The Feared Estate



In the coming days the Mikaelson estate has been filled with hybrids and meetings about the happenings of the impending meeting with Mikael. My husband and his siblings had discussed the matters at hand putting together a plan that would be the downfall of their father, and hopefully their mother also. It seemed strange to me, having so much hatred towards your parents. I had had my moments with my own father where he had pushed me to the limits causing me to feel a distaste towards him but nothing of my new family's hatred.

As Mikael was their father, no one knew him better than they did. The library had recently been spelled because of the room having such a spacious vicinity that could cater for many to join the four Mikaelson siblings, people from downstairs were not trusted to keep a single secret from the outside world. Several times I had sat in on one of their meetings, only contributing where I have an idea or suggestion. They were mostly turned down, one of them produced a contradicting thought that proved that my proposition could not work.

After doing a lot of research both Bennett witches had worked out what ingredients were needed for the desiccation spell. In order for the spell to occur, a human heart would need to be stopped for the time required for the desiccation to happen. The Lords and Lady of the house decided on choosing one of the servants down below. The question was who exactly. I only found out who was chosen when my maid came to assist me before I slept.

"Is everything alright Anna?" I asked kindly as I noticed her usual happy features to be rather blue in the mirror of my vanity. Her fingers fiddled with my curling tendrils, removing the pins that held it in place for the day.

"Not quite my lady, but please do not take my troubles on yourself," Anna's voice sounded restrained; she was upset. I refused to sit idly and let her worries consume her. I stood from my seat, uninterested in the fact that my hair hung from my head with items still twisted in the curls. I took her hand bringing her to the couch that rested in the corner of my dressing room. She sat down and I soon followed, seeing her as a friend more than a maid.

"What plagues your mind?" I requested watching her closely as Anna's digits fidgeted in her skirt.

"I am worried, for Jeremy," her sorrowful hues were raised to meet mine. I remembered Anna telling me about her love for the horseman, who also seemed to be Kol's valet…although Kol never used him.

"Is everything with Jeremy alright?" I was not aware that anything with him was wrong but I had not seen him for a while.

"We…we want to help you…we do it is just…" Anna stammered making it clear what her problem was. I nodded understanding her perfectly.

"Jeremy is the human required for the spell," I whispered.

I wanted to help Anna. Every single day she gave her life to be in my service. I knew I had to do something and I thought Klaus would be the most obvious option. Things did not turn out as straight forward as I had hoped.

"Klaus?" I asked as I left the dressing room. I found him walking from the door towards his chest of drawers. I assumed he had just entered.

"Yes love?" His concentration was on his jacket which is shrugged off before turning to face me.

"For the human sacrifice are there certain requirements? Or can it be anyone?" My voice was soft as my feet trailed along the floor. I stopped by the large bed post in the centre of our chambers.


"The human required for this desiccation spell," I clarified.

"That is not a sacrifice, there are high chances for them to live."

"Then why does everything think Jeremy's going to die? Anna was almost in tears just now she is so worried," I exclaimed wanting Klaus to see my side of things.

"So Anna has asked you to convince me to change the chosen human," Klaus muttered throwing the jacket in his hands to the floor.

"No," I shook my head, "I offered and here I am."

"It does not matter who is chosen Caroline."

"Then choose someone other than Jeremy. I do not want to hurt Anna like this. She is more of a friend than a servant," I took a step closer to my husband extending my hand to him.

"Why should I? So you can complain about the next human that replaces the horseman? Every person has someone who cares for them, loves them. You will never find a human without someone looking out for them Caroline." He ignored my palm, instead just growling towards me. "Even those humans we slaughtered in the woods. They are all the same."

My features dropped. I had never thought of the situation like that. Klaus put things into a completely different perspective. I am surprised it took this conversation for me to even realise something huge. Something that was blinded from me by my love for my husband.

"I…I…I am a monster," I murmured, stepping back to fall onto the edge of the bed.

"It is who you are now," Klaus sighed before stepping towards me and kneeling down with his bright orbs gazing up at me. He extended his arm enabling his fingers gently caressed my own in comfort. "Listen to me Caroline, I have shown you to how to revel in our nature. To be true to who you are. Do not let human nature ruin that. We are the predator, they are the prey." I brought my spare palm to his rough cheek so I could hold his face. "I know this is hard sweetheart. Especially for someone so full of light. You will get through our endless forever together, with Henry." I nodded with a light smile on my lips.

"I know every human is the same but please for Anna's sake, choose someone else." I tried again, wanting Anna to at least be happy. Klaus reluctantly nodded.

"I will on one condition." I gazed at him waiting for his lips to continue. "Wait for me, right," he rose from his kneeled position to bring his lips to my own pushing my back down on the bed, "here." I smirked against his lips until he pulled away. I followed his instructions, keeping my back against the sheets.

Thankfully my persuasion skills worked bringing Jeremy off of the checklist for the spell. Klaus insisted the person who would be in that position would survive but there was always a chance that they would not. I stood in on the gathering with the Mikaelson siblings and none of them seemed to be bothered with the chances…except Rebekah.

"Kol, your valet is not the human required anymore," Klaus stated bluntly as we entered Elijah's study.

"Oh who cares, and can we please just call him the horseman. I have no use for a valet." Kol muttered as he leaned back in one of the chairs. Bonnie stood beside his seated figure wearing a long black gown which highlighted her slim physique and let her tanned complexion shine.

