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Phone Call

Chapter 12: Phone Call

On Naruto's birthday, October tenth, Naruto invited a lot of people to his party, and they all showed up. They each brought presents for little Naruto, but there was one present that caught Naruto's eye. It was a phone from Kakashi. At first, Naruto didn't care for the phone; but after a while, it grew on him. He figured that if anything happened to the Third Hokage, then someone may just call Naruto on the phone and ask him to be Hokage. Naruto knew the Hokage was getting old and could try to retire again, or even just kick the bucket. And when the old coot did, Naruto would be there to take his job. He believed it. Actually, he always believed it. He just had to keep this phone on him until then.

Days later, Naruto heard a ring on his phone. He wanted to pick it up, but he couldn't find it.

"Phone! Where are you, phone? Believe it!" Naruto called out, whistling as one would call for a lost dog.

He heard it ring again, as if to answer Naruto's call, but that wasn't good enough.

The phone wouldn't come out of hiding.

Naruto's ringtone was some song from "Glee." (I don't watch the show so I can't tell you what the song was.) Eventually, Naruto went outside to look for it, even though the phone was clearly in the house somewhere. Naruto almost knew this call was going to be from the Hokage: he wanted to retire and let Naruto become Hokage! Not many other people called him. So who else could it be? Sasuke? Sakura? Orochimaru? It just didn't seem logical to him.

Naruto soon spotted Tenten. "Hey, Tenten, did you see my phone? Believe it!" Naruto called to her.

Tenten looked puzzled at first, then replied simply, "No."

Naruto sighed. Tenten never was much help. She needed a personality before she could ever be of much use.

Naruto decided to send Ninetails out to look for the phone.

The Pokémon sat patiently waiting for orders.

"Find my phone! It's ringing! Believe it!" Naruto said.

Ninetails tried to sniff out the phone, but with little luck. He ended up wandering into tall grass, and Naruto quickly found himself in a Pokémon battle against an Eevee. (Everyone knows that you can only walk so many steps in tall grass before you're attacked by a Pokémon that may want to kill you.)

After the fight, Naruto decided to look for the phone in Kakashi's house. However, Kakashi told him to get out of his house, and he also asked how Naruto was able to get inside in the first place.

"The back door was unlocked. Believe it!" Naruto replied.

Kakashi facepalmed, then pushed Naruto out of the house, scolding him and telling him never to break into his house again.

It had been a while since breakfast, and Naruto was getting hungry. He decided to go 'look' at some Ichiraku Ramen. He met Choji there. Without any luck, Naruto eventually decided to return home. On the way, he noticed the Hokage without his hat. Naruto instantly jumped to the conclusion that the day had actually come. The Hokage wanted Naruto to take over! Naruto could taste the sweet victory— Wait, no, that wasn't victory; he just forgot to swallow that last ramen noodle.

He was now more motivated than ever to find the phone. Although, little did Naruto know, the Hokage wasn't really willing to retire. He had just sent his hat to the dry cleaners so he could get it washed.

By now, the phone had finished ringing, and Naruto knew he had to have at least one new message, because what jerk doesn't choose to leave a message?

Right before Naruto got home, he was stopped by Hinata.

"Um... N-Naruto–kun..."

"Yes, Hinata? Believe it!"

"Um... Ah... N-Never mind..." Hinata fainted.

Darn. I was going to ask her if she saw my phone. Believe it! Naruto thought.

Naruto loved Hinata like a best friend, but he never understood why she always fainted around him. Did he smell? No. Was he ugly? No. Was he so awesome that Hinata was madly in love with him? Maybe... Well, maybe not, but he still had to admit he was pretty darn awesome, even if Sakura never agreed.

Anyways, when Naruto opened the door to his home, he was surprised to find out that the phone had been in his pocket the whole time. Naruto frowned and let out a long and annoyed sigh. Why hadn't he realized that sooner?

Naruto was tempted to check the message, but he decided to first call the town. He would invite everyone in town over and they could all listen to the message on speaker phone, and everyone would cheer for him!

An hour later, everyone was at Naruto's house, sitting on the couch and waiting for Naruto to play the message.

"Hey, Hokage?"

"Yes, Kakashi?"

"This party is for Naruto becoming Hokage right? I wanted to say have a good retirement."

"Retirement! Silly Kakashi, I'm not retiring; and even if I were I wouldn't let Naruto be Hokage I'd let Tsunade!" Hokage said, rolling his eyes like it should be obvious.

Finally, Naruto opened his phone and pushed 'play' on the message.

From the speakers you could hear Sasuke's voice trying to sound sophisticated and disguised, but also trying hard not to breakdown laughing. "Hey loser, is your refrigerator running? Well, (snicker, snicker) you'd better go catch it!" Then the voice on the phone line broke down, laughing for two minutes straight. Everyone in the room stared at Naruto.

"You gathered us all here to hear that?" Kakashi asked, clearly unimpressed.

Naruto sank down into a chair, his face red as a tomato. When Naruto finally recovered from the embarrassment, he walked over to Sasuke and strangled him to death.


~ phantom130 5 (November 2010)

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