The Feared Estate



I woke up the following morning, feeling half asleep. I could hardly remember the previous evening. Everything just seemed to blur after Klaus took me outside. I did not know how I even got home.

After the usual morning routine I decided to try and wake myself up by taking a morning walk around the gardens. I avoided the forest, strangely not wanting to think about my Fiancé at this moment. Something in my mind was telling me to focus on other things which I haven't thought about in a while like my eighteenth birthday, which happened to be approaching quickly.

I had only been surrounded by greenery and gardeners for about ten minutes until a voice called me to enter the hallway as we had guests.

I followed my instructions, finding that Klaus' sister, Rebekah, and Elena were visiting.

"There she is my sister-to-be!" Rebekah greeted me much cheerier than before. I found myself embraced in her right hug, her blonde hair touching my face.

"Rebekah, hello," I replied stunned. Once she pulled away, I walked up to Elena pulled her into a friendly embrace as well. "Good to see you Elena."

"You as well Care," she smiled softly at me. "How are you feeling?"

"Alright, just a little tired," I answered. Her facial expression seemed more concerned than usual. I would need a private moment with her later.

"No more time for chit-chat we have work to do!" Rebekah announced, gleefully. I glanced at Elena, raising an eyebrow.


As I left the carriage towards the Mikaelson's front door, my mind raced over what 'urgent matter' Klaus had been referring to.

After Klaus had discovered my werewolf gene several months ago, I swiftly joined his stupid pack. I had no choice in the matter as he forced me his blood before snapping my neck. I now found myself sired to the beast, although strangely I found myself feeling better off. I no longer had to turn on full moons. It was a good feeling, but the only positive outcome of the situation.

"Good to see you on time, Lockwood," Marcel greeted me in the doorway. I nodded to him before he led the way to the alpha.

I had visited the Mikaelson Estate many times before but still it managed to haunt me every time I took one step. Ghost stories flooded the streets, scaring people into never setting foot into the Mikaelson mansion. As a child, I invented some myself, wanting to scare people. Fiction and fact seemed to merge in that department.

"Lockwood is here to see you my Lord," Marcel announced me before leaving me behind a closed door.

"Tyler, just the hybrid I wanted to see," Klaus offered me a friendly smile. "Please come join me for a drink." He stood pouring two glasses of whiskey, handing me one after I took a seat.

"Thanks," I mumbled, unsure of his kindness.

Klaus moved back to sit on the table behind him, resting his shoes on a spare chair next to me. He sat looking down on me, it made me feel vulnerable.

"You see I've heard you're quite close to a certain Lady Caroline Forbes." He began, taking a sip from his glass. "Please tell me your relationship with her."

"I have known her since childhood. I always assumed we would be wed, what with our Mother's being best friends." I answered truthfully, finding it impossible to lie; stupid sire bond.

"Is that what you would like? To be her husband?" Klaus' questions came in a dead serious tone. How was my relationship with Caroline an 'urgent matter' has he had put it?

"I have always had a liking for the girl since I was young but she is now engaged to Lord Salvatore so I ca-"

"Actually mate, they are not engaged anymore." That irritating smirk was on his lips.

"What?" I rejoiced in my word. Caroline was beautiful, with her pretty features although she could be quite neurotic. "Does that mean she is no longer taken?"

"Actually it is quite the opposite," he chuckled to him before raising his glass to his lips again. "She is still rather engaged."

"What? To who?" I asked, wanting to take down whoever this man was that has tried to steal her from me. To be honest I never really had her, she always shied away any of my sexual advances.

"Before that knowledge becomes known, I'd like to ask you another question." Klaus' smirk vanished immediately before he asked his next question. "It has been brought to my attention that you spend some of you nights at the local brothel." I gulped but nodded. I kind of felt ashamed of my actions but my sexual appetite needed to be satisfied. I had found a beautiful brown haired woman that could assist me. Her name was Hayley, and honestly I found her the most attractive women in the world, besides Caroline of course.