"Who is the replacement?" The witch asked in a soft tone.

"That is something we wished to discuss with you," I answered standing close to Klaus as his fingers were entwined with my own.

"How about Donovan?" Elijah put forward as he stood in his formal manner. A slight gasp came from Rebekah's lips. Elijah eyed her suspiciously.

"Something to contribute little sister?" Klaus questioned her. She replied with a small shake of her head.

"Not at all," left her lips in a hushed tone.

"Very well it is settled unless anyone does have any objections," Elijah stated glancing around the occupants of his office. No one contributed. "Shall we move on to the next topic of discussion?"

The rest of the meeting was the same as the others, going over the plan of how Bonnie and Emily's magic will be projected out to Mikael in his last moments. I would have left the room but Klaus kept a firm hold on around my waist signifying that he wanted my presence.

Over the passing days I managed to stay clear of the hybrids that Klaus had ordered to surround the estate in order to protect our family, especially our son. Although when I wanted to spend some quality time with my baby son, a particular hybrid had to intervene.

I stood in the nursery holding Henry in my arms as I rocked him gently. His bright eyes watched me as his tiny lips curled slightly. My brims automatically curved themselves at my son's happiness.

"Caroline?" A familiar voice called me from the nursery entrance. My eyes widened slightly as I turned my figure around. My hands brought Henry closer to my chest.

"What are you doing here?" I questioned my visitor in a surprised tone.

"I just finished my shift outside I wanted to see you before I went home. I overheard Rebekah saying you would be here," Tyler admitted. He took a few strides closer to where I stood.

"You should not be here Tyler," I turned around from him laying Henry back down into his cot.

"I don't care," Tyler stated, I felt him move behind me looking over my shoulder. "You know after finding out that you were pregnant, I found myself feeling even more jealous than I was before." Tyler's voice became a soft murmur by my ear.

"Tyler, no. You know that I am happily married to Klaus," I stated firmly as I watched Henry's fingers clasp around mine. "It is the end of your duties you should…"

"No Caroline, you must know I miss you," he whispered before commenting on my son. "He looks like you…and his father." I nodded, my lips curving slightly.

"He does," I agreed. "And still you should leave us." I felt Tyler take a step back with a light sigh.

"Very well Caroline, it is good to see you," I turned around while keeping my hand in the cot allowing Henry to hold on to my finger. "You should come find me one day."

"Perhaps. Goodbye Tyler," I turned my back to him as he departed the room.

Days continued to pass and hours were spent adding the final touches to the plan. In the final days I rarely saw my husband as he cooped himself in Elijah's study with his brothers and witches. Katherine kept me company as we discussed our children as Henry laid in my arms and Nadia played with her ragdolls on the parlour floor. Rebekah seemed to be preoccupied with whatever was plaguing her mind. I still questioned whether it had something to do with Donovan, the footman, and his involvement with the plans to take down her Father after her small gasp after Elijah suggested him.

The final hours drew near as the sun began to set. I placed Henry to bed before requesting that Anna watched over him and Nadia for the night.

"Sweet dreams Nadia," Katherine whispered as she tucked her child into the bed in the corner of the nursery where she would sleep for the night. My eyes glanced over at the scene, watching Katherine's lips touch her daughter's forehead, before returning to my beautiful boy. Tyler was right, the baby's features seemed to be merged between his parents'.

In a flash Elijah was behind Katherine, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"She will be fine Katerina," he murmured into her ear before pulling away a little. "Niklaus has requested that you to meet him in your chambers when you are ready sister." My eyes moved to Elijah at his words. His chocolate orbs were looking straight at me. Again he called me 'sister'.

"Thank you Elijah. I will see you when all this madness it over little one," I directed my soft tone towards my son. I removed my fingers from the cot before nodding at Anna with thanks. I wondered along the corridor towards the entrance to where Elijah said his brother would be.

I pushed the door open glancing around room. My husband was not in sight. My eyes scanned the surroundings as my fingers closed the door behind me softly.

"Klaus?" I called softly. Within seconds he emerged from the balcony closing the door behind him, stopping the cool evening air from entering the cosy room.

"I see you have spoken to Elijah," he smirked walking closer to me. I copied his steps causing us to meet each other in the middle of the large room.

"Yes, and he called me sister for the second time now," I stated intertwining my fingers with his own.

"And this is a surprise to you?" Klaus raised a brow, his eyes looking straight into mine.

"It just seems a little strange, I am not Rebekah…"

"But you are his sister-in-law," Klaus interrupted, pulling me to him. "As you have probably noticed, he calls his siblings by our relations. He is just making you feel a part of the family." He released my fingers wrapping his arms around my waist. "Embrace it…wife." He smirked before kissing my lips softly. I returned the gesture before pulling away slightly.

"Everything is settled for tonight?" I asked receiving a nod in response.

"Everyone shall head out in an hour but in the meantime I would like a few moments with you. Just to remind you how much I love you, no matter what happens tonight."

"I love you too Niklaus," I raised my hand to his stubbly cheek, caressing the skin gently. "And tonight Mikael will be taken down for good so we can live our eternity in peace."

"Quite right sweetheart," Klaus nodded, but something in his tone told me that he was not a hundred percent sure that things would go down correctly.

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