The Feared Estate



My husband and I left the scene seconds after his command to Marcel. Stefan comforted Elena as they left the room to find Katherine and Elijah who waited in the parlour.

As we made our way along the upstairs corridor Klaus banged on the door of Kol's chambers yelling for the witch that rested under his sheets. We continued our journey into Henry's nursery finding Rebekah cradling him in her arms, cooing gently at his tired features. As soon as I stepped passed the doorway I was hit by a strong herbal scent that filled the room.

"How is he?" I asked softly extending my arms to take him into my care. My sister-in-law let me.

"Well, as always," she smiled glancing up at Klaus who stood gazing over my shoulder our son. "Although the room smells weird."

"Bonnie is on her way," Klaus muttered, moving his gaze around the room.

"What is all the yelling for brother?" Kol questioned standing in the doorway with Bonnie by her side who automatically smelt the room.

"Mikael was using the nanny for spying. She has been disposed of," Klaus informed them before directing his next question to the tanned witch. "What has been used in here?"

"A spelled herbal remedy; nothing dangerous. From what I can tell it is a mixture of chamomile, rosemary and perhaps a few others. It is just used for creating the perfect sleeping atmosphere," Bonnie explained. I noticed Kol's fingers wrapping around her wrist as she spoke.

"She ensured that he would not wake in her absence," I realised. "Her words were true, she never wanted to harm him." I glanced down from the crowd gazing at my son as he laid in my arms. Bonnie questioned that events of the past night which Klaus and I shared the answer, explaining everything from Elena and Stefan's involvement to Mikael's return.

"He and Mother both left without saying as much as a hated word while you were away, no wonder they have been creating in some plan," Kol added wrapping his other arm around Bonnie's waist.

"Charlotte never mentioned Esther," I reminded them, questioning her involvement in this. "Perhaps this is just Mikael's doing?"

"Mother loved chamomile, she used it often when we were a child," Rebekah intercepted. "It is most likely that Father received the mixture through her."

"And it is spelled love," Klaus reminded me. "Esther is Mikael's obvious choice for a witch." I nodded in understanding.

"We should prepare ourselves, who knows what our parents are concocting," Kol stated worriedly.

"It is a meeting Mikael wants, then a meeting he will get," Klaus announced, a wickedness to his tone.


After midday Nik and Caroline went on a hunting trip to find some more humans to slaughter in attempt to calm my brother down and to sedate Caroline's reoccurring hunger. Sadly Elena and Stefan still resided in my home with Katerina and Elijah causing me to avoid the downstairs parlour not wanting to listen to Elena's whining. It was bad enough hearing it through the walls of the mansion, thankfully I managed to tune out. Kol and Bonnie had disappeared somewhere. I hoped that they were doing something useful instead of their usual activities from inside my brother's chambers.

Nik and Caroline had left Henry in my arms. It seemed I was Charlotte's replacement in their eyes, although I did not mind. I smiled down at his little features as I cradled him gently in my arms. I had always wanted a family. It seems now I could be an Auntie to two children which quenched my thirst for now; but they would never by my own. I would never have the chance to be a mother, my vampirism saw to that.

Just then there was a knock on the nursery door. I glanced up seeing Matt in the doorway.

"What are you doing here?" I demanded, standing from my seated position moving to the crib where I laid Henry down.

"Excuse me your ladyship but I needed to speak with you," he hesitated in the doorway.

"Well now is not the time," I kept my gaze on the baby not wanting to give in to him. I still cared for him but I could not take away his chances at a normal life.

"Forgive me but I do believe you will want to hear this," Matt stepped through the doorway and into the room. I turned around to tell him to leave but he spoke before I could.

"Rumour downstairs is that Lord Mikaelson, your father, was controlling Charlotte. Which is why she lays dead?"

"How does this concern yourself?" I demanded, turning around to face him, unsure at where the footman was getting too. I thought he wished to speak of our relationship but there was nothing like that mentioned.

"I saw Lord Mikaelson around the borders early this morning when I was taking a morning stroll before my duties began." We were stood a few metres apart with our eyes locked to one another. I had not seen his bright blue orbs for a while as I had been avoiding him but now I realised how much I had missed them.

"Why are you coming to me with this? Surely you should consult with Nik."

"I understand but Lord Niklaus seems quite occupied with Lady Caroline's transition," he glanced to the ground before taking a step forward, raising his gaze as he did. "I also wanted to speak with you..."

"We cannot go there, this room is not spelled." I shook my head.

"Then meet me somewhere private?" He whispered extending his hand to me. I glanced at it but did not take it.

"When Nik returns we will gather and you will tell him everything that happened." He nodded. "About everything else, I am not promising anything. You should be going."

"Thank you for your time Lady Rebekah," he bowed a little before leaving the room.

I sighed, my nose was filled with his natural aroma that lingered in the room.


Klaus and I flashed through the front door into the grand hallway together after draining several strolling humans that were nearing the estate. Klaus stated that they there literally begging for their death as they chose to ignore the rumours and visit the feared estate.

