The Feared Estate



On my request Elijah found one of the servant girls to bring upstairs to wait outside my chambers. I compelled her to stay silent and follow every command when the time for her is needed.

For hours I sat by my wife's side waiting for her to enter her new life. I only left once, letting Elijah watch over her in my absence, to greet my son once I heard his cry. Charlotte was already tending to him at my arrival and swiftly passed my child into my arms.

"She is a very strong woman your mother," I murmured to him as his bright eyes watched me closely and his fingers curled around one of my own. "Forever my son. That is how long I shall have you both in my care and protection.

I swiftly returned to find Elijah whispering to Katerina in my chambers as Caroline still laid quite still although Elijah's next words told me otherwise.

"Her fingers twitched Niklaus, Katerina noticed when she came in."

"She has not moved since," Katerina continued. I nodded stepping closer to her and running my fingers along her pale cheek.

"Leave us," I ordered sternly.

A few more minutes passed, as I sat on the edge of the bed constantly staring at her sleeping position, and finally her eyes flashed open revealing her twinkling ocean orbs for the world to see.

"Sweetheart," I smiled happily greeting her into this new life.


A rush blew through my throat causing my breathing to increase. My eyes opened to find my husband gazing down at my lying position. He looked…different. A good different no doubt, his features looked more distinctive and the roughness of his skin was visible to the eye. I moved to sit up glancing down at the wedding ring on my finger and how the jewel danced in the morning sun, as it poured into the room. My eyes moved to the window capturing the spider's web that sat outside the window frame as it glistened. My eyes were drawn to little details that the human eye could never pick up. My enhanced senses where unimaginable.

"Sweetheart," Klaus' beautiful tone caught my attention bringing my eye line back to him. My lips curled unintentionally at the happiness of being with him. I threw myself at him, wrapping my arms around his neck and letting his fingers grip into his shirt. I did not just feel happy I was elated. Like nothing else in the world matter.

"I love you Niklaus," I whispered in a melodious murmur.

"I love you too Caroline," Klaus returned pulling back from me. "Angela." He called and in came one a woman who I recognised to be one of the maids downstairs.

As soon as she entered her scent flooded through my senses causing my throat to feel rough and sore. My eyes widened at the girl realising what I was feeling. My husband gestured for her to come closer causing me to stiffen. I did not want to harm the girl but I knew this what was to become of me. I was a vampire now. This was the price I had to pay to love and cherish my husband and son for the rest of eternity.

"To complete the transition sweetheart you must drink," Klaus murmured extending his hand to the maid's neck.

I nodded in understanding although I felt quite scared at the idea. I had always disliked the taste of blood, the sharp sickly taste, but I guess that would have to change now.

Klaus extended his hand to me wanting to pull me up from my seat position on the bed as he stood. His fingers caress the roof my hand as he sensed my nervousness for the impending feed. He bit into her neck letting the crimson liquid fall from her skin. I hissed as I was drawn to the blood, how my burning throat yearned for it.

"She is all yours my love," Klaus whispered encouraging me. I pushed myself onto her neck within seconds, letting the liquid fall passed my lips and into my mouth. The taste was divine, like nothing before. I could feel myself changing, my eyes darkening and my gums aching as fangs began to grow inside my mouth. I tightened my grasp on the woman, feeding to the point of her death.


I sat in the carriage beside Stefan on our way back to the Mikaelson Estate needing to tell Caroline and Klaus about our findings of last night. I was so worried last night about what harm Charlotte might be causing because of leaving poor Henry all alone. Stefan comforted me in the best way he could, calming my nerves down, but now as I sat beside him all I wanted was to find my best friend and tell her of this catastrophe.

As soon as the carriage halted I reached for the door, eagerly wanting to leave the enclosed cabin. By the time I had reached the floor our driver had reached us offering his hand to me which I ignored. I heard Stefan thank him before following me towards the entrance of the feared estate.

"Elena," Elijah greeted me in his usual pleasant tone, always emphasising on the first letter of my name.

"Elijah, we are here to see Caroline and Klaus," I explained feeling Stefan's fingers caressing the top of my hand trying to calm my distress.

"Caroline is unfit for viewing right now sister," Katherine appeared into the hallway as we set foot inside the door.

"It is of an urgent matter," Stefan added.

"Can we be of service? Katerina is correct it would not be wise to visit my brother and his bride today," Elijah offered. I shook my head refusing, I was adamant I wanted to see them.

"It concerns Henry's well-being," I sighed. Before anyone could speak Katherine said what I wanted to hear.

"They are in the dining room," she stated earning a scowl from Elijah. As I headed in that direction, with Stefan at my heels, I heard their bickering.

"Niklaus wanted privacy," Elijah disapproved.

"I have you to protect me from his wrath," Katherine smirked.

I extended my palms flat to push open the double doors into the dining room.

