jaw he spoke.

"I apologise Caroline for my behaviour I am just concerned for you," his voice soft and calm.

"I am okay Klaus," I sat up onto my knees gazing down at his laid down form. His curls were more prominent after his time in the rain last night. "I have you, I am pregnant and not under some witch's spell. Surely creating a family is a good thing? Is it not?" His eyes wavered to the closed curtains and around the room. "That is it." I realised. "You do not want to be a Father." My bottom lip quivered as my emotional nature made another appearance.

"Caroline," Klaus sat up extending his arms to me. He placed his palms on my upper arms softly catching my attention. I bowed my head closing my eyes to keep the tears down.

"I cannot do this alone Niklaus," I glanced up feeling the water in my eyes. "I need you, your child needs you." He shifted closer to me, raising his hand to my cheek.

"I am never leaving you Caroline, I have no intention of going back on our vows we made on our wedding day."

"Then tell me, what has changed? What has made you leave me until last night?"

"I just want you to be happy." I took his hand on my cheek bringing it into my lap and gently caressing his skin.

"I thought I was never going to be a mother this," I brought his hand onto my flat stomach, "is a good thing." His eyes stared at his hand taking in my every word.

"But I have to witness you unwell and weak for however long that thing is inside you," his words forced my breath to stick in my throat.

"That thing is our child, and I will not have you speaking that way." I moved off the bed leaving his figure alone in the sheets. "I get it, all powerful hybrid does not want to be a father." I muttered before moving into the adjoining dressing room calling for Anna to assist me.


Several days had passed by as Katerina, Nadia and I became closer. Throughout our journey home we stopped at many Estates compelling ourselves shelter and a comfortable place to sleep at night.

One woman took a shine to young Nadia saying how she was the spitting image of her mother. She told me before we left to take care of my little family, I could see in her eyes she was sad to see us pass even though we stayed only for the night.

Inside the carriage Nadia always sat in either of our laps, clearly she preferred her mother but I was delighted with smiles and hugs as well. Many topics were discussed with my new daughter about our destination. We spoke of my newly wedded brother and his bride, also my sister and brother. She was very eager to meet everyone. Surprisingly she inquired about grandparents. It was clear that during her year with the gypsies she had met all the family. Katerina and I looked at each other unsure of whether she should know about them right now.

I was hoping that my parents had taken the warning of leaving as we left our Estate about a week ago. I refused to let Nadia grow up around them.

When the carriage stopped for the final time Nadia reached for the window, taking in the exterior of her new home. Trevor opened the carriage door for me as I stepped out first. I assisted my wife as Nadia sat in her arms. Nadia's little hands clinging tight around Katerina's neck.

"I see you were successful brother," Kol appeared in the front doorway as he stepped out to greet us. Rebekah swiftly followed with Caroline. Niklaus and Caroline were not due back for another week...why were they back early?

"Elijah," Rebekah beamed running up towards me and pulling me into an embrace. I noticed Caroline's ocean orbs focused on Nadia, absentmindedly her hand moved to her stomach.

"Where is Niklaus?" I inquired as Rebekah pulled away.

"Here," Niklaus announced his presence moving closer to his wife. Caroline immediately moved towards Katerina reaching towards Nadia with a kind smile on her lips. Instead of being bright and happy, her curving mouth was reserved. Something was wrong with Niklaus and Caroline

"Hello," the blonde greeted my new daughter taking her hand gently.

"Nadia, this is your Auntie Caroline," Katerina introduced them.

"Auntie Caroline," the little girl pronounced a small smile present on her angelic face.

I watched the interacted as Rebekah joined the women. Kol was joined shortly by Bonnie whose finger's slipped through each other's.

I stepped over to Niklaus noticing his stepped back position. His dark hues focusing on his bride. Tension was clearly brewing between them.

"May I have a private word brother?" I requested entering the building leaving the rest of our family outside to greet Nadia.

I felt my brother reluctantly follow behind as I led him to my study. As we walked through the house I could not hear any other residents other than servants, telling me that our parents had taken me up on my request to leave the premises.


I overheard Elijah's request to speak to my husband but I kept my attention on the little child in front of me. She held my fingers with a soft smile on her lips.

"That will be you in a few years Caroline," Bonnie smiled stepping closer to the gathering of females.

"What?" Katherine's eyes widened slightly at the statement.

"Caroline's pregnant," Bonnie announced.

"Nadia is going to have a little cousin by the end of the year," Rebekah added, stroking Nadia's hair gently.

"Ah Care! Congratulations!" Katherine grinned pulling me into a one armed hug. Nadia copied her mother's actions trying to reach for my neck. "But how?"

"Lord Klaus' werewolf side we suspect," Bonnie replied as Katherine's handed her daughter over to me as Nadia had wanted. She snuggled into my side causing a happy smile to appear on my lips.

"You are a natural!" Katherine grinned watching us together. I looked up noticing envy radiate from Rebekah. I felt sorry for her, unable to experience the joys of motherhood. At least she could be an Auntie.

"Would you like to hold her Rebekah?" I offered, wanting to give her a chance with her niece. She nodded taking Nadia with a soft smile.

