The Feared Estate



We re-entered the hallway together, with Caroline's hand gently through mine. It felt perfect the way she fitted to my side. My eyes glanced along the decorated walls, catching glimpses of family portraits and paintings of the Forbes Mansion and grounds. I silently chuckled when my eye caught small painting of a baby Caroline. Still at that age, she had exquisite beauty.

I noticed my brother speaking with our unaware sister-in-law. Or perhaps she did know, as I overheard their conversation.

"Why did she not return home? Mother and Father would be very welcoming to you and your family into our home, I am sure. We knew she was going along with the engagement to Mason for his own good but if she is happy, now. We would understand that." I heard Katerina's twin. "This is such a Katherine plan." She sighed, clearly missing her sister, as expected.

I remembered when I caught Rebekah sneaking out the back way with a bag packed wanting to elope with Stefan. She had not thought it through at all. Stefan came from a wealthy family but most of his money was organised by his elder brother after his Father died. However Rebekah still expected a full range of servants in a high quality estate. Thank fully I managed to convince her of her stupidity. Especially after she announced she had not spoken to Stefan about this.

"She did not want you to know, but I feel it is right that I take this opportunity to explain while my brother makes peace with your friend." It seems Elijah had overheard some of our conversation, great. I am sure he will comment on that later. Sometimes I think my family saw Elijah as the Father figure after what Mikael is really like. "I would be delighted to welcome your family for dinner tomorrow. I am sure Katerina wo-"

"Please forgive me for intruding but why do you call Katherine, Katerina? She hates her birth name, it is the reason we call her the English version." Elena enquired.

"I was not aware she felt that way, it is what she called herself when we met."

"Strange," Elena muttered. "Please do continue."

I tuned out then, focusing my eyes on the beautiful women I could not wait to call my wife. I had never seen her with her hair forced up. She looked ravishing with how the braid was wrapped around her head, like a halo, showing off her angelic features. A few stray curls hung by her rosy cheeks elegantly.

If Elijah was inviting the Petrovas for dinner then I must invite Caroline as well. It would be the perfect opportunity to iron out any insecurities, besides my species. She will find that out once she is bound to me. I could never let that draw us apart.


"Ah brother, Lady Forbes," Elijah greeted us. Elena looked unsure of the way I held myself onto his arm. "I assume the news has been shared."

"Very much so," I smiled to him and up to Klaus. I waved my hand towards my friend, allowing my new accessory to glisten in the sunlight.

"But what about Damon?" Elena asked, alarmed by the announcement. She looked troubled; something was stirring in her mind.

"What about me?" An unfamiliar tone joined the conversation. I felt Klaus shift to hide me slightly behind him. It had seemed that the Salvatores entered my home at the perfect moment. They were here to pick up Elena after her time here. Unfortunately we had not spent our time as we planned, courtesy of Niklaus Mikaelson.

"It seems you are no longer engaged, mate," Klaus spoke through his teeth. I noticed Stefan joined the crowd; he placed a kiss on Elena's cheek before nodding at the rest of us.

"Mikaelson, I should have known." Damon's tone was full I hatred. "Attempted to steal my brother and now you've stolen my wife." I shivered. I felt Klaus' hand rub my side, comforting me.

"Congratulations Nik!" Stefan pulled Klaus into one of those brotherly hugs, completely ignoring Damon's spiteful comments. Klaus clung to my side, returning Stefan's greeting with one hand.

"You seem happier Lady Forbes," Stefan acknowledged. I nodded. "Do not worry about my brother; he is still on edge after his last one." I smile softly at his kind words. The way Stefan described Damon's previous spouse made me quiver slightly. He made it sound like they were a recurring thing, never consistent. I was even more pleased with the outcome; I had a much better life ahead of me. Or so I thought.

I felt Klaus press his lips to the top of my head, as Stefan moved towards his raging brother.

"I think it's time we part. Nik, Caroline, Elijah always a pleasure. Are you ready to leave Elena?" Stefan asked her. She nodded before sending me a kind, but weary, smile.

"I will see you tomorrow evening, with Katherine?" Elena asked Elijah. I glanced up at Klaus, confused by the mention of Katherine.

"I will explain everything to you later, Sweetheart." He whispered into the top of my head. I nodded, resting my head on his shoulder.

"I will send a carriage to you, it was a pleasure to meet you today." Elijah gently kissed Elena's palm. Stefan seemed calm, he knew the Mikaelsons quite well it seemed.

Once the Salvatores and Elena had departed, we moved into the library. I was unsure where my parents were but it was a pleasure keeping our guests entertained. Klaus sat by my side on the sofa with his arm draped over my shoulders and Elijah was opposite us as they explained the situation with Katherine. I also received an invitation to join them for dinner tomorrow with Elena and her parents. I gladly accepted. Klaus also told me about his friendship with Stefan and feud with Damon. It had all began when Klaus and Stefan's friendship hit off a many years ago and they has never resolved the dispute since.

