The Feared Estate



Following dinner with the Petrovas, I swiftly excused myself to head to my office asking for the accompaniment of Marcel.

I quickly wrote a telegram to a certain Master Lockwood demanding his presence tomorrow morning. My newest hybrid needed some urgent directing towards my bride-to-be.

"Please deliver this immediately to Master Lockwood, by hand," emphasis in my voice was added to the last words. I knew Marcel would make sure everything happened correctly.

"Of course my Lord," I watched him as he left before I climbed out of my seat to rejoin our guests.


I was surprised when Klaus announced his departure. I hoped he would not be away soon. He left me by Elena's side.

Her greeting with her sister had not gone as planned either. At the moment Elijah, Katherine and her parents were sat in a private room discussing the happenings of the last few years. Lord and Lady Petrova were so relieved to have found their daughter and seemed a little uneasy around their new son-in-law. It was known fact that there is tension between the Petrovas and Mikaelsons; after some ritual that had apparently occurred ages ago. Of course rituals are the work of witches, surely they did not exist. Those were the town's rumours that I did not believe in.

"Caroline," Elena spoke softly pulling me to the corner of the room so we were alone. "Stefan and I have a little gift for you." Her voice was soft, although it shook like she was unsure about this. She held out to me a little cloth pouch. I took it with a smile. "Call it an engagement gift if you would like." I pulled the strings finding a necklace inside. A small aroma came from the crescent charm that hung from the silver chain.

"It's beautiful Elena, I shall wear it every day!" I thanked her, pulling her into a small embrace. My hand moved to rest above my chest finding it bare as no jewellery hung. "Would you assist me?" I asked, holding my new necklace out to her.

"Of course," she smiled before clasping the thin chain around my neck. It hung perfectly and went beautifully with my dress.

"Now when you get married to Stefan, I will need to shower you with gifts," I add with a grin. Elena smiled, unsure of what to say next.

When Klaus returned he moved straight to my side. I was chatting to Elijah about my childhood when Klaus butted in excusing us both. I gave Elijah an apologetic look before following my fiancé.

"So urgent to see me," I giggled. I walked along side him as he led me outside the property.

"Always. As the night is so clear I thought we could spend some time out here." Klaus announced glancing above.

When my blue orbs followed his gaze I saw the dark sky twinkling with beauty. The gibbous moon shone brightly onto us, lighting the path for us.

We rested on the square lawn with Klaus' jacket underneath me so my dress would not ruin from the terrain. His arm held me around my waist and my head rested on his shoulders as I gazed up.

"You look beautiful in the moonlight," He complimented in my ear. I smiled. "You look beautiful anywhere really." I giggled.

"You do not look too bad yourself," I smirked.

"Hmm, too bad? Surely that is an understatement." I shook my head with a giggle at his response. "What do I need to do to change your mind, Love?"

"Nothing," I paused, my eyes flickering to his lips. We were ever so close. I stopped fighting the urge and pressed my lips to his. He gladly accepted, moving his mouth with mine.

"Perfect," he whispered once he pulled away. My lips were frozen in curves.

I noticed his blue eyes flicker down. At first I thought he was looking at my breasts but his words said otherwise.

"You were not wearing that earlier?" Elena's gift.

"It's an engagement gift from Elena and Stefan. She gave it to me when you left." I explained; bring my hand to hold it gently. "Do you like it?"

"It suits you, Sweetheart." He smiled, caressing my cheek gently. His nose wrinkled as he leaned in a little once more. "What can I smell?"

"I think there is some herb in the charm, I am not sure. It smell nice does it not?" I continue to smile but he does not. I wished to know his thoughts as he stared the charm.

Without a word, he reached to touch it. Klaus gave a grown when he found it burned his skin.

"Klaus?!" I asked alarmed, my eyes widening in shock at the events. "Are you alright?" I touched it myself; nothing. He sat there glaring behind me. I turned my head finding nothing there. "Klaus? What is the matter?" I continue to ask my questions as he does not speak.

Suddenly his hands grip my shoulders pulling his gaze to his.

"Tell me you love Damon Salvatore," he spoke clearly and harshly. I noticed his eyes looking strange for a second.

"What?" I asked flabbergasted. "I do not, I never had. You know that. Please Klaus tell me what is going on." He grumbled standing up, not looking at me. "Klaus talk to me. I pleaded but he took a few steps away, giving me the view of his back. It felt like he was leaving me, tears welled in my eyes as I thought he did not want me.

"Elena knows, of course she does. Stefan was never one for secrets. Protection, she has me. They do not trust me. Great." I heard him mutter under his breath. I continued to stare at his back. I saw his hands in fists, as he held his temper in. My view was blurring at my watering eyes.

"Please Klaus, you are scaring me," I begged, sadness flossed my voice. Finally he turned around but he was different.

Klaus' eyes were no longer the beautiful shade of marine blue but they were golden like a tiger hunting down their prey. Under them were dark veins pushing through his skin. As his lips parted his sharp teeth elongated from his gums. I was scared, now I was terrified.

All these stories about the Mikaelsons being monsters was true. I could not stop myself from running towards the house. I wanted to scream, shout, anything but my voice was stuck in my throat in fear.

