The Feared Estate



When I noticed Nik and Elijah with their arms encircling their loved ones, I left the ballroom scene catching the blue eyes of one of the servant boys. Typically Kol had his flirt on with several of Caroline's distant cousins. They all seemed in fits of giggles, ridiculous.

I greeted the blond footman out back behind a set of wooden food crates. We had been meeting like this, in secret, for weeks. If my brothers, mainly Nik, found out about my affair with a servant, they would personally slaughter him right before my eyes. Nik never approved of any of my relationships, even the one with his best friend, Stefan. I loved Stefan with all my heart but those Petrova bitches stole him from me. I hated working with Elena for Nik and Caroline's wedding but for some strange reason Caroline was best friends with her. I had only just got used to having Katherine in the house and as my sister.

"You look beautiful tonight, my lady," his calm and kind voice managed to sound before I pressed my glossed lips to his.

"You are not too bad yourself Donovan," I complimented him, pulling away briefly to speak.


As soon as my deep brown eyes laid on my twin sister and the Salvatore brothers, I left Elijah's side while he was having some conversation with some man about the Mikaelson Mansion and grounds. I assumed he was some relative of Caroline's who had a passion for architecture.

"Sister, you took your time," I greeted Elena as my eyes drifted down her earthy toned gown. The bodice was covered in dark lace revealing a small area of her chest. Her usually straight hair was slightly waved down her face.

"It is good to see you too Katherine," she nodded with a smile. Her eyes mirrored mine as she checked out my attire. I wore a blood red dress with a low square neckline. It accentuated all of my best features as it fell around my slender figure. My maid and also witch, Emily, had beautifully braided my long curls.

"Stefan," I spoke his name with deep affection. We were once lovers, before my twin stole him from my clutches.

"Katherine," as I held my hand to the blonde Salvatore he took my hand placing a gentle kiss on it's top. I smiled, glancing at Elena's eye roll.

"Is it wise for you to be here Damon?" I asked him flirtatiously. I leaned forward to whisper in his ear. "Perhaps we could go somewhere private?" I pulled away giggling softly.

"Have you forgotten you are married, Lady Mikaelson?" Damon rejected me bluntly while he stood tall.

"Not at all Lord Salvatore," I glared at him. During my time with Stefan, I managed to lure him into my chamber several times. Damon never could resist my charm. It was a shame he had to start now.

"He has promised to be on his best behaviour, right Damon?" Elena's serious features gazed on the elder Salvatore as she clung onto Stefan's suited arm.

"Of course," he nodded before returning his pale orbs onto me. "So Katherine, tell me how is that daughter of yours?" Damon's irritating smirk forced an appearance at the question.

"Do not speak of that here," I demanded in a hush tone. I did not want anyone to overhear.

I had a child with a traveller about five years ago out of wedlock. The visitor was only around for a few days as he wished for shelter during his travels. He was incredibly handsome and continuously desired my company. I showed him around the city and in return he told me the most incredible stories about his treks across the world. He promised to take me with him when he left, naturally I agreed. I was fed up of Elena getting all the endless attention for being the perfect daughter.

These plans all fell through after one night of passion. I woke up to an empty bed with news of his departure from my Father. As soon as news of my illegitimate pregnancy reached my family, I was forbidden from leaving the Petrova house and grounds to ensure my disgraceful act was kept secret. My daughter was ripped from me as soon as she entered the world. I fought, but obviously not hard enough.

My Mother and Father managed to sell me off to the Lockwoods after my time with the Salvatores. As I was no longer 'pure' and 'innocent' the Lockwoods were sworn to secrecy over my activities. My parents wanted me out of their home, and forcing me into a marriage was the only way. This is how my engagement to Mason Lockwood was formed. He was also a disgrace to his family after some unknown indiscretion.

Originally, I saw Elijah as a way out when I met him on the city borders. I was planning to run, instead he caught my eye and sparks flew. He was my knight of armour on his bay horse waiting to save this damsel in distress. He made me stronger and makes feel like I am actually worth something. I love him and the idea of spending an eternity with him fills my heart with joy.

"He doesn't know, does he?" Damon smirked mischievously.

"No, Damon. You would not dare." I pleaded. I felt incredibly vulnerable. I had never told Elijah of my child because it was a known fact he would not want me no more. From that moment I was ruined, no man of his wealth and power would wish to have a woman like me by his side.

"Elena!" A joyful squeal pulled Damon and I from our stare. Caroline had graced us with her cheerful presence as she pulled her best friend into an embrace.

"Happy Birthday Caroline!" Elena sang in an equally jolly tone as the birthday girl herself. "You have joined us in adulthood!" She referred to our birthday a few weeks ago. I hated having the same birthday as Elena. A huge party was held for Elena, I had my invite but I refused. I did not want to be treated as the outcast. Elijah and I spent the day together, like we had the year before. I preferred it that way.

"Happy Birthday," Stefan smiled once Elena and Caroline had let go of each other. They were always into those touchy friendships. At that moment Elena placed a small pouch into Caroline's hand.

"I hope it is the right one," Elena beamed her orbs focused on Caroline finding a fancy hair pin covered in snowy jewels in flowery patterns.

