The Feared Estate



"So a human is needed to create a balance?" I questioned Bonnie about the spell everyone was preparing for.

"Yes, the spell will enable us to stop Mikael's heart. Spells always revolve around balances of nature. So a living heart must be stopped also."

"Here's my blood Bonnie," Emily announced carrying a cup filled with a small amount of crimson. I watched carefully as Bonnie pulled a knife and slit her palm. Her dark orbs flickered to me as I took deep breaths trying to control myself. Her blood beginning to drip into the cup and mix with Emily's.

"In order for everyone to have a shot at immobilizing Mikael they must be linked to Emily and I," Bonnie explained, "It will also allow us to know when they have made the connection." I wished I had listened in to meetings in the past week then I might have understood the happenings.

"That's enough," Emily announced, causing Bonnie to move her hand from the cup. Katherine's maid stirred the crimson gently before leaving the room. Bonnie and I soon followed into the library.

Everyone was gathered, the Mikaelsons, friends and a few selected hybrids including Tyler. His eyes immediately met my own as I made my way across to my husband.

"Everything alright love?" Klaus questioned as he slipped his arm around my waist. I nodded, resting my head on his shoulder.

"Here she is, the woman of the night," Kol smirked flashing before Bonnie from his position beside his sister. Bonnie giggled.

"It is not just me Kol. Emily is helping too," Bonnie corrected him. Kol ignored her words and took her bleeding palm into his own. "I am alright." She stated, not wanting him to worry about the wound she carried. He pressed his lips to the cut, kissing it softly.

"I think we should begin brother," Elijah stated, clearly wanting the younger Mikaelson to finish his public display of affection to Bonnie, "Let Miss Bennett do what needs to be done." Kol stepped back, his eyes adoringly on Bonnie as she announced with Emily the first stage of this evening.

"Everyone will need to drink this," Bonnie gestured to the cup in her cousin's hands. "It is a mixture or mine and Emily's blood. It bridges us all together so that when I stop Donovan's heart, you will have the power to stop Mikael's."

"You need to make a physical connection to his bloodstream; a vein, artery, something connected to his heart." Emily continued stepping closer to Klaus and passing him the cup. "Just a sip is needed my lord." Klaus nodded and drank the required amount from the cup. He then extended his arm to pass the cup to his Elijah, missing me out. I reached for it but my husband did not approve.

"No Caroline, I do not want you to be the one to desiccate him," Klaus stated but I was stubborn.

"And I do not want to be the only one with a shot and be useless," I objected.

"Let her Niklaus," Elijah added, it was clear he was letting Katherine take it. I refused to be powerless in this situation.

Klaus sighed and let me take my fill. The cup was then passed through each of the Mikaelsons, Stefan and a few hybrids.

"Emily and I will be with Donovan near to the house, once a connection is made the spell will begin and Mikael's heart should cease to beat causing his body to dedicate," Bonnie explained before the almost empty cup reached Emily once again.

Klaus' gaze flickered outside to the dark surroundings, only the full moon shone lit the area.

"We should head out, Mikael will be arriving soon," he stated glancing to me before scanning across the large crowd that had gathered.

My fingers were tightly entwined with Klaus' as we neared the spot that Elena and Stefan had described. The location was confirmed by the Nanny'It was clear that Charlotte was heading to the nearby small clearing in the woods. Hybrids were directed to circle the perimeter from a distance keeping an eye out for Mikael. Elijah, Katherine, Rebekah, Kol and Stefan were with us ready to see which of us would get the chance to send a pulse to Bonnie and Emily ready to begin the spell.

Once their Father was in sight everyone but Klaus ceased to step closer. His fingers forced themselves from my grasp as he stepped closer. Elijah joined him after a swift moment with Katherine. I stood my ground watching the scene unfold before me. Wishing my husband and our family the best.

"What an expected surprise," Mikael chuckled. "I cannot deny that this outcome was not planned."

"Then Father, please do speak your mind," Elijah suggested with his arms gesturing.

"What is wrong Niklaus? Did your brother finally punish you for your monstrous behaviour by removing your tongue?" Mikael inquired referencing to Klaus' silent state.

"We all aspire to the same conclusion, and I do plan to succeed," Klaus spoke confidently. My fingers were itching to touch his and comfort him at this time. I wanted nothing but Mikael's death after putting the Mikaelson family through centuries of torture.

"I see you still hide behind your play things as you snap your fingers. Quite the coward Niklaus." The enemy took a step closer causing myself to absentmindedly do the same. I immediately regretted my movement as I caught Mikael's dark stare. "Still here I see Caroline. Perhaps it is time for you to see past this hard exterior and into the weak and cowardice flesh that is your husband." I stepped closer to my spouse wanting to protect him from the harsh bullets that left Mikael's lips but Klaus' arm caught me from moving any closer with his extended arm.

"Let me sweetheart," he whispered. I nodded in return continuing to stand close by his side.

"What a sweet spectacle," Mikael smirked, "It is quite the shame your father did not get to meet his daughter-in-law, I am sure he would be more pleased about the sentiment than I. If I had known you would find happiness, I would have told him but I doubted you would find it." Klaus growled under his breath glaring at Mikael.