"Caro-" My voice immediately halted when my mocha orbs caught sight of the view ahead of me. Klaus and Caroline were both leaning over the long table which was clearly just for show as they never ate normal meals regularly. A weak dark haired girl sat upright in Caroline's arms as her mouth was fixed against her neck. Klaus held her arm with his elongated fangs brushing against her wrist with blood dripping from it. Caroline's eyes were darker than her usual light ocean shade as veins poured under them. She was like them. He turned her, like Elijah did to my sister.

I stood speechless at the sight before me, feeling Stefan stiffen a little by my side. I guess this sight was not as horrible to him as it was for myself but a test for his control over feeding.

"Elena, I do believe my brother told you we were unavailable," Klaus smirked brushing away the dried blood on his chin with a napkin while his features returned to normal. "But as you are here, she remarkable is she not?" Caroline straightened herself letting the crimson liquid drip from her mouth onto the light gown she wore.

"You are letting her feed on humans?" I spoke in an alarmed tone.

"I am the only one who does not Elena," Stefan whispered into my ear.

"He is right love, somehow he does not relish in his nature. Something I expect Caroline to do. I am sure when it is your turn, you will follow Stefan's path although I suggest that you reconsider." He placed his finger onto a puddle of blood, which the white table cloth was slowly sucking up, and brought it to his lips. "Hmm, delicious." He smirked.

"What is it you wish to speak to us about?" Caroline asked, her voice slightly altered from her what I guess is her 'human' tone. "You mentioned our son."

"How about we clean ourselves up and meet our guests in the parlour?" Klaus suggested extending his hand to his shoulder.

"No," Caroline growled, her protective mother instincts pushing through. "I want to know this now."

"On our way home from seeing you," Stefan began for me, his fingers trying to calm me. "We witnessed your Nanny running along the road to your estate."

"We called to her but she just kept going, we thought we should notify you as I am sure she should have been with Henry," I continued.

"So she should have," Klaus scowled glancing to Caroline's worried features. "Marcel!" He yelled in an angry tone, loud enough to deafen us.

A few seconds later a dark skinned fellow stood in the doorway of the room.

"Yes my lord," he asked standing up straight.

"Bring Charlotte to me immediately, find Rebekah and tell her to take care of my son," Klaus ordered. His voice and posture terrified me as his anger raged through his body. This was a completely different side to him.


When Marcel brought Charlotte into the room before us, half of me wanted to yell at her or just fall to my knees and cry. My emotions were uncontrollable. Klaus had told me it was part of being a vampire, our emotions are heightened meaning I would need to control them over time. Like the cravings, everything would get easier in time.

"You wanted to see me your lordship," Charlotte spoke softly. You could tell from the way she stood that she was nervous about this encounter. Her heart beat pattered in my ears; a constant reminder of warm blood. Her eyes flickered to Elena and Stefan standing to my right.

"Lord Salvatore and Lady Petrova witnessed you out of the nursery; outside the estate. I demand to know why." Charlotte's eyes widened at Klaus' words.

"I am sorry my lord, but I cannot say," she bowed her head refusing to meet my husband's gaze.

"You will answer me," he growled sternly flashing to the shaking girl and gripping her chin tightly. "Answer me!" He yelled at her face, evidently distressed by the news brought by Elena and Stefan.

"Meeting with Lord Mikael Mikaelson," the girl answered in a monotone voice, showing the fact that Klaus had compelled the truth out of her.

"What did you say?" My husband pulled away immediately, his posture changing slightly. I could sense his hurt and fear towards his step-father.

"Lord Mikaelson appointed me to report back to him about the child's well-being," she replied honestly.

"Why?" I stepped forward wrapping my fingers around Klaus' wrist trying to calm him down.

"I…I…I am sorry my lady. I applied at his request after he…" tears began to appear in her eyes. She raised the back of her hand to wipe her eyes. "…took my brother. His survival depends on my cooperation. I am to report to him." I glanced up at my husband who was fuming as his features scowled at the girl.

"In the interviews you told us you and your brother were orphans, is this true?" I demanded, in a calmer tone trying not to scare the girl. Even though her crimes against my son brought anger to run threw my veins, I felt sympathetic towards her.

"Yes my lady, everything I told you was true. I did not mean no harm to your son. I think he is a beaut-"

"Never speak of my son again!" Klaus roared almost leaving my side in a flash if I had not held onto his wrist. I placed the palm of my hand on his chest in comfort.

"When were you next to meet Lord Mikaelson?" I requested.

"A week from last night."

"We will prepare for it and end him," Klaus snarled, plotting in his mind. He calmed slightly removing my hands from his body. I let him although I regretted it immediately when he blurred over to our previous nanny and removed her heart from her chest.

I heard Elena gasp in the background at what she witnessed. I glanced in her direction noticing her clinging to Stefan's shirt as she nuzzled into his chest with Stefan's arms around her.

Back at the scene of the crime, Charlotte laid on the floor with her heart a few inches from her shirt where Klaus had dropped it. Blood dripped from his hand and from the cuffs of his shirt.

"Marcel, dispose of the body," Klaus demanded before turning to face me. Marcel did what was asked of him.

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