The Feared Estate



"Our child means nothing to him. He does not care of my desire to be a mother or the fact that I thought I had sacrificed it before I knew it was possible. He watches me and gives me space but otherwise…" I stood in the door finding her curled up in Katerina's arms on the couch while Bonnie sat on the other side rubbing her back comfortingly. My heart broke at her words, I wished to pull me into her arms and hug her tightly. I wanted to kiss her and tell her how much I loved her. "…he is gone." Caroline cried, I noticed her fingers gripping the material of Katerina's gown.

I stepped into the room causing a floorboard to creek below. Bonnie glanced up at me with a concerned expression. Katerina continued to comfort my wife. I slowly stepped around the couch before crouching down on the floor near Caroline's feet.

"I miss him," she whimpered.

"Caroline," I spoke softly extending my hand to caress her wet cheek causing her to look at me.

"Niklaus," she murmured releasing Katerina's gown material and moved her hand to mine on her face. It was our first interaction in days and it proved how much I loved her.


"I am still here sweetheart," Klaus reassured me with his fingers still touching my cheek softly. "I never went anywhere." I nodded, hardly moving my head during the motion. "Please Caroline, will you let me explain myself?" I nodded, more prominently this time. Klaus stood from his crouched position letting his hand slip from being under mine on my face. The warming comfort left immediately causing the slight breeze from Katherine's shifting beside me to brush against the remaining river paths on my cheeks. "Please leave us." Klaus demanded, causing Bonnie and Katherine to swiftly exit without a word to me.

As soon as we were alone with the door securely closed into the frame Klaus replaced the empty space on the couch beside me where Katherine once sat. His arms slivered around my figure carefully lifting me onto his lap. The skirt of my dress flowed across my legs, cascading over his own. I leant my head into his shoulder taking in his natural perfume that I had missed. I reached up across his chest wrapping my fingers around the material of his shirt, clinging to it like a baby would to its mother. His lips met my pinned hair pressing into my head softly while his hand moved around my waist clinging onto me.

"Please forgive me Caroline," he murmured into the top of my head. "You must understand that after centuries of believing I could never procreate it came at quite a shock."

"I know," I added croakily.

"What you said before is not true, I care very much about your desires and dreams. Why do not you think the baby was removed from your foetus days ago?" I flicked my hair around narrowing my eyes at my husband. I removed my hands from his chest wriggling to get out of his hold. Thankfully he obliged.

"I was right about one thing though, our child means nothing to you does it?" I glared feeling protective over my early developing child. He was silent as he stood from the sofa. "You may be some supernatural being but your humanity is there. I would not be standing here carrying your surname if it did not." I sighed. "Why are you so against becoming a father Niklaus?" I asked softly, my eyes pouring into his own wanting honesty.

"You honestly believe I would make a good father?" I stepped closer to him taking his palm in my hands, rubbing his skin with my digits softly.

"I know you will," I nodded watching him closely. He shook his head, his dark orbs moving to the floor instead of at my features. "Is this what is worrying you? Besides my health and happiness?" I inquired, once again piecing together each part of the puzzle I was presented with.

"I know you want this, this child, and that they mean a lot to you but I…I cannot see myself rocking some cot and playing some pathetic child's game. Being a father," he shook his head returning his gaze to me. "I am not comfortable in that role." A moved one of my hands from his own to cup his cheek. My fingers caressing his stubbly cheek softly.

"You have never been in that role to know what is it like. Do you think I know how to be a mother?" I asked wanting to get a point across. "I do not know any more than you know about being a father. Ask Elijah, I am sure he will tell you the same about being with Nadia."

"Elijah is naturally a family man, of course it comes easily to him," Klaus muttered moving his head from my hand.

"I doubt that," I insisted returning my hand to their position around his before as I stepped closer. Klaus watched me closely his eyes dancing around my face as we stood so close. "I believe you could be a magnificent father." It was now his turn to raise his palm to my cheek. I felt the roughness of his hand rubbing against my soft skin.

"You would," he murmured softly.

"But that is beside the point Niklaus, we are to be a family; a proper family. And I know the concept is scary…" Klaus' chuckle interrupted me, his hand slipping from my cheek. "What is so funny?"

"I am an immortal hybrid and you are saying pregnancy is scary. Surely I am more terrifying?" He smirked, lifting the tension from the room. I was glad for a little humour this conversation was too heavy. "Maybe you should reconsider."

"No, it is a different type of scared Klaus. As in being nervous and to me right now," I shook my head. "You are not scary." As soon as I realised Klaus wanted to change the subject I placed a finger over his lips. "I just mean I do not know what to expect in the future, how the birth will go and what will happen in the first few years in our child's life." Klaus' lips quickly pecked my finger before his own clasped around my hand.