"All you have done to me is abuse me for my Mother's mistakes, for your wife's mistakes. I have had enough, your sons and daughter have had enough. My son deserves to be brought up in a land where he is safe and not constantly under threat from you."

"Surely it is the abomination that you are that the child should be protected from," Mikael's words caused Klaus' fuming chest to overload as he sped from me pushing the older Original against a large trunk. Elijah, Stefan and Kol flashed to the fight holding Mikael down as Klaus' fingers reached into his step father's chest touching his heart. Mikael struggled against their hold but thankfully he managed to stay against the post. My gaze flickered to my sisters-in-laws' as we watched from a distance.


On the outskirts of the forest Emily and I laid Matt down to the woodland floor into a comfortable position while we waited for someone at the scene to make contact.

"It will be simple, once contact is made we will perform the spell for as long as Mikael's heart beats," Emily explained to the human footman.

"They have made contact," I announced feeling a pulse through my body that my cousin would also feel. I pulled up the emerald sleeves of my gown as I crouched over Matt on his left while Emily sat on his right.

"Oh corus micante, aliorus subsitors," we both began to chant simultaneously with our fingers linking over Donovan's beating heart causing it to cease the action.


"Goodbye Mikael," Klaus muttered as he felt the power from the Bennett witches flow into his fingers. His eyes trying to avoid the huge smirk that was plastered onto Mikael's features.

"Enjoy the afterlife father, I hope to never see you there," Kol whispered into his ear while Klaus continued to push further into Mikael's chest waiting for the veins to immerge from his skin. Nothing happened besides Mikael's smirking lips staying prominently, and mockingly, in place.

Klaus shifted his gaze to his elder brother with a questioning gaze; something was wrong. Elijah nodded understanding what Klaus was thinking. Elijah's mocha orbs moved to the female Mikaelsons that stood beside me. His gaze caught hold of me and gestured for me to come to his place.

I quickly glanced at Rebekah and Katherine before stepping hesitantly towards the men restraining Mikael. Without words, Elijah gestured for me to replace his position. I nodded extending my arms so my feminine fingers were clasped on Elijah's Father's arm. Klaus stared at me while he concentrated on the task ahead.

Soon enough Elijah had vanished from view with Katherine leaving Rebekah as our audience. I was curious as to know their whereabouts. Rebekah took a few steps forward wanting to assist as well until the deed was done.


Elijah grabbed my wrist after switching positions with Caroline. I raised a brow at my husband demanding to know why we were leaving them.

"Elijah what is wrong?"

"Something is not right. We are going to see the witches, hopefully it is something on their part otherwise I do not know what we can do," Elijah explained as we neared the mansion finding the witches chanting on the outskirts.


"You will never destroy me Niklaus, I will forever be haunting your life along with whoever you choose to share it with. Whether it be the blonde or some other brothel-owned girl," Mikael stated. I tightened my grasp on his arm as Klaus growled in his ear.

"Your time is up old man."

"You can trust that Klaus will be with me for the rest forever. I am sure this will be confirmed from your place in your grave," I added just before his skin began to fade. Everyone's grasp loosened as we realised the spell was working. "It worked," I rejoiced in a few breaths stepping back with Rebekah as we gazed down at the desiccated vampire.

I shifted my gaze to my sister-in-law noticing her expression. I held her hand, squeezing it lightly in comfort.

"It is for the best Rebekah, for you too, not just Niklaus." I smiled softly, trying to let her see the good in her father's death. She nodded.

"Brothers, sisters," Elijah altered our attention to him as he carried a dead Esther in his arms. "She cast a protection spell on Father. It was all I could do to allow the spell to work."

"Mother," Rebekah ran to her elder brother while Kol just watched from the side lines noticing Klaus' features.

"We found the Charlotte's brother, Katerina is seeing that he finds a safe place and settles," Elijah announced laying Esther's body beside her husband's.

"I want to head to the witches, I felt the power draining just before Mikael began to desiccate, during the spell. I fear something may have befallen the witches," my husband declared causing Kol and Rebekah to flash in the direction of the house. Everyone swiftly followed to the scene.

"No!" Kol screamed as we found Bonnie, Emily and Matt lying on the forest floor. "Bonnie please, tell me you are okay darling." Tears began to well in his eyes as he cradled her body in his arms. No heart beat sounded in her chest. She was gone.

I checked Emily's pulse finding the same occurrence. Bloodstains had dribbled from their noses showing us that the power had drained them; Klaus was right. Kol continually tried to feed Bonnie his blood but it was too late, nothing could be done now to save my friend and his lover.

I glanced up at Klaus at the tearful scene but his eyes were on his sister who cradled the footman's body who seemed to be just as dead as the witches. Klaus' features scowled at the display of affection publically shown.

I moved closer to my sister and kneeled down wanting to show that I did not oppose her love for the footman. She opened his mouth and poured blood passed his lips.

"His heart is beating faintly, hopefully this should cure him," she smiled softly. I nodded mirroring her smile for a moment.

"It will be fine," I comforted her before turning back to Kol's mourning features. Tears poured from his eyes over the deceased witch.

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