Klaus had not changed his shirt since the incidence this morning, meaning the end of his sleeve was still blushing red. To add to that now his collar and front was dribbled with crimson. I seemed to have the fresh liquid down my gown as well as my mouth being circled with dried blood. Klaus constantly captured my lips removing the red from my mouth with each kiss.

Every touch, every kiss, every word from his lips sent my body to shivers. I felt each of my emotions being heightened further letting me enjoy relishing in the glories of my vampire nature.

"Ah brother, sister," Elijah appeared in the doorway of the parlour. I glanced around looking for Rebekah but she was not in sight. He said 'sister' did he not? "Rebekah, Stefan and Elena gladly brought Katerina and I up to speed with this morning's events."

"Caroline and I have some things to attend to, after that I will be calling a meeting in the library." Klaus announced just when Rebekah appeared at the top of the grand staircase with my baby in her arms.

"I have spoken to Donovan," I noticed Elijah's features change slightly at her announcement. He was...a footman? I was not sure, I was still learning each servant's place downstairs. "He has something that will interest you both about Father."

"Very well bring him later and ask Anna to cover for you."

"How has he been?" I asked her, smiling softly at the sight of my son before me.

"Constantly sleeping in and out, he has been as good as gold." Rebekah replied glancing down at my sleeping baby. I felt Klaus' arm slither around my waist pulling me closer.

"Alert Kol and both Bennett witches. I want everyone present. I am sure Anna can watch Nadia if needs be," Klaus turned to Katerina noticing the small girl standing by her mother's legs. Elijah nodded. "Until then, Caroline." He called me pulling us in the direction of Rebekah.

As we passed her I stroked my son's cheek with my index finger before pressing my lips to his bald head. As I moved back I noticed the red highlights in my hair from where the tendrils had got in the way of my meal.

"Your mother loves you very much," I whispered before glancing up at Rebekah before walking in the direction of our chambers with my husband.

Everybody gathered in the library sitting in pairs after Klaus and I had cleared ourselves up from our activities outside.

Klaus sat in his usual leather chair with me seated beside him on the three-seat sofa with Katherine and Elijah. A still shaken Elena and Stefan stayed with us wanting to understand exactly what Mikael wanted and to try and assist us with anything if possible. Stefan and Klaus saw each other as kind of he wanted to help us. Kol had Bonnie sitting closely to him on one of the larger chairs that was only meant for one person. Rebekah encourage the footman to sit beside her as he was a part of this, he denied it stating that "it was not his place." Elijah watched them closely as they interacted. Bonnie's cousin and Rebekah's maid, Emily Bennett stood to the left of Bonnie.

Surprisingly Klaus had requested for a few of his pack. Including Tyler who I had not seen since my wedding day. I ignored his gaze trying to focus on the situation at hand and avoiding listening to the human's and witch's beating hearts. Marcel stood with the sired hybrids to Klaus' left on the opposite side to me.

"Donovan," Klaus began after setting the scene for everyone, repeating everything we all knew. Including contributions from Elena and Stefan about their sightings of Charlotte. Everything was tying together. "My sister tells me you have knowledge that will interest me."

"Yes my lord," he bowed his head a little as he stood with his hands clasped behind his back in a formal manner. "I saw Lord Mikaelson on the outskirts of the estate while I was taking a stroll this morning before my duties."

"Did he see you?" Elijah inquired. Donovan shook his head.

"I do not think so, he was not looking in my direction. I swiftly left the area not wanting to get involved with his scheme." Klaus nodded at Donovan's testimony.

"Good, I want hybrids patrolling the grounds constantly. Any signs of any faces, including family, bring them to me alive. Marcel knows the details." Klaus stated in an important manner.

"About Father, I do believe it is time to end his savage schemes," Kol began, speaking his distaste for Mikael. Before anyone could say another word he glanced to Bonnie trailing his fingertips along her arm softly. "Speak your idea darling."

"You spoke of meeting with him at the time when he was meant to greet the nanny. Well we could use some sort of spell to weaken him." Bonnie suggested, leaving me confused.

"To help with staking?" I asked unsure whether they would need to make the task easier.

"We are originals love, wooden stakes do not work on us." Klaus informed me.

"The only wood that could is from one particular tree which was burnt to the ground where we grew up. Nothing can kill an original," Elijah continued.

"So how would this weakening spell work?" Rebekah wondered.

"Why not do a desiccation spell? I am sure Bonnie and I could generate enough power," Emily proposed.

"Is that the one my mother did on someone before she had me?" Emily nodded at Bonnie's question.

"That means stopping a human heart." Bonnie disapproved of the idea. "No one would be willing enough for that.

"So we compel one of the servants," Klaus nodded going along with the scheme.

"Emily and I will look inside my mother's grimoire, we will let you know if things are possible."

"Grimoire?" My enhanced hearing caught Elena's whisper into Stefan's ear.

"A spell book," he returned, answering the question that I also wanted to ask.

"It seems we have things almost sorted brother," Elijah glanced at Klaus. "Anything you would like to add before we disperse?"

"The witches will uncover whatever they can about this desiccation spell, we will gather again for refining the details when the spell is sorted. I want hybrids outside within the hour on rotation. That will be all." My husband ended the meeting before reaching across the arm of his chair to wrap his fingers around my own.

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