At my best, my running ability was terrible but now with adrenaline pumping through my bloodstream, I had no control over my steps as I ran for my life; away from my fiancé, away from the monster. As his presence always made me, I fell clumsily forward.

My face landed in his chest, his arms fixed around me. How did he get to me so fast? My hands pushed at him while my eyes made streams. Once I knew I could not move free of his grasp I started hitting him, finding it hurting my fists more than him.

It was seconds later when he placed me on my feet, I looked around to finding that we had moved. We were somewhere in the forest. His hands held mine; I struggled to pull them free.

"Let me go!" I screamed at him through my tears as my voice found its way back. His face has returned to his usual, handsome state.

"Caroline," Klaus' voice was calm. "You know I'd never hurt you."

"No, no, no! You are a monster!" I screeched. My attempts at freedom never ceased.

"I ask one thing of you then."

"I am never doing anything for the devil!" I scoffed.

"Please remove your necklace," he asked kindly, removing his grip on my hands.

I pulled with all my strength at the chain, breaking it and letting it fall to the earthy floor.

"Oh and you can have this too!" I moved to pull the engagement ring from my finger when his hand gripped my left hand, holding the ring in place.

"That will not be necessary, Love." His spare hand moved to hold my chin up so my gaze met his. "You are not ready to understand me, my sweet Caroline. So you must forget what you have seen. One day, Sweetheart, you will know everything. I promise you, my love." I listened to his words in a trance, mesmerised.


I re-entered the house alone after putting Caroline in a carriage on her way home. The necklace left, stranded in the forest where I compelled her.

I hated it. The fact that I could not be honest to her about what I am. I could not have her scared of me. I wanted her to be happy and not to live in fear.

Elijah eyed me suspiciously when I entered alone.

"Where is Lady Forbes, brother?" He asked me when he came forward to greet me.

"She was not feeling well," I announced to the group. "She wanted to travel home, alone. She is protected."

"Oh, why did she not say goodbye?" Elena asked, standing by her twin's side. I could only tell the difference by their hair. Elena's straight brown locks were tied completely up whereas Katherine had curls trickling down.

"She said she just wanted to leave," I lied. I had forced her into the carriage with compulsion. It was the only way. "Elena, may I have a word? I need to discuss something with you, privately." I demanded leaving the room immediately so she could not refuse.

I led her to Elijah's old study, it was now kind of mine now. It was one of the spelled rooms. I did not want Elijah overhearing our conversation. He would certainly object to it but I needed to get this off my chest.

Elena took a seat, I did not.

"What are you and Salvatore up to?" I stipulated. Her brown eyes widened in terror.

"Caroline is not ill is she?" She rose from her seated position accusing me.

"Vervain in the necklace, why?" I insisted, ignoring her question.

"What did you do to Caroline?" She yelled, refusing to answer my questions. Foolish human.

I flashed her up against a nearby wall, glaring at her. My hand wrapped around her neck.

"I have lost my patience with you Petrova, answer me!"

"We want to protect Caroline, from you," she squeezed out. I released her. Elena fell to the ground, rubbing her neck from my grip.

"Stefan does not trust me I see. Well it does not surprise me not with how it used to be in his good old ripper days," I chuckled feeling slightly better. My voice stays harsh. "Whatever you are planning to do in regards to my future wife and I, I suggest you stop. Otherwise I will be forced to take action. I promise you, my intensions for Caroline are just the same as Stefan's for you."

"You do not love her. Niklaus Mikaelson is incapable of love." Elena's mutter stung like the vervain I stumbled across earlier.

"Think what you like, I do not care. Just know that Caroline will be protected with my life for the rest of eternity." I promised.


Klaus' servant, Marcel, carried me out the carriage to be greeted by my Mother.

"Lady Caroline has returned early after receiving a terrible migraine." Marcel explained before my mother could question anything. "His Lordship demanded I take her to her chambers so she can rest. He sends his apologies for his absence but Lord Niklaus, had important business to attend to."

It was true, my head did throb. I could only vaguely remember being sent to a carriage after Marcel's return from somewhere. I felt half asleep.

"Oh my dear," I was just aware of my Mother's comforting touch before she led the way to my room for Marcel.

My eyes fluttered when I felt my back touch the soft sheets. I felt like a baby being put into bed for my afternoon nap.

I saw Amelia standing in the doorway. Marcel noticed my gaze and ushered her away, saying I did not need her services.

I tried to sit up, knowing I could not sleep in such a gown but Marcel's hand pushed me down.

"No, Lady Forbes, you must rest," he demanded. "Klaus wishes for you to have a restful sleep." Something in his eyes caught my attention. "Rest now."

My eyes began to close, forcing me into peaceful slumber.


Later that night before I went upstairs to my chambers, Marcel found me alone by the alcohol cabinet.

"How is she?" I required as soon as I acknowledged his presence.

"After your compulsion she was tired but still aware of the world. She protested when I put her to sleep. I compelled her like you asked." He stood with his dark palms behind his back, standing straight as he spoke.

"Good, she needs her rest after today." I replied pouring myself a glass of whiskey. "And Lockwood?"

"Successfully delivered."

"Good, I will have words with him tomorrow." I brought the glass to my lips.

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