The Feared Estate


Six Years Later


Things seemed to be moving for the better since Mikael and Esther Mikaelson left the ground we walked on to whatever hell was planned for them. Klaus and his siblings seemed to have settled down further knowing they would never have to defend themselves against their parents. It was completely refreshing to see them so happy.

Klaus and I spent most of our time with our little Henry as he grew up to be the little man he is today. He was a perfect blend of his mother and father. Henry's blonde curls were just like his Father's and were cropped short around his head. He carried my own blue-green orbs which shined brightly whenever his little dimples appeared. He seemed to be growing at a normal human pace, despite the vampire influence. To be honest that influence was hardly there, except his skin seemed to glow a little in the sunlight and he enjoyed drinking blood. Klaus and I are both assuming that he carries the werewolf gene and therefore will become a slave to the moon if he does commit the kill.

Henry's older cousin Nadia was becoming a pre-teenager which her Aunt Rebekah was taking the full advantage of. Sometimes Katherine and Rebekah spent hours with designers choosing dresses for the human girl. It was weird to think that the two sisters-in-law could be friends but they seemed to make it possible. Like Klaus and I, Elijah and Katherine were extremely happy with how things have turned out. Katherine had a beautiful daughter that did not hold many features that belonged to Nadia's idiot father. Elijah just saw Nadia as Katherine's perfect double. I assumed that when Nadia reached a suitable age her parents would turn her into a vampire so that she can live forever with the rest of us.

Finally Kol and Bonnie decided to tie the knot. After months of conversations with Bonnie about how she would like to truly be a part of the Mikaelson family, Kol finally got down on one knee.

"Caroline, Caroline, Caroline!" Bonnie's voice yelled as she burst into the parlour. I was sat with Henry on the carpeted floor enjoying the sight of my little boy trying to figure out how the blocks fitted together.

"What is the matter Bonnie, is something wrong?" I asked as I assumed her yelling voice was to announce a crisis.

"No, no not at all," her eyes shined brightly before stepping closer to where I sat. "Look!" She extended her left palm to me displaying the large gem that was sitting on her wedding finger. My eyes widened and my lips grew into a large smile.

"Oh Bonnie, or should I call you sister," I beamed standing and pulling Bonnie into a tight embrace. We squealed a little in happiness, the now vampire and I had grown even closer over the past years as I assisted her with her vampirism.

"Mama?" Henry's small voice called. I stepped back from my future sister-in-law to gaze down at my son.

"Uncle Kol and Auntie Bonnie are getting married," I told him as I reached down to pull the almost four year old into my arms. Henry just curled up in my arms not really sure about what all the excitement was about. I chuckled with my eyes upon him.

Bonnie had a beautiful wedding with only myself as a bridesmaid, she did not want a huge affair. Everyone attended though, and Nadia seemed to do a brilliant job at keeping Henry entertained while Klaus and I were up at the front. Kol had asked Klaus to be his best man which was quite unexpected.

After Kol's wedding this meant that Rebekah was the last Original to be married, with the exception of Finn who was still daggered in a coffin downstairs. Klaus and his siblings still had no desire to introduce him back into the world. I honestly wanted to meet the eldest Mikaelson but whenever I brought him up Klaus always shut me down.

Rebekah was not having the best time. The footman, Matt Donovan, refused to be turned into a vampire even though he claimed to have deep feelings for Rebekah. From what I had gathered, they still saw each other. In my opinion, each second they spent in each other's arms would make it harder for them to part when Donovan's time is up. I did not want Rebekah to be like that for the rest of eternity. One time she told me about her love for Stefan, which still lingers in her heart. A part of me wishes they were still together although I would not want to push my best friend from the picture.

Stefan and Elena married the following year after the Mikaelson parents' death. It was the first time I had seen Damon in years. Stefan had chosen his brother to be the best man while I followed Elena up the aisle like she did for me on my wedding day. My ex fiancé's eyes watched me as I stood surrounded by the Mikaelsons as we gathered in the pews. Lord Salvatore's gaze looked disapprovingly at my son which caused me to protect him further in my arms. Never would I let him touch Henry. To my surprise Damon had already found himself a new bride, Rose. From what I could see, the girl was completely taken with him. May God protect her soul.

I never heard much from Tyler. Klaus seemed to control his hybrids so they were never around the estate much. A part of me was saddened by this as Tyler had always been my childhood friend. I hoped he would find someone to make him happy.

Anna continued to be my maid and I hoped she would for the rest of eternity. Every morning we had our chats as she tended to my appearance. I was always told about how things were going with Jeremy and I was pleased for her. Like Rebekah and Matt, Jeremy was human and eventually he would have to decide on whether he wanted to turn. I wished Anna all the best in convincing him to say yes. I did and I honestly could not see my life in any other way. I could not leave Klaus after everything we have been through.

