The Feared Estate



As the sun began to rise everyone returned home. The hybrids were given one last order from their Alpha to take the Mikaelson parents' bodies home.

I tried to compose myself as my eyes were drawn to my friend in Kol's embrace. Klaus' arms were around my waist in comfort even though no one else seemed to care for their brother's loss. Rebekah was too busy worried about her new love as she assisted him back to the house after her blood had saved him.

Elijah carried Emily's body with a regretful expression upon his features. Katherine was yet to know of the death of her maid.

Once everyone reached the house Elena burst through the door wrapping her arms around Stefan.

"You are back," she rejoiced before noticing our solemn features. "What is wrong?" She knew as soon as she saw the dead witches in the brothers' arms. "Bonnie," she whispered, putting her hand across her mouth in shock. Her eyes were moved to mine and I left my husband's side to cry on my best friend's shoulder. Elena did not shed a tear but I could feel her sadness through my trembling body.

"We should leave the Mikaelsons Elena, they need time alone," Stefan announced, extending his arm to his fiancée. Klaus nodded gratefully, before pulling me back towards him as we entered the house.

Wanting to avoid her family, Rebekah continued to stay at Matt's side as she took him downstairs to rest. Kol flashed up the stairs with Bonnie as he obviously needed some time to himself with her. I felt sorry for him, wishing he did not feel regretful for letting her do the spell. One would have thought two witches would be enough but it was Esther's fault that they had to prolong the ending. Esther paid for that with her life. As Mikael did for his monstrous mistakes.

Klaus and I walked upstairs, our advanced hearing caught hold of Kol's sobs for Bonnie to return to him, as we headed for the nursery.

"And the frog leaped across the lilies hoping to..." Katherine stopped her story to Nadia as we entered the nursery. "Everything went alright?"

"Yes with a few unwanted casualties," Klaus announced as I walked towards Henry's sleeping figure.

"Kol seems distressed? Bonnie did not make it?"


"And Emily?" Klaus shook his head. Katherine gasped a little causing Nadia to wrap her small arms around her mother.

"Mama what does Uncle Klaus mean by 'casualties'?" The young child asked.

"Emily and Bonnie did not make it, they have left the world," Katherine sighed pulling her daughter into her arms.

"Donovan is alive, my sister seems to have feelings for him," Klaus muttered in a disapproving tone before standing behind me as Henry played with my fingers.

"Do not be so hard on her, let her love who she wants," I added, wanting Klaus to see some sense. "At least Rebekah's love is still alive, I hate hearing Kol like that."

"Elijah said you found Charlotte's brother, where is he?" Klaus changed the subject, obviously avoiding a certain topic.

"Yes, I compelled him a home and compelled him to know about his sister," Katherine nodded before turning back to her daughter. "He knows of her death but knows he must move on. He should be safe now." Klaus muttered something under his breath but I did not quite hear.

I pulled Henry into my arms cooing over his features as he extended his arms to his Father wanting his attention.

"Your son wants you Klaus," I told him which brought his figure closer to mine. Klaus pulled Henry into his arms and rocked him gently, a soft smile on his lips. Klaus' free arm was suddenly around my waist pulling me closer. He still felt the need to protect his family.


"There, you should rest," I settled Matt down in his bed downstairs which he shared with Jeremy. Thankfully Jeremy had left already for his duties this morning which allowed us to have a few moments alone.

"I feel fine my lady, you healed me," Matt resisted but I insisted, tucking him in.

"You have my blood in your system, unless you want to be eternally with me I suggested you rest." Matt sighed.

"You know how I feel Rebekah and I understand why things cannot work between us but I love you and as long as you want me I want you." I pressed my lips to his, showing the footman how much I wanted him to be a part of my life. Matt chuckled afterwards. "I guess that is a yes, for now."

"For always," I contradicted.

"You will not want me as an old man Rebekah," he cupped my cheek as I sat on the edge of the bed. "I am sorry my lady but it would not be right for me to join your family. From Lord Klaus' stare…"

"Do not worry about my brothers. I would convince them and I am pretty certain Caroline would help. She did not seem opposed when she found out. Caroline has quite the influence on Nik," I giggled. "Just think about it please." He nodded causing my lips to return to his softly.

"I will my lady."


After tending to the dead Mikaelson parents, Elijah found his wife and daughter. They shared a moment before joining Klaus and I as we knocked on Kol's chambers.

"Brother," Klaus called in a low tone.

"I do not want to talk to you Niklaus," Kol's voice was heartbroken and devastated.

"Kol," Elijah began, "There is something you are entitled to know."

"It should have happened by now," Klaus stated slightly frustrated. Elijah nodded in agreement.

"She could have not taken it, but I thought it was highly likely that she would…" Elijah continued.

"What you are talking about?" I demanded before Klaus reached for the handle, completely ignoring my question.

As we entered the large room we found Kol with tear stained cheeks as he knelt by the edge of the bed.

"Get out!" He growled glaring at the three of us as we stood in the doorway. I could not help but look away from my friend, finding it hard to come to terms with what had happened. Klaus' arm was soon wrapped around me but his main focus stayed on his grieving brother.

"Brother," Elijah called, ignoring his request to leave the room. I felt him move pass Klaus and I as I sobbed into my husband's chest.