"And tell me, do you intend to treat every single woman you meet like one of those whores you sleep with?" Klaus continued placing his whiskey on the table beside him.

"Um, not intentionally," I admitted, swirling the liquid in the glass.

"Well I insist that you keep your grubby little paws off my Lady Caroline," he demanded. His voice grew as he spoke, anger rushing through me.

"Your?" I spoke softly, understanding what he meant.

"Yes, she is my future wife. So I command you to show her the respect she deserves." Klaus rose from his table, towering over me even more so. "And if I hear otherwise, you will find yourself in the ground. Do you understand?"

"Yes," 'Master' I thought after my mumble.

Poor Caroline, how could she possibly want to spend the life with Niklaus Mikaelson? Something had to be done.


It turns out that Klaus had made Rebekah in charge of my dress for my wedding and birthday ball; a party that was going to be held at the Mikaelsons, in my honour, and to announce my engagement.

Rebekah announced that a designer was arriving shortly to discuss dress designs of the sort of thing I wanted. Apparently, each dress had to look regal. Is it possible for a wedding dress to be regal? I had no idea.

"I picked up Elena on my way here because I assume she would be your bridesmaid, yes?" Rebekah gestured to my friend. "Is there anyone else you would like in that position?"

"Of course, Elena must," I grinned to my friend trying to bring her out of her worried state. She smiled gratefully. "But I do not wish for anyone else."

"Okay then, two bridesmaids."

"Um, I said just Elena. Who are you planning for the second?" I objected. I did not want some random girl following me down the aisle.

"Me of course!" Rebekah chuckled. "We may not be friends now but by the time you stand with my brother at the altar. I am sure we will be!" Her voice was clear and definite. "We will be sisters after all." I was heavily confused about her attitude. Yesterday the only words she said to me were when Klaus had introduced us and now she wanted to be best friends? I just nodded and smiled before giving Elena a puzzled expression.

The designer's name was Antony and he seemed great in understanding the requirements of each gown needed. He asked me many questions about fabric choices and how long I wanted my train to be.

It seemed by birthday ball gown had been ordered already by my Fiancé as it was 'one of my many birthday presents', as Rebekah had stated, from him. All I knew was that it was some shade of blue and full length.

We also discussed bridesmaid dresses for Elena and Rebekah. I asked for simple pale blue gowns with lacing around the hem and bodice. Rebekah decided to add a few extra things on there to make it fancier. I just nodded and agreed, liking what she was thinking. I had been interested in fashion since a young age and our conversations with Antony were delightful.

After a morning of discussion, measuring and fabric feeling, Rebekah and Antony left together, I invited Elena to stay for lunch and she gladly accepted.

I ordered the kitchen maids to prepare a light lunch to be had on the patio behind the mansion.

Elena and I sat opposite each other on the white garden chairs, munching the sandwiches and fruit in front of us. I could feel the sun blazing on my arms from above.

"Okay Elena," I begin placing my glass of freshly made lemonade back on the table. "Whatever has been eating you today, spill." She swallowed her mouthful of bread before giving me a 'do I have to' look. I stayed silent.

"I am just worried about you."

"You replied that earlier, but you have not been yourself all morning. There is more to it." I demanded.

"Where is your necklace? I thought you were going to where it every day?" Originally I thought she was changing the subject but something told me she was sticking to the same theme. I raised my hand to my neck, feeling it bare. I racked my brain of its whereabouts but I could not think clearly.

"I am sorry Elena, I do not remember where I placed it. Last night seems to have pasted me by. Must have been when I fell ill." I muttered.

"Tell me, what do you remember?"

"I remember everything until Klaus took me outside and we watched the stars. He mentioned the necklace; I must have left it in the forest once he asked me to remove it."

"Why did he ask you to remove it?" Elena leaned over in interest.

"I..I...I cannot remember," I stuttered, feeling lost inside. I could feel my eyes almost welling up. I managed to keep it hidden. "He must have wanted a closer look."

"Are you sure this is what you want? To be with Klaus?" My eyes widened at her question.