"I understand love," he nodded stepping closer again so our faces were almost touching. "I promise to support you but please do not expect this father situation to float straight away. I just…" Before he could continue I whispered.

"I know," and then I pressed my lips to his and wrapping my arms around his neck. He returned the kiss with just as much passion that I had inputted showing me that despite our disputes we still loved each other very much and hopefully that love will spread into our unborn child.


After a few months things in the Mikaelson Estate had changed for the better. Klaus and Caroline were not arguing or ignoring each other's presence in the room. They continuously stayed close by and attended to each other's needs whenever. Things began to get more real for them when Caroline's belly began to enlarge showing off her pregnant state. Whenever her curved figure came into view, automatically envy appeared in my mind. I wished to be married and have children. I always have and always will.

I guess my jealousy over mothers was not helped with Nadia now running around the house happily. My niece was settling in beautifully and seemed to adapt well to the change of families. Elijah was now being called 'Father' constantly while the rest of us had 'Auntie' or 'Uncle' put before our names. Nadia enjoyed listening to her Auntie Caroline about stories about her little cousin growing inside her. The brown haired child could not wait for her younger cousin to enter the world.

Every morning when Nadia first saw Caroline, normally with Klaus by her side, she would rush towards her saying the same thing.

"Good Morning Auntie Caroline, Uncle Klaus, how is little cousin today?" Her beaming features always put a bright smile on Caroline's face. Klaus was never so enthusiastic about the girl's excitement for the baby although he himself was not joyful about the subject either. Of course he supported Caroline but his voice was always restrained while talking about his child. It seemed obvious to me, his sister, after knowing him for my whole life. I was not so sure if Caroline knew. I thought it might be an idea to bring it up one time but I knew it was not my place.

Speaking of my place Elijah had continued to check up on me around the situation with the footman downstairs. I confirmed that I had been avoiding Donovan since my parent's arrival. Elijah had nodded telling me that if things continued he would be sacked from his position and sent elsewhere. I refused to let that happen knowing Matt was a good worker and did not deserve it. Around the house his eyes caught mine and I managed to keep a blank expression, not showing the desire that I had to keep buried inside from view. The only way I kept our secret love alive was through my dreams. I was only grateful that my brothers were not suggesting men to me for me to marry like all the other families were doing to young woman during this time. Perhaps if Matt was not in my life I would feel differently about that but being a vampire added complications into falling in love as my brothers had or are experiencing.

Over the course of the past months I noticed a change in Kol and Bonnie as well. My brother seemed to treat her more like a woman who he cared for, a woman that he would want to court, instead of treating her like some mistress that a King would keep as an alternative to his wife. It was strange seeing Kol in a new light but also refreshing. I guess the same occurred with Klaus and Elijah when they are around their woman.

Unfortunately Stefan and Elena visited a lot in eagerness to see how Caroline was coming along with her pregnancy and to see Elena's niece. I tried to avoid them as much as possible, not wanting to reminisce over past times with Stefan when he was actually interested in me. Katherine was not exactly please to see her sister every week but she allowed Nadia to greet them with happy smiles. She even called Stefan 'Uncle' which none of us had expected. Elena giggled and Stefan smirked softly, something told me they were getting more serious than they seemed to be. The last time I saw her there was no ring on her finger gladly. I knew Stefan did not deserve to be with that human girl.


Klaus and I shut the door after my parents left the Mikaelson Estate after receiving their weekly update around their daughter's new life and their grandchild's development after so many months. My mother was thrilled with the news, more than my father who seemed more interested on how Klaus was treating me.

"They seemed happier than last time," Klaus observed assisting me into the parlour where we were we my parents over a moment ago.

"Yes," I nodded. "I guess I feel better today than I have been." Over the past few days I had been awfully tired and eating more than usual.

"I have noticed, love. It is good to see that smile on your face," he smiled causing my absentminded curve to widen. I leaned to sit down when I suddenly fell into the couch underneath me. A quick squeal leaving my parted lips. "Caroline?" Klaus' eyes widened suddenly with worry as he flashed to my side, settling next to me on the cushioned three-seater. "Are you alright sweetheart?" I froze taking in the strange movements of our baby inside my stomach. I could feel each little kick as they wished to finally enter the world.

"Everything is perfect Klaus," I beamed in complete awe at the feeling. I reached for my husband's hand that rested on his thigh pulling it to my stomach.

"What?" Klaus questioned a small smile appeared at my own pleasure.

"Someone is anxious to be born," I smirked feeling the same as our child. I had to wait a little while longer though for our parenthood to properly begin according to Bonnie who had been keeping us up to date with our child's development.

After a few moments of Klaus' blue orbs gazing at his palm across the bump of my stomach his lips crashed against mine while his arms pulled me close carefully.

"I love you," he murmured against my lips.

"I love you too," I managed to squeeze in before my lips were pulled back into a passionate kiss.

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