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Heading to the bar

Your Pov

I saw him. The guy who said he loved me. The guy who said everything would be okay.

To think that I was stupid enough to believe it all.

He was standing across the lane, hands locked with Park Soo-Hyun, the girl who bullied me ever since grade school. He grabbed her chin and sealed her lips with his. They looked happy.

Very happy

“How lovely ” I choked, teeth gritted as I clutched at my sports bag thinking the strap was his neck. I wanted to break it, so very badly as I held in those incinerating tears.

As if I just got slapped, my face turned red, pain flowing to every inch of my body giving prominence towards my chest. Before I knew it I was crying, out in the open street just like that. People stared but didn’t care. Their faces were the same, the same faces I’ve always been exposed to, found myself vulnerable to.

‘Guess you need to head to the bar tonight y/n ’ My anxiety screamed at me.

Jimin tossed the pile of documents at his desk and looked up at secretary Kim while adjusting his crimson tie angrily.

“Does he think I have nothing better to do than to inherit his shitty company ?”

“But why not? You will receive the best of the best of everything your father owns which is worth more than a billion dollars! His property, his buildings, his resorts, his shops, his bar-” Taehyung nervously continue with what he was forced to say. He knew Jimin was in one his moods judging by his habit of adjusting his tie.

" I don’t want any of those Taehyung, I wish he’d give it to my younger brother instead!

Why me ? I’m not competent whatsoever and I haven’t had enough expertise ” Jimin’s agitation pollutes the atmosphere.

Taehyung wanted to join in his best friends rant but right now he was Jimin’s secretary, not his nerdy, gay best friend. He had to commit to that at all costs seriously.

Since Taehyungs grandma was hospitalized for overworking hard to settle ends meet, Jimin had paid for all of Taehyung’s expenses including his college fee. Because of that, Taehyung was now an elite secretary at Jimin’s dad’s company, right by his best friends side.

Taehyung felt forever indebted to Jimin, it was Jimin who beat the living daylights of the bullies who threw Taehung in the trash can for being gay. It was Jimin who befriended Taehyung in kindergarten when all the other kids laughed at his vintage clothing and his sponge bob lunch box.

They were brothers by heart, even as adults.

" You had had the best acknowledgments no other employee here has ever had. I wish you’d know just how high of a benchmark you’ve set being so young ”

“Gosh stop exaggerating Tae, its annoying ” Jimin chuckles.

“GEE THEN WHAT DO YOU WANT ?” Taehyung snaps, annoyed but happy to be himself just this once.

“I don’t know ...maybe I should just head to the bar ”

Your Pov

“AISH WHY DON’T .. Y..Y...YOU LOVE MEE !?” You screech only on your third shot.

You were clearly already drunk but your depression refuses to capsize as you continued to drown yourself under alcohol. The bar in which you were in right now was an expensive one, lush and exquisite. For others, it would be a tree house to go to when a heart sank but this bar was your tree house.

“IM GOING TO SKIN YOU ALIVE, You useless piece of shit how ..DARE you to cheat on me ...?? Do ..you know just how much ..JUST HOW MUCH ..y-you meant to me ? !” You continue to rant with overflowing tears while slamming your heels against the counter violently.

You didn’t deserve this, to feel so disgusted at yourself more than him.

You wanted to rip out the word love into a million pieces.

But then a pair of footsteps came marching towards your direction ever so slowly.

" Oh kitten, you still haven’t had the balls to tell him just how much of a jerk he is ?”

You raise your head up sleepily, seeing a bartender.

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