"I was surprised to see you without Klaus when we arrived, is everything alright?" Katherine inquired, stepping closer to me in interest. I shook my head.


I shut the door behind me, sealing the room and allowing the spell of the room to allow us to speak freely. I watched my brother as he sat in one of the two leather chairs gesturing for me to take the other. I obliged waiting for the questions of my life. Sometimes Elijah was more of a father than a brother, scolding me for my actions.

"Come to investigate into our early departure from our honeymoon, brother?" I began knowing the topic would come up soon enough.

"I simply wished to discuss your bride's happiness by your side. From the distance you both kept between yourselves it is clear that the honeymoon phase is over." As Elijah paused I chose to speak not wishing to hear about Elijah's observations over the two of us.

"Caroline grew ill and my blood refused to heal her," I sighed glancing around the room. "She is pregnant. Everyone seems to think my werewolf gene allowed us to procreate." Once my eyes returned to Elijah I noticed a pleased smile on his features.

"Then why are you not there protecting your bride and helping her through the early stages of her pregnancy?" I stayed silent. "Niklaus, Caroline needs you by her side to help her through this."

"Tell her that then, get her to actually want to be in my presence. She has refused me for days since she realised my feelings towards the child." I growled standing up, annoyed at myself for letting her slip away from me.

She never smiled or laughed around the house, she occasionally visited Phoenix in the stables stroking her mane with a solemn expression. If I entered the room she would excuse herself or shift her position so she did not face me. At night she slept on the very edge of the king sized bed away from me. I always pulled her sleeping form closer to me worried that she would fall off in the night. I simply kissed her forehead and went to sleep without her in my arms as I did not wish to anger her further in the morning. Sometimes I would hear her cries around our home, so many times I had witnessed her curled up on the balcony of our chambers. I missed her, I craved her happiness. Everyone in the mansion knew of our disagreements and seemed to work around us.

"And what has caused Caroline to act so distant with you?" Elijah knew this problem was caused by one of my own indiscretions. He knew me too well.

"She figured out that I do not want the child," Elijah was about to speak but I ceased him by continuing. "All that baby has done is caused Caroline to suffer, she is sick, over emotional and it is tearing us apart."

"Only because you have let it."

"This loop hole of nature has brought nothing but unhappiness. My wife cries and I can do nothing about it because she will yell and scream at me. This marriage is falling apart and here you are adopting Katerina's daughter. What a happy sight this is." My voice sarcastic. "You welcome fatherhood like it is a gift, we are cursed beyond repair and here you are wanting to ruin yet another soul."

"I love Katerina, and you know how important family is." Elijah rose from his chair also standing tall from me trying to get his point across." Nadia is family and that child growing inside your wife is family. Fatherhood is a gift Niklaus, we are lucky to be blessed with it. Cherish it, brother." Elijah paused seeing if I would reply. I did not. "Since our parents ruined our lives, all that we have ever wanted was a family. We are the Originals, and we remain together always and forever. So be there for Caroline, prove to her that you will stand by her and your child. I will help you, I will be your brother." Elijah reached out placing his hand on my shoulder speaking slowly. "Your whole family will support you."

"Family," I muttered, hearing the word appearing several times in Elijah monologue. "Why would I possibly want anymore? Why would anyone want me as their father? All I will do is ruin them. I was selfish enough to force Caroline into my life, to convince her that I was who she wanted to be with. Somehow she married me and now it feels like it was all for nothing." I sighed, emotion in my voice. My humanity was showing. After centuries of believing love was a weakness, from experience I had now learnt it was true.

"You do not make it easy to love you brother," Elijah added, bringing his arm down to his sides. "And yet Caroline is obstinate in her desire to do so."

"I doubt she does now, her inability to allow me to explain proves the fact I am no longer wanted."

"I would not be so sure," Elijah stepped passed me opening the door. "Listen."

"I am sorry, I do not mean to bring his upon you as soon as you arrive," Caroline's teary voice caught my attention. My enhanced hearing allowed me to listen in to the girls' conversation in the parlour. I slowly edged towards the room continuing to listen.

"Heightened emotions is a side effect of a pregnancy Caroline, it is normal. I am sure Klaus will come round," Katherine reassured her. There was a pause. I kept my footsteps quiet as I continued to make my way over. I could feel Elijah's presence following me carefully.

"Our child means nothing to him. He does not care of my desire to be a mother or the fact that I thought I had sacrificed it before I knew it was possible. He watches me and gives me space but otherwise…" I stood in the door finding her curled up in Katerina's arms on the couch while Bonnie sat on the other side rubbing her back comfortingly. My heart broke at her words, I wished to pull me into her arms and hug her tightly. I wanted to kiss her and tell her how much I loved her. "…he is gone." Caroline cried, I noticed her fingers gripping the material of Katerina's gown.

I stepped into the room causing a floorboard to creek below. Bonnie glanced up at me with a concerned expression. Katerina continued to comfort my wife. I slowly stepped around the couch before crouching down on the floor near Caroline's feet.

"I miss him," she whimpered.

"Caroline," I spoke softly extending my hand to caress her wet cheek causing her to look at me.

"Niklaus," she murmured releasing Katerina's gown material and moved her hand to mine on her face. It was our first interaction in days and it proved how much I loved her.

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