The Feared Estate



In the morning, Amelia styled my hair beautifully letting it hang loosely around my head but still held up in place. A long gown was chosen, in a dark shade of blue. It showed off enough of my breasts and encircled my small waist creating a smooth curve at my sides.

Under the sunlight, I held my hands together in front over my stomach, my left hand on top showing off my exquisite engagement ring. My parents waited by my side as the taps of the gravelled path increased in volume alerting us of my carriage's arrival.

I wished the horses would speed up so I could be on my way to seeing him again. My dreams were overflowing with my Fiancé's presence causing myself to yearn for his company. Last night I imagined we met in an alternate universe, where we were just ordinary people without the Lord and Lady Status holding us back.

The two chestnut horses halted as the young driver pulled on their dark reigns before stepping off his unroofed seat to open the carriage door. The windows were slightly tinted, so I was unaware of who would be accompanying me to what is known to the public as 'The Feared Estate'. I had a fair idea of who it could be…

My assumptions were correct, a very handsome suited man with his dimpled smile clearly displayed exited the carriage. Klaus' gaze immediately caught mine.

"Lord and Lady Forbes, Caroline," he greeted us bowing his head slightly. Once he spoke my name, he held my gloved hand, placing a gentle kiss onto it. "You look beautiful as always, my love." He whispered, loud enough for our audience to hear. I smiled with a nod in return. "I would like to get going immediately if that is alright with you?" He announced, taking a step closer to his carriage.

"Of course, see you tonight Caroline," my Father obviously wanting to make it clear I was not to stay the night. I would have loved to but my, and my family's, reputation had to be kept in good order.

"Goodbye." Klaus gently pulled me in his direction, silently asking me to move towards the carriage.

"Good day to you, Lady Mikaelson." I was quite alarmed by the horseman's words to me. I just nodded, pulling a displeased expression for Klaus to see. A smirk was clearly settled on his face as he followed.

I took a seat on the bench of red fabric and Klaus sat by my side, nodding at the driver.

"Please excuse Jeremy, he understands we're not married yet."

"You told him to say that did you not?" I accused, raising a brow.

"You know me so well," he chuckled. "Lady Forbes, your name will change pretty soon. I know you feel" he paused, "uncomfortable with my Family name so I feel it is better for you to understand slowly. This will be starting with your arrival today to get to know your new home and its inhabitants."

"We will be living at the Mikaelson Estate? With your parents and siblings?"

"Of course, but my parents left several years ago." I nodded, moving my eyes to the outside of the carriage.

"You have already met Elijah and Kol, so you are still to meet Rebekah. Please don't take anything she says to heart. She can be quite the handful."

"That is no way to speak of your sister, I am sure she is lovely." He scoffed and I elbowed him in the ribs. He laughed, gripping my elbow where the sleeve of my dress ended with lace embroidered to the edge.

"Feisty aren't you," I giggled at his comment.

"You have no idea," I flirted, still giggling.

"I also have a few other people I would like to introduce to you as well as the grounds." He turned serious again. I still was not used to his sudden changes.

"You have another brother?" I recalled, settling down. "I am sure you mentioned three brothers when we met."

"You are correct, sweetheart, Finn is," he paused, "otherwise occupied. I am sure you will meet him in time." I nodded.

As Klaus held my hand, I noticed two familiar faces greeting us as we departed the carriage. I spotted, Jeremy, the young lad that drove the carriage. A women, stood next to Elijah and Kol, this must have been Rebekah. Her hair was pulled up into a typical style women of these times used. The long dress was dark peach in colour and covered in embroidery. Once her eyes caught my sight, she whispered into Kol's ear. He sniggered.

I focused on Klaus' face afterwards to calm myself. I felt nervous meeting the infamous Mikaelson Family in their home.

"Everyone," Klaus bellowed out to the crowd of residents, mainly servants that had appeared around the corner. "I would like to introduce Lady Caroline Forbes, my future wife. She is to be treated with the upmost respect."

"It is a pleasure to welcome you here, Lady Forbes," Elijah came and greeted us with a smile.

Klaus moved his arm around my waist pulling him to his side as we moved closer to his other siblings. I was sure he had mentioned one more, but I didn't dare to mention it at this time.

"Seems you made quite the impression on my brother, darlin'," Kol smirked. I still did not feel comfortable in his presence but luckily having Klaus's embrace around my waist helped.

"Rebekah, a pleasure I am sure," the beautiful blonde smiled smugly before turning to walk back into the grand building which was displayed with fancy brickwork and a coat of arms resting above the giant wooden door. A small stream drifted past side of the building flowing underneath a little bridge to reach the grassy square before trickling through the forest.

"Where is Katherine?" I whispered to Klaus, sure it was only him who heard.

"She is inside, not wanting to cause a scene." Elijah replied, clearly overhearing.

