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Mother and Father

Chapter 13: Mother and Father

Late at night in the cemetery, a spiky-haired man slowly walked, casting an eerie shadow that followed his path, thanks to some surrounding lanterns. Not far behind him, a woman followed, her long hair swaying from side to side in the wind. They crept past several gravestones, one of which had the name 'Sasuke' engraved into it. When the two adults approached the cemetery exit, the night guard stopped them.

"Who goes there? What are your names?" the guard demanded, going quickly into attack position.

"My name is Minato, also known as the Yellow Flash and the Fourth Hokage. Believe it! And this is my wife, Kushina," the man said.

"Believe it!" Kushina giggled.

The guard fell silent for a moment, then replied with an order: "You two are supposed to be dead. Go back to your grave!"

Minato's back slumped, as did Kushina's. "Darn, I really thought we were alive that time... Believe it," Minato muttered. Slowly, both of Naruto's parents went back into their caskets, where they closed their eyes and stayed for another night.

The following day, Naruto left town to pay his respects to Sasuke. Sasuke had died by trying to get a Frisbee off of Naruto's roof before this chapter began.

Naruto came to the grave carrying roses and placed them down beside Sasuke's tombstone. Sakura and Ino were also there, grieving Sasuke's death. Naruto soon noticed two figures standing close by, seeming to watch all Naruto's movements. Naruto slowly approached the man and the woman.

"Hello there! Believe it!" Naruto said.

"Hush," said the man (Minato). "We're dead, so we can't talk."

"Believe it!" Kushina, the woman, added with a cheery giggle.

Naruto looked at the two figures in shock. Did they just tell him to believe it? Well, that would seem rude and would eventually get annoying after a while of hearing it constantly. How dare they? Who would even say that phrase? Then Naruto realized that he did.

Soon, the family began to talk in 'Believe It' language. The three eventually went into a group hug. Naruto had finally found someone he belonged with! It was almost like they were family. This was the happiest moment of Naruto's life.

Naruto took them by the hand and led them out of the cemetery. When he got home, he sat them down on his couch. Minato found himself stroking Ninetales, while Kushina obsessed over all the mess that was in Naruto's house. Seconds later, Kakashi came to Naruto's house wondering if Naruto wanted to assist him in a mission - helping him beat the new Call of Duty Black Ops.

His eye quickly widened when he noticed Minato.

"S-Sensei?" Kakashi stuttered. "I-I t-thought y-you w-were d-dead! How are you still alive?"

"Oh Kakashi, wow! You've grown. Believe it!" Minato said ignoring Kakashi's question. He gave Kakashi a hug.

"Naruto, you realize who these people are, don't you?" Kakashi asked.

Naruto shook his head. "I just met them today. Believe it!"

"This is the Fourth Hokage and his wife, also known as your parents."

Now it was Naruto and his parents' time to go into shock.

"Naruto, wow, you've grown up so much! I didn't know you were our son," Kushina said. "Believe it!"

"I couldn't tell either," Minato said in awe. "Believe it!"

"Come on guys, Minato and Naruto look so much alike! Besides, who else says 'believe it'?" Kakashi asked.

Once again, no one answered Kakashi. He decided just to let it go and leave, since he wasn't really needed.

In town, Sakura noticed Naruto's parents. The three had a long conversation; and in the end, Sakura was left wondering if everyone in Naruto's family said 'believe it'. They did. Going back as far as the Stone Age, there was a long history of people in Naruto's family who had somehow come up with the phrase 'believe it'. They would even use it when there was nothing at all to believe.

When the Third Hokage met Minato, he quickly took off his hat and offered to retire once again. Naruto quickly took the hat for himself and attempted to run off with it, but Minato stopped him.

"Naruto you can have your time as Hokage when it comes. Believe it!"

Naruto sighed, unsatisfied, but agreed. Parents always know best, after all. Later, the gang sat down with Kakashi and the Hokage for dinner and stories.

"You know, people say Kushina and I are bad parents for not being with Naruto, and for giving our son a powerful Pokémon like Ninetails when Naruto was a baby, but we kept our souls sealed within the Ninetale's Pokéball. If that isn't protective parenting, I don't know what is. Believe it!" Minato said.

Everyone laughed.

"You know, people hated me for the first twelve years of my life. Believe it!" Naruto said.

Once again, everyone laughed.

"It wasn't a joke. Believe it," Naruto said, frowning at everyone.

"Well, the future looks nice, despite our son being hated by his village and now being hunted by the Akatsuki... Believe it!" Kushina said.

"Not to mention what just happened in the manga with Kabuto reviving all those corpses," Hokage added.

Everyone glared at the Third Hokage.

"Spoilers are not nice!" Kakashi yelled.

"Yeah, I haven't read that far yet! Believe it!" Naruto whined.

The Hokage looked down. "Sorry. I just thought since..."

"SHUT UP!" everyone yelled.

The Third Hokage obeyed.

Eventually, the sun began to set. Minato, Kushina, Third Hokage, Kakashi, and Naruto were all outside watching it fall down under the horizon. The Hokage remembered doing this exact same thing, many years ago.

"Well, friends, Kushina and I have to head back to the cemetery. We're dead, you know. Believe it!" Minato said. He started to walk away, and Kushina followed.


Minato laughed. "If nothing could kill me, then why am I dead? Believe it!" Minato asked. Then he and Kushina, like ghosts, disappeared, never to be seen again.

Hokage, Kakashi, and Naruto looked at each other in awe. So were they dead or alive? No one would ever know.

~ phantom130 5 (November 2010)

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