My parents joined us to wish the Mikaelsons well on their journey home. My Father's eyes were on Klaus and I the whole time, watching how we reacted together. Gladly his stares soften once he saw I was happy, very happy. Klaus told me he would send a carriage after lunch so I could arrive early. He wanted extra time with me. I felt a little nervous at the idea of entering the grand Mikaelson Estate. It was the setting of many terrible tales.

Before the Mikaelson brothers departed Klaus kissed me tenderly on the top of my hand before he followed his brother to the horse drawn carriage.

My Mother came to stand by my side as I watched Klaus' carriage leave.

"What a turn of events," she sighed. "From your actions I understand you are happy with the outcome?" Her voice was calm and caring. I knew she always wanted me to be happy in my life, she had always supported me through everything whether I liked it or not.

"Very much, Mother," I replied. I kept my eyes on the little black box that was gradually disappearing in the distance.

"And how is it that Lord Mikaelson knows of my daughter?"

"I met Klaus, in the forests a few weeks ago," I reply truthfully. My mind thought back to the moment I saw his face for the first time. Instantly I was mesmerised, my troubles were lifted off my chest for a moment or two. That was until he spoke. I still remember those first words he directed at me 'Like what you see, Love?'

"Is this the reason the gardeners have spotted you entering the forests almost every day mysteriously?" My Father joined our conversation, interested in my response. I nodded.

"Thank you, Father," I smiled, turning to face him after the black speck had vanished.

"You are very welcome child; I am pleased you are happier. I thought you would despise me even more though," he admitted. "Engaging you to a Mikaelson, I thought you would never accept that.

"Never would I ever hate you Father," I pulled him into an embrace, showing my compassion. "I never thought I would be in love with one either. It was just a surprise for me as it is for you. "

As we re-entered the building passing by servants congratulated me. Some had confused expressions, probably thinking why I had swapped Fiancés. It was all incredibly real.


My brown orbs were looking out of the carriage window as I thought about what had occurred this morning. Each bump in the road the horse drawn carriage trotted over was felt causing myself to lean against Stefan more so each time, as he sat next to me.

There was an awkward silence circulating around the cabin after Damon's indiscretion at the Forbes'. Fortunately Stefan managed to convince him it was not worth it and that Caroline was never the right one for him. After that statement, Damon's eyes trickled to me. I swear he wanted me. The feelings were not mutual. I wanted Stefan.

I did not understand why he was sulking, we knew he never felt anything for my friend. She was just going to be another toy for him to play with like his previous wife Andrea, or Andy as Damon seemed to call her. I hated the idea of having Caroline compelled and feed on for Damon's well being. If Stefan could treat me right, then why could not Damon?

"Everything alright?" Stefan whispered in my ear. I nodded, keeping quiet.

"I am just worried about Caroline." I replied, my mind had be focussing around the fact that Caroline's mood had swiftly changed several times this morning all around Klaus' presence. The pit in my stomach was telling me something was not right here.

"Oh please, you must be overjoyed she's not mine anymore." Damon scoffed, his eyes set on the plain scenery the window had to offer.

"I fear Klaus is compelling her," I ignore Damon, explaining myself to Stefan.

"Would not surprise me, but how so?" Stefan brought his hand to hold mine, comforting me.

"When we first met them, I am sure Caroline's face lit up. Then I noticed her expression altered dramatically and she paled." I explained, moving my gaze onto Stefan's handsome face. His eyes were full of concern; recently I have suspected a friendship forming between Stefan and Caroline. "Once we were alone, we sat together quietly. She looked to be on the verge of tears. I did not know what to do apart from comfort her. Klaus came to the door, Caroline was blunt to him. He asked for me to leave, so I obliged. When I was discussing with Elijah about Katherine, I heard shouting. I could not hear what they were saying but I am sure Elijah would have. Then they re-enter with Caroline happily on his arm with a fancy ring on her finger." Damon scoffed. "I am sure he is controlling her." My eyes flickered to Damon, wondering whether he or Klaus is better for Caroline. I was so very worried for my friend.

"You may be right," Stefan gently kissed my hair.

"I am sorry for thinking ill of your friend," my orbs returned to him.

"As much as I call Klaus a friend, I do not trust him, our friendship only occurred while my humanity was off. I may fake some of my kindness to hold his respect. I know he disapproves of my non-ripper lifestyle." Stefan had told me about his hunger issues, if he drank human blood he would risk becoming the ripper; animal blood was his source of food.

"Will you help me protect Caroline?" I pleaded.

"Of course, my love," and with that he gently pressed him lips to mine.

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