"Can I see her?" I asked them both. Elijah nodded, walking towards the entrance again.

"Before you do, there are people waiting," Klaus pulled my attention to the two servants standing in the distance. A small girl with dark hair was wearing a black and white maid's outfit and the gentleman had dark skin and a round face, he wore a suit, not as fancy as the Lords around me but he still looked smart. My Fiancé and I walked in their direction receiving a bow and curtsy from them both.

"Caroline, I'd like you to meet Marcellus and Anna." Klaus began, never letting go of my waist. "Marcellus is my valet, although he is more like family than that. If need anything and you cannot get hold of Elijah or myself you find Marcel." His voice was demanding, insisting that I am safe. I nodded. "Anna will be your maid once we are married."

"My lady," she greeted me politely, curtsying again.

"Will Amelia not be staying on?" I question, not wanting to hurt Anna's feelings. She seemed a pleasant girl, more so than Amelia.

"I am afraid not, I trust Anna very much. I am sure you will to."

"Of course. It was a pleasure to meet you both." I smiled at them. Even though I was not married yet, I loved how Klaus wanted to make sure I felt at home here. He knew this was a huge leap for me.


"Give this to Caroline," Stefan handed me a small crimson pouch. I opened it to find a thin sliver chain with a small charm hanging off it. "Call it an engagement gift if you like. I cannot remove any present compulsion but this will prevent any further." I brought the charm to my nose, sniffing it gently.

"Vervain?" I would recognise the herb anywhere, having a vampire courting me meant you are aware of these things. Stefan nodded.

"It is something she would wear?"

"Yes, I am sure she will love it." I smiled. "Thank you."

I was pleased we could offer her some sort of protection from Klaus. When Caroline was engaged to Damon, I thought we would be able to rein him in so he would treat her with respect. Now with her being with Klaus, she would be out of my reach.

"Caroline is my friend too, I will do what I can to protect her." A kind smile was present on Stefan's lips.


After a rather dramatic meeting with my best friend's lost and found twin, Klaus gave me a short tour of the grounds, showing me his favourite spots and views.

We were stood with my arm around his looking over the crowded streets. The edge of the forest greeted us before covering the rest of the mount down below. In the distance I could see the city walls bordering the area. My eyes recognised the Lockwood Property near the north gate but the Petrova grounds were hidden from my sight.

"I am sorry about your meeting with Katerina." I glanced up to Klaus' face.

"I am not surprised myself, married life has not changed her," I added. "I am sorry you have had to put up with her."

"Tell that to Elijah, I have no idea what he sees in her," he chuckled. I smiled. "We have got used to her presence."

"Elena's home has been awfully quiet without her. I must admit it has been nice."

"I take it your relationship with Katerina is not similar to yours with her sister?" Klaus began to move away from the view spot pulling me in the direction of the building. "Come."

"Not at all, when we were children we despised one another." I chuckled at the memory. "She used to trick me many times as Elena, quite the good actor. As we grew older, we got closer but still nothing in the league of my friendship to Elena or Tyler."

"Tyler? As in Lockwood?" Klaus inquired, surprised by my acknowledgement.

"Yes, our Mothers are close. I think I would be engaged to him right now if Damon had not returned or if we had not met." We were edging towards a small building towards the edge of the wide cobbled driveway."What is your relationship with him like? Would you want to marry him?" Klaus seemed generally interested; I assumed he wanted to keep an eye out on all my many suitors.

"Oh no, I do not see him like that. We are childhood friends, like Elena. We are very close, I admit we flirt on occasion and sometimes he," I pause, thinking whether I should speak ill of my friend, "moves on me inappropriately..." From Klaus' furious expression I knew he understood.

After a few minutes of silence we entered a large stable courtyard. I recognised the two horses that helped us travel. One of them had their hand over the split gate watching us intently. I left Klaus' side to greet him, or her, I was not sure. The magnificent creature sniffed my hand before bowing it's head asking me to offer some affection.

"Of course," I giggled softly, brushing my snowy gloved hand over their dark coarse mane.

"You like horses?" Klaus made his way towards me slowly. When I glanced at him, I found him watching me intently.

"Yes," I replied with a smile. Once my head was turned away a wet nose nuzzling my cheek.

"Benny, no." Klaus scolded him pushing the horse away from me.

"It is fine, I do not mind." I reassured. Klaus offered me a handkerchief from his inside jacket pocket. I took it, wiping the slobber from my cheek.

"But I do," he smirked, kissing my horse free cheek and pulling me towards him with his arms wrapped firmly around my waist. "I don't like sharing."

"You make it sound like I am engaged to Benny as well." I giggled.

"No. Just. Me." He took the handkerchief from my grasp wanting to finish removing the horse saliva himself. I let him.

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