I saw my parents regularly wanting them to see their grandchild. My Mother and Father were quite taken with little Henry and enjoyed seeing my reaction when they gave him one of my old teddy bears. I just smiled, after releasing a small gasp, happy to have another piece of my childhood in my new home. It was a shame Henry never wanted any of my ray dolls that my Grandmother had made for me when I was his age. I thought about offering them to Nadia but she was too old for them now.

I had to give it to my parents as they were putting on a brave show but I could see straight through it. Their relationship was getting worse. I always knew they were never happy with one another anymore. I noticed it through little things. Like the way my Father kissed my Mother's cheek or like how they spoke of times at home. When I voiced it privately to my Mother one day, she confirmed my suspicions and told me that he was seeing someone else away from public view. I gasped knowing how much this would hurt my mother but she did not mind as the man she married was nowhere to be found anymore. It broke my heart to know my parents were going through a difficult time. They were getting through it and that is all that matters to them.

Things with Katherine and Elena's parents were not changing either. They still only cared for Elena mainly and avoided Katherine. They saw Nadia a few times but never showed any interest. I was sad but I tried to dwell on the happy things in my life.

Which leaves me here, under the covers of our large bed as I waited for my husband's arrival. I snuggled under the sheets trying to ignore the cool temperature of the room. It was that time of the year again when temperatures went south and Christmas neared.

The door to my chambers opened and I expected Klaus to walk straight through but instead I saw a tiny hand wrap around the edge of the door.

"Henry?" I called, my nose already picking up his ever so familiar scent.

"Mama," his little voice sounded just as his cute features poked around the door.

"What is wrong sweetheart?" I asked in a soft murmur, noticing how Klaus' pet names were rubbing off onto me.


"So am I, how about you come and join me while Daddy takes too long to come to bed?" His father's dimples appeared on our child's face as he ran towards the edge of the bed. A small muddy brown bear under his arm. I reached down and pulled him into Klaus' place beside me. The cold child wriggled closer to his Mother, wrapping his small arms around me.

We stayed embracing each other silently as he drifted into sleep in my arms. Klaus eventually entered the room noticing our sleeping child.

"I come up expecting one and I get two," he smirked moving closer to us to kiss Henry's forehead before my lips.

"Everything alright?" I asked, knowing he did not usually take so long before coming upstairs.

"Yes, Elijah and I had some things to discuss. Seems the town needs a little more guidance so the Lords of this estate must attend to them as the Kings of the area we are," he smirked.

"Duties come before joining your wife?" I questioned cheekily.

"If Henry was not here I would make it up to you right now."

"I was thinking of taking him back to his room, he only came in here because he was cold." Klaus nodded in agreement, wanting to have me all to himself.

"By the way, Elijah thinks we should wake Finn soon."

"Really?" My eyes lit up slightly, wanting to meet him.

"Sadly yes, it has not been decided but we will have to see love," I nodded before slipping from the bed with Henry still sleeping in my arms.

Klaus and I shared another kiss before I left our chambers heading to where Henry would be laid to rest. Once I returned I found Klaus waiting for me this time. My lips curved softly.

"All settled?" I nodded at his question.

"I tucked him in with a few more blankets, he should be warm enough," I smiled, feeling Klaus' arms wrap around my waist before pulling the sheets over us both.

"You know, I never thanked you," I whispered as I was snuggled in his arms. "For everything you have ever done for me. For being in the woods with your brother while I got lost. For wanting to spend time with me after that one brief encounter. For lying to me about who you really are. For…"

"I never lied Caroline, I simply did not tell you the truth," Klaus corrected me with a cheeky smirk. I giggled.

"Okay fine. Thank you for holding back the truth," I grinned. "For convincing my Father to let me marry you. For convincing me that you were who I wanted. For showing me that the supernatural element of your life did not matter. For supporting me as I carried Henry. For being an amazing father to him. For being the perfect husband and for loving me. Thank you for loving me." I smiled softly, feeling a little emotional about my little late night speech.

"Thank you for showing me that there is more to life than being the monster I thought I was," Klaus whispered before pressing his lips to mine softly. "You are very welcome love, you deserve every piece of it Caroline Mikaelson." I nodded tightening my hold around him.

"I love you Niklaus," I glanced up at him with my eyes gazing into his own.

"I love you too Caroline, now and for the rest of eternity." Klaus murmured in his husky voice. Before he could say another word I pressed my lips to his as we drifted into forever.

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