"Thank you! It is perfect; I have so many hair accessories now. My Mother brought me a whole collection." The blonde mused, her eyes lighting up at the ornament she held.


I had kept my eye on Caroline throughout the whole evening from afar. She always had a bright and happy smile was presented to the guests. She laughed and danced with different people. Every so often her sky blue orbs would greet mine causing my dead heartbeats to quicken.

When I caught her striding through the crowds towards the entrance of the main hall, I grew curious. I swiftly finished my conversation with one of the guests and made my way towards my fiancé.

I pushed my arms around her waist. The jewels on her gown scratched my hands as they entwined in front of her. A soft giggle left her lips as she wrapped her gloved fingers over mine. I resisted the urge to kiss her hair, as I did not want to ruin Anna's beautiful art with Caroline's curls.

"Klaus," she greeted me. I could hear her smile in her tone as she looked at Elena.

"Sweetheart," I whispered into her ear, allowing my breath to tickle her gently.

After she shared Elena's gift with me I greeted my honorary brother, Stefan, before turning to the other Salvatore.

"I trust that you are here in good faith." My tone was blunt and unfriendly as I wanted to show him his place in my home.

"I am sure he is brother. He would not dare ruin Lady Forbes' night," Elijah joined the gathering, slipping his hand into Katarina's.

"Of course," Damon answered with a nod. I noticed a hidden smirk forming beneath as he glanced at Elijah's bride. Katarina's eyes were narrowing with warning at the raven haired Salvatore. I had overheard parts of their conversation, only grasping to fact that Katarina was hiding something from her husband. I pondered whether I should discuss the matter with Elijah or not.


I enjoyed every second of the celebration that was prepared. Rebekah had honestly done the perfect job after being placed at the helm of this ship. She had organised how everything would occur throughout the entire evening. I had always wished that she would allow me to have my input except Klaus had had his orders placed that I would not assist in anything. I loved planning events like this; thankfully we were discussing my wedding together with Klaus present. The way his face lit up at my ideas and concepts encouraged me further.

The birthday feast we had prepared was wonderful. The second largest room of the Mikaelson Mansion was decked out with several round tables covered in a soft pale cloth and doilies of a pale pink shade. Rebekah had made seating places for every single guest. Luckily Klaus was placed by my side and Elena on the other. Both Salvatore brothers, Katherine, Elijah and Rebekah also sat around out table. Kol had decided to join my female cousins for some unknown reason. I questioned Klaus of the matter and he just shrugged saying something about him receiving several giggles because of his flirty remarks. Kol's placement change to across the hall meant that Damon now at a place at our table. Rebekah was not pleased of the re-arrangements mentioning something about banishing Bonnie from Kol's bedroom for a while. Klaus sniggered at that by my side.

As soon as my spoon clashed against the empty bowl, sitting with the few remaining crumbs left from the fruity delight, I looked to my left at Klaus' dimpled smile. I noticed how his blue orbs were watching my every move in fascination as I sipped my glass of wine. I placed my glass gently to the table as he leant towards me to whisper in her ear.

"We shall give the announcement soon," his husky voice stated. I immediately turned my head to face my fiancé as my glossed lips curved nervously.

"Okay," I replied happily. I was looking forward to the fact being made know to the world although a few of my insecurities wondered on people's thoughts as I was becoming a Mikaelson. I was going to be a part of the most powerful and feared family within the city walls.

"I cannot wait to spend an eternity with you, my love," he raised his hand to caress my rosy cheek. Naturally I leaned into his palm, enjoying the sensation his touch offered.

Our moment was swiftly interrupted by Rebekah as she tapped her spoon against her wine glass, grabbing the entire room's attention. Klaus' hand drifted down to hold mine gently in his lap. As my gaze drifted past Klaus' handsome stubble, I glanced over Rebekah's attire. She wore a long, dark spring green dress that hugged her figure and curved around her middle.

"Thank you for your attention ladies and gentleman," she began. "I would like to thank you all for coming on behalf of Lady Caroline and wish her a very happy eighteenth birthday." A friendly smile was painted on her face as her blue eyes moved to mine. I gave my future sister a kind nod with a blissful grin. "Now I do believe my dear brother has an announcement to make." She grinned as she sat herself down.

"Stand with me," Klaus whispered, taking my hand gently in his own. I nodded, beginning to feel butterflies fluttering frantically inside my stomach.

Klaus' suited arm was wrapped firmly around my waist underneath the jewelled bodice of my gown. My hand clung onto his white waistcoat underneath his suit jacket; his presence supported me, calming me slightly.

"Thank you Rebekah," he quickly patted Rebekah's shoulder before returning his attention to the crowd before us. My eyes caught onto my parents, Lord and Lady Forbes, who had light smiles presented. They knew what was coming. "I would like to take this opportunity to announce, that Lady Caroline and I are engaged." I instantly heard a few gasps of mixed opinions proceeded by a claps and cheers.

I turned to face my Fiancé to find a bright smile on his masculine features. I mirrored his grin with a soft giggle. Slowly his hand cupped my cheek gently before leaning in to place a passionate kiss onto my lips before the crowd of guests. As soon as our mouths met I wrapped my arms around his neck and a loud cheer embraced us.

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