"Are you just always trying to put me off whoever I am engaged to?" I accused. "First Damon, now Klaus. I understand you want to protect me but can you just accept that I may actually love him. Do you want me to be forever alone?" My tears almost began falling.

"I am sorry Care, I just do not want you to get hurt. Klaus is a dangerous ma-"

"Just like Damon, except he is now becoming your friend." I pointed out.

"Because of Stefan," she objected.

"Then why can you not accept Klaus, for me?" I asked, tears trickling down my cheeks. "I have managed to put the stories behind me."

"I am sorry Caroline, please understand my concern for you." I nod, knowing where Elena was coming from. "Please do not cry," she pulled out a white handkerchief offering it to me. I took it with a soft smile, dabbing my cheeks.

After our serious talk, we managed to find a topic to giggle about. Katherine, being Katherine last night, had told Elena everything about her times with Elijah. I learnt some quite disturbing things which I have no desire to repeat.

Elena and I departed with a smile and friendly embrace when Elena's carriage arrived outside. Elena had explained she was seeing the Salvatores later. I told her to say 'hello' to Stefan for me, not mentioning his elder brother.


When Rebekah and Antony returned from the Forbes' house they greeted me as I sat in the front room holding my sketch pad and pencil in hand.

On the page in front of me was the beautiful angel I had fallen for. I was the thorn to her rose petals. The drawing was of her and Benny, the horse that she had greeted the first time she visited her future home. My impression did not do her beauty justice but I was sure that was impossible for any artist.

"How is Caroline?" I replied to my greeting.

"She seemed fine, no signs of any discomfort." I nodded at her response. "Elena seemed on edge though."

"I am beginning to form a dislike for that girl," I muttered. "She knows. I do not trust her or the Salvatores."

"Very wise but for now, Antony needs your measurements Mr. Groom." Rebekah smirked at the nickname.

"I am certain I have not changed since the last time I was measure, Bekah," I objected, staying seated as my eyes gazing over my love.

"Still, no objections Nik," Rebekah stepped forward, looking like she was willing to pull me out of my chair.

"Fine." My sister only wanted me as my best on my Wedding day.


I tried to keep the inner wolf at bay as I made my way from the Mikaelson Estate to my home.

Before long I found myself making my way to the Petrova home in search of Elena. I needed to stop whatever nonsense was occurring, I knew Elena would help.

"I am sorry Master Lockwood but Lady Petrova would be with the Savatores at this time of day." John, Elena's father told me.

'Great', I thought. The Salvatores loved me… I put the negativity behind me as I thought of Caroline and that monster by her side.

By the time I reached Elena and the Salvatores they were all settled for the afternoon in the Salvatore's main room.

"Tyler, whatever is the matter?" Elena asked me, concerned pulling he head off of Stefan's shoulder.

"Oh joy, if it isn't sire boy," Damon smirked. I glared at his remark before returning my focus to Elena and the situation at hand.

"Are you aware of Caroline's engag-"

"Yeah, yeah. We're all worried too." Damon butted in. "Look your master has stolen her from me. We're all pissed off about it, join the party." He turned to Elena. "Don't you just wish she had stayed with me, hm Elena?"

"Damon you are not helping!" She squealed. I noticed Stefan's hand wrapped around hers squeezing a little. "We gave Caroline a vervain necklace but Klaus removed it from her and is definitely compelling her. Today she could not remember anything from after she left my side, only a few details."

"He gave me a warning about her today," I mentioned.

"Yesterday Klaus warned Elena and us about our activities towards Caroline and him," Stefan added. "He is well aware that we are no pleased with this. There is nothing we can do for the moment, it is too soon. Klaus will be on guard."

"So we wait, until to correct moment," I stated. Stefan glanced at Elena.

"Half of me would to end it but she is happy," Elena sighed. "That is probably just Klaus' doing. I do not like it but I would like her safe."

"I agree, but for now. Let us be patient and see what occurs." Stefan's stated, glancing between Elena, Damon and I.

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