"Just…" Kol's words halted as a loud intake of breath sounded throughout the room. I immediately looked to the bed to find my dead friend now alive and sitting up with confused features gracing her tanned complexion.


Four Days Ago

Emily and I were summoned to Lord Elijah's office. Once we entered the room both Lord Elijah and Lord Klaus were sat inside with a grimoire between them both. We expected a usual meeting about the happenings in a few days time but instead their Lordships wished to discuss a different area of the events.

"Thank you for joining us," Lord Elijah greeted us in his usual pleasant tone. "My brother and I have gathered you here to discuss the power required for this spell to be accomplished."

"Depending on how long you are needing it my Lord, the more power would be used," Emily answered.

"Yes, we have discovered that and how much is required to begin with." His Lordship gestured to the open grimoire between them.

"We both feel that together we can generate enough energy to perform the spell my Lord," I added a soft smile to my lips. Bennett witches have been in service to the Mikaelsons for centuries. Our family has been loyal to them from the beginning and I had no desire to go against them now. To go against Kol, the original that has stolen my heart.

"But there is always the risk that you will not survive performing such a power demanding spell," Elijah continued.

"Our loyalty is to you my lord, and we would both die serving your family," Emily stated clearly.

"Are you suggesting that we do not do the spell?" I wondered aloud causing Lord Klaus stand from his seated position.

"Not at all, you will perform the spell. My brother here just raised concern for our younger brother, who would be quite distraught if he lost a very important witch in his life," Lord Klaus' stern eyes were on me. I sensed that he was silently punishing me for causing this question of whether the spell should be performed or not.

"The offer is to both of you, but especially to you Bonnie." Lord Elijah began turning from us to pick up a vial of a crimson liquid. "Niklaus took these years ago in case of an emergency when we would require any of our sibling's blood. This here is Kol's." Lord Elijah offered me the vial and I took it, my eyes glued to the contents. "I understand becoming a vampire is a huge step back for a witch. Please understand that the world will feel different and bloodlust will take over at first. We would be happy for you to continue with us, in our family."

"Thank you," I stated all of a sudden glancing between the brothers. "Kol and I have discussed it and I am still considering the idea."

"Bonnie?" Emily's eyes widened slightly. "You are considering becoming a vampire?" I nodded.

"For Kol, Emily. I love him."


"Bonnie?" Kol breathed raising from his kneeled position and extending his arms to the vampire turned witch.

"I am here Kol," Bonnie smiled softly before feeling herself be pulled into a huge embrace as Kol wrapped his arms around her tightly.

"Never again are you leaving me, you understand?" Kol commanded before pulling her into a deep kiss.

I stood watching the scene before me in Klaus' arms, trying to figure out what just happened. My mind moved over the conversation Klaus had with Elijah outside Kol's chambers' door.

"You were speaking about Bonnie taking vampire blood at the door were you not?" I whispered to Klaus. He nodded before tightening his arms around me.

"I am sorry to interrupt the reunion but how are you feeling Miss Bennett?" Elijah asked in a polite tone.

"Strange, enhanced, everything I feel is completely different," Bonnie's lips grinned brightly as her fingers stayed embedded into Kol's shirt.

"As to be expected, Klaus would you mind fetching one of the human maids from downstairs?" Klaus nodded untangling himself from me and pecking my cheek. With his warmth gone, I walked slowly towards the bed, my eyes on Bonnie. Once her eyes caught mine, I could not help but smile as her own beaming grin was infectious.

"I am sorry, we could not hold on any longer. And Emily was completely against taking some blood so if you are waiting for her then you can stop. She's gone," Bonnie's smile began to droop at the mention of her cousin. She was the last of the Bennett line now. Never would a vampire have children.

"We assumed so as her body has already started its own desiccation. Such a shame. Thank you Miss Bennett, we are very grateful for what you and your cousin sacrificed," Bonnie nodded at Elijah's words trying to force her lips into a soft smile.

She removed her arms from Kol and extended them to me. I pulled her into a friendly embrace to Kol's dislike as he fiddled with the material of Bonnie's gown's skirt.

"I am so happy you are alive. I was really going to miss you Bonnie," I smiled with a few remaining tears of joy in my eyes.

"Thank you Caroline." Kol managed to pull Bonnie into his lap, cradling her like how I would hold Henry in my lap.

"Why did you not tell me of this blood drinking darling?" Kol asked just as Klaus appeared in the doorway.

"I had not decided yet and I did not want you to assume it was what I wanted. To be honest, I was not ready when I drank the vial of your blood but I knew I could not leave you alone Kol. I could not watch from wherever Emily is now and see you without me or falling for another witch…"

"Never would I fall for another witch," Kol smirked before pressing his lips to Bonnie's passionately.

Klaus coughed, reminding everyone of the worried human that my husband had fetched. Kol gestured for her to come forward before pulling her neck to his lips and biting into the flesh. Blood dripped onto Bonnie's dress but it was already dirty from the events of the previous night.

"Drink darling, and be eternally mine," he smirked as Bonnie sat up straighter and brought the liquid to her lips. Veins emerged from under her dark hues and her newly grown fangs drew more blood